November 4, 2011

The J&M Ten: Golden Girls, Singing & Slurping

This past week while we were at the spa, I spent a lot of time catching up on my People & US Weekly reading. I haven’t had time to read one of those in forever, so it was great catching up on all the latest outfits from Kate Middleton with her shiny, shiny hair, finding out who the richest teens are, and of course….to see who they’ve paired Ryan Reynolds with this week. I do have to say that it was pretty weird reading all the old ones about the Kardashian wedding, knowing what we all know now (Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy….where did it all go wrong?) But it was good clean fun, nonetheless.

One of my favorite things to read in People was on the last page with their “Final Word” series, where they ask an actor a bunch of random questions and get a bunch of even more random answers. I’ve been looking for a good new personal series to put here on the blog for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect fit.

Because let’s face it….I am nothing, if not random.

So here it is, the inaugural J&M Ten….I hope you find it to be good clean fun!

And in celebration of our new series, and because let’s be honest….we needed some help, we decided to run a contest! Leave us a note below with a question you’d like answered on an upcoming The J&M Ten, and one lucky winner is going to get the Shoot Sac cover of his or her choice!! And….GO!

Happy Friday friends!

  1. Corley May

    What’s your favorite smell?

  2. Paige

    What are your favorite song lyrics?

  3. Shannon Gray

    Where do you like to vacation? What was the worst car you ever had? What color nail polish are you addicted to? (ok that is three…I could keep going, but will stop) haha

  4. Chelsea McGowan

    TEAM JACOB. Amen.

    My question for you: Would you find out tomorrow that you’re pregnant with quadruplets, or find out you’re unable to have children?

  5. Taylor Jackson

    I love this! When was the last time you were as excited as you could get as a kid.

  6. Dede and Ginny

    I would rather starve than eat……..!!!!!

  7. Beth Hamilton

    What is your guilty pleasure?

  8. Christa Hann

    Team Jacob!!!..Really?!? :( that saddens me…lol. Question: What’s your favorite smell? Random right? :)

  9. Dede


  10. Jaci

    Name one place you’d never want to visit again and why.

  11. Tiffany Farley

    If you could be any character, in any fictional book, who would it be? :)

  12. Jennifer Jar

    What is the most memorable date you have ever been on? ;)

  13. Stephanie Stewart

    If you have a bucket list, what is the thing you just HAVE to do, or would like to do most?
    P.S. Love your new series!

  14. Kate P

    So fun!

    What’s the most played song in your itunes?

  15. Trude

    Oooo fun! How about – "If your pet could talk, what would they say about you?" :)

  16. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    I LOOOOOOVE the friggin Golden Girls! MY BFF’s from back east and I insist on being GG’s in Florida one day. The humor on that show gets me every single time. Love the new idea of J&M Ten. Fun! Here’s a Q: Pasta sauce: From a jar or homemade?

  17. Nina

    Favorite breakfast food?

  18. Julia

    Item (food / hair product / whatever) you can’t live without. (Camera gear doesn’t count!)

  19. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Wine or beer? Milk or Dark chocolate?

  20. rich

    what’s your go to post-wedding meal? =)

  21. Ciiku

    Was the movie called "Switched at Birth"? Because if so, I have watched it too and have cried. No shame in that! :-) And can the record please show that Golden Girls is GOLDEN!

  22. Jill de Bruin

    Favorite pizza topping?

  23. Sarajane Case

    Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

  24. Jill de Bruin

    Place you would never want to vacation to?

  25. Abby Grace

    I want to know: whose lunch table did you sit at in high school? I was always at the marching band table (so cool). Where were you? Did you ever pull a Mean Girls and eat in the bathroom?

  26. Susan Evans

    Travel destination at the top of your bucket list?

  27. liz

    b&w or color?

  28. Amanda

    Love the idea and love the design! <3
    I have a couple questions for ya…
    Business related
    Who is biggest photographic inspiration?
    Who/What is your photographic guilty pleasure?
    Coffee or tea?
    What is your favorite brand of clothing?

    That’s all I can think of…

  29. amy

    So glad to see I’m not the only adult on Team Jacob. :)

  30. meg

    I’m fresh out good questions. LOVE the new series….
    Pepsi or Coke?

  31. Joe Don Richardson

    If you had to go without one for the rest of your life. Which one would chose to loose. Ice Cream or Chocolate?

  32. Sandberg Photography

    What was the worst punishment you had when you were a child?

  33. Jessie Emeric

    Go team Jacob! my question would be: what’s your most favorite place on earth?

  34. Naomi Elle

    favorite childhood TV show?

  35. lisa cour

    Love the "notebook" look.

  36. Leslie Kerrigan

    What would your luxury item be on Survivor? or Who is your secret or not-so-secret celebrity crush?

  37. athena p

    upon reading the first five questions i was certain WE were twins separated at birth. then i realized that i do not know either how tall you are or your age, therefore i cannot make that assumption. well, that, and the fact that i am not one half of twins.

    that i know of.


    Now let’s see….as to my question, how about: what was your ‘worst dressed’ moment?

    mine: I wore a hot pink, neon green, and bright orange ruffled skirt with matching top. CONSTANTLY. Yes. Fine. I was eight years old. But still. I wore it. Side pony, scrunchie, mall bangs and all.

    Probably with jelly shoes….

    (ps: I don’t own a shootsac, so if I win (which i won’t, promise, i’m absolutely horrid at winning anything) i’d love to pay it forward and have you select another winner!)


  38. Ashley B

    If you could photograph any celeb’s wedding (whether they are really getting married or not), who’s would it be?

  39. Amanda Norman

    How many kids do you want?? :) I’d love to know!! :)

  40. colleen

    Thunder or Lightning…and why??

  41. sharon elizabeth

    ooOooohhh! I love this!!! My question for BOTH of you — what was the FIRST thing that attracted you to each other!?!?!? =) 1.2.3. GO!

  42. Emily

    It is it peanut butter or jelly time? (Where y’at, where y’at…)

    I really hope you get this reference. Otherwise, I’m just a random chick whose stuck in 1997. :)

  43. Becky

    What’s your favorite "vacation" cereal (you know … the kind you were never allowed to have except for special occasions!)

    And slurping really IS accepted in Japan – and China! (But I agree it’s a major annoyance ;))

  44. Isaac Stott

    Good Call on the mint chocolate chip, hands down the best! My question is this: What legacy do you want to leave?

  45. ashley barnett

    We just started a random personal post series today too! It must just be a random day :) I gotta ask you to take The Golden Girls questions a little farther… which GG are you?! Blanche, Rose, Dorothy or Sophia…

  46. Sarah Allred

    Seriously brilliant post here. Love you guys so much.
    Question that’s burning in my soul: What are your real-deal feelings on the famous Harry Potter? Were you one of those first in line to get your hands on book 7?

    Cheering for you guys!

  47. Bethany Cox

    ooo FUN!!! How about this: What is your earliest childhood memory?

  48. Shannon Rosan

    My random question is…’If Cooper could talk, what would he say?’

  49. Eryn Kesler

    shout out for team Jacob!! I’m counting down to the midnight premeire and a night out with my girlfriends. I’m hosting "Bella’s Bridal Shower (come on, I love weddings!) at my house, then we’ll head out to the movie in our own wedding veils. So fun!

  50. Evonne & Darren Wong

    We love to travel, so we’d like to know which countries do you guys want to visit next?

  51. Becca

    Favorite TV infomercial? And more importantly, can you quote it?

  52. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Favorite Christmas Song?

    Favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

    One food you could not live without (i.e. if you were on a desert island with the choice of one item of food, what would it be?)

  53. Carissa

    Haha this is totally awesome. If you were a fruit, what kind would you be?

  54. MegganB

    Favorite current TV show? Favorite TV show of all time?

  55. Jil

    what was Mary’s favorite course in law school and why? :o)

  56. Nancy Mitchell

    What is your FAVORITE roller coaster ride at Cedar Point?

  57. Kasey Loftin

    What’s the one personality trait of Justin’s that you wish you had yourself?

  58. Nancy

    Love this! You crack me up.

  59. Melissa

    Most inspired by ______?

  60. Brooke Summer Photography

    Yay Jacob!!! Hawt. ;)

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