December 23, 2011

The J&M Ten: The Holiday Edition

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” -Buddy, the Elf

So true, Buddy the Elf, so true. But since neither of us can really carry a tune in a bucket, we thought we’d do the next best thing and devote an entire J&M Ten to all things Christmas-y. We hope you enjoy! And that it brings you a little cheer!

Happy Holidays!

So don’t leave us hanging. We want to know: what are some of your favorite holiday movies, songs, traditions? When do you open presents? And just what are your real feelings on egg nog? And…..GO!

  1. Chantale

    Such an awesome post! Thank you! I’ll definitely be taking your inspiration and answering all the questions on my blog later today.

    Oh btw…..I’ve never had egg nog…it just sounds so gross. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll try it this year and cheers to you guys! :)

  2. Jil

    seeing my parents’ tree decorated with the beautiful pysanky egg ornaments my mother makes … a different design for each year going back decades. they dont always put up a tree, but when they do, its the best one around!

  3. Sarajane Case

    My favorite holiday tradition is talking Kyle {my hubs} into letting me open all of my presents early throughout the week. ; )

  4. Tricia

    YAY! Love that Mary’s favorite winter "sport" is the spa… classic. hahaha Merry Christmas!!

  5. Gail

    "Grace? She died 30 years ago."

    Ahhh…nothing says the holidays like the Griswolds.

    PS – We got engaged the same year, over the same holiday. That’s cute ;)

  6. Raven Mathis

    I love Elf too! It’s not Christmas until it is watched all snuggled in with some wassail!

  7. ashley barnett

    Funny! Our tradition is stockings last :)

  8. Stephanie

    I love eggnog! Even if it does have raw eggs in it…

  9. Alison

    We cannot wrap presents unless The Griswolds are in the background! We open new PJ’s on Christmas eve and the rest Chirstmas morning, with waves of grandparents visiting throughout the day. As for eggnog, I chose to consume the calories in german sour cream twists instead!

  10. Jessica Frey Photography

    Christmas go-to’s in my house: Amy Grant’s Christmas CD (and now Michael Bubles!), constantly drinking WS Peppermint hot chocolate, I do love me some egg nog , and we always open one gift the night before – usually the personal one from hubby before we go visit family!
    Merry Christmas to you guys! Relax and enjoy celebrating with one another!!!

  11. Nancy Mitchell

    I love egg nog too! My favorite movie is Christmas Story hands down….you’ll SHOOT your eye out! We open up gifts whenever the kids wake us up :) And to see what our family holiday tradition on my husbands side is all about….check out my blog! I posted a video today. I am totally not a videographer, but hey….at least it depicts our family to a T!

  12. leslie kerrigan

    Favorite Holiday Movie – Family Man and of course, Christmas Vacation! Song – Where are you Christmas Faith Hill. We open one on Christmas Eve and the rest Christmas day but I used to be very bad about opening and rewrapping! Shhh! Don’t tell! And No way to Egg Nog! Merry Christmas!!

  13. Christa

    Always open one gift on Christmas eve & the rest Christmas morning.

  14. Catie Ronquillo

    My family has always been the open gifts after Midnight Mass, and my husband always did the one on Christmas Eve with the rest on Christmas morning. I don’t know what we’ll do when we have kiddos! Favorite Christmas movie: Love Actually. Finally this Christmas I found an Egg Nog I liked!

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