December 2, 2011

The J&M Ten: Gold Stars, Yoda & Betty White

Happy Friday! And welcome back for another installment of the J&M Ten.

Seriously y’all, it’s Epic. In that Golden Girl sort of way.

Don’t forget to leave us your questions for future J&M Ten’s in the comment section below!! This is harder than it looks. :)

  1. sarah danaher

    J, I’m an Oriole’s fan, too. I empathize with your tears.

  2. Nancy Mitchell

    If you ever shoot Taylor Swift’s wedding!!! Ummm…..I will be your assistant. FREE of charge :)

  3. Linda Kuo

    #8 Love. Same

  4. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    Hold up, not only is M a Golden Girls fan, but you live in CT AND J is an RIT grad?! I have some good Allen Vogel stories, fo’real!

  5. Lauren Wakefield

    What if I told you Pumpkin Pecan Pie exists? And I’ve tried it. And it’s yumtastic.

  6. Carissa

    Mashed potato pizza sounds like one of the most amazing things ever! Also, have I mentioned how excited I am for tomorrow? Cuz I am. Really excited.

  7. Shannon Rosan

    Okay here goes some questions, random at that too…Favorite vacation destination? …if you were an M&M what color would you be and why? …All time favorite Christmas movie?

  8. Rebecca Crumley

    Speaking of Betty White – she was on The Jon Stewart show last week, look it up :)

  9. Leslie

    OMG- I miss the mashed potato pizza at BAR!!!!

  10. Eryn Kesler

    pretty sure you could have a fight on your hands if you open up T Swifts wedding photography to volunteer assistants. I’m a HUGE fan….like, in a very 13 year old kind of way. :)

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