January 13, 2012

The J&M Ten: The Preppy Proof

In the photography world. the West Coast gets a lot of hype. Yes, yes they have warm buttery light and summer & sunshine all year round. But as for me, I say east side represent. I am an East Coast girl through and through, and I wouldn’t trade these four seasons for all the wheatgrass and rollerblading in the world. :) And that’s become especially true now that I live in New England. See I grew up in WV, but I’ve spent the last 8 years in CT and this… just fits.

It’s no secret that Justin & I fully embrace our inner (and outer!) prep. We wear cable knit sweaters and popped collars. Rugby shirts and I have knee high socks. We pair striped ties with our herringbone vests. And we’ll walk our golden retriever while wearing Black Dog windbreakers. And then go warm up with a bowl of clam chowder. We go lighthouse watching and ferry boat hopping to Martha’s Vineyard. The J.Crew clerks practically know us by name, and the arrival of the Brooks Brothers catalog is a major event.

In short, we are New England gangstas forever (evah-evah). And I wouldn’t change a bit of that.

A couple of days ago, Justin & I were doing our reserve laundry. You know, that laundry that isn’t absolutely essential to day to day living so you let it pile up for weeks until you have some down time. Anybody, anybody? Or is that just me? Anyway, we were getting caught up on our laundry and we realized that Justin had EIGHT pairs of argyle socks without a match to them. Which, if you’re doing the math here, means that he owned at least eight pairs of argyle socks to begin with. Then a few days later, I was out to lunch with my friend Alicia and she got me the Preppy Guide for Cultivating Ivy Style. It was right around then that we started to realize….we might have a real problem here. :)

So in honor of our excess of prep, we decided to make a whole J&M Ten devoted to just that. We hope you enjoy!

And if that doesn’t tell you enough, here are 12 more ways we take our prep seriously. Starting left to right, top to bottom.

1. Justin’s twitter background is an argyle pattern with our logo on it.
2. Cooper wears this nautical flag dog collar.
3. Sperry Topsiders
4. Chowdah. It’s a new england thing.
5. We own clothes with little animals on them.
6. The aforementioned argyle socks.
7. We gave Julia a croquet set for her birthday.
8. I want this.
9. Popped collars
10. If you know us really well, you give us preppy gifts
11. This guy makes me laugh.
12. If you think our argyle sock collection is bad, you should see the argyle sweater one.

And finally, East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in the middle….it’s good not to take ourselves too seriously. So here ya go.

Happy Friday y’all!

So tell me, what genre most describes you? OC girl? Midwesterner? Vermont maple syruper? Give a shout out to your homies & one lucky commenter is going to win a $25 iTunes card! And…..GO!!

  1. Faye Bernoulli

    I am a San Diego girl through and through! I like my temperatures like the speed on the freeway: nothing over 80 and nothing below 65. Hollllla!

  2. Alicia White

    I’m a certified "mutt" – Growing up in upstate NY, I’ve been told I talk super fast (like a Northerner), I moved to Ohio in high school so I love midwest values (and football), and now I live in the South so I say ya’ll with the best of them!

  3. Abby Grace

    I was wondering when the real spellin gof chowdah was going to get thrown in there. I’d classify myself as a wannabe prep with a sometimes hipster and/or Anny Taylor edge to it. But most of the time i hang out in jeans and a hoodie, so maybe "outright bum" is a better classification for me.

  4. Christine Barker

    I am a west coaster at heart, who has lived just over half of her life on the east coast. I still carry the hugs and laid back personality of the west, but THRIVE on the fashion forward, exciting buzz of the east. I LOVE this post!!! I have wanted to see the East side hype each other for awhile. We have SO much talent here!!

  5. Angelsea Urban

    JERSEY! But we know how to cook up some New England Clam Chowder around these parts. You guys should visit us for our annual CHOWERFEST on LBI – BIG BIG restaurant competition for the best Chowder! You would love it!

  6. Jackie Rachdorf

    I rock the rustic-chic look on the daily, eg: Hunter Boots, yes. But always, always with a fitted flannel and black leggings. Accessories include an MK watch and a super messy hair-do.

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    I’m a Midwestern gal all the way! I love being able to wear sweaters in the in-between seasons, you know the kind where it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves and a skirt, yet cool enough to for that new sweater that you’ve been dying to wear. Boots! I love them in the spring, summer, fall & winter! Barns and fields, wildflowers and feathered friends are all a short car ride away, as well as colorful, urban grit of the city. And did I mention our fall is so beautiful? September weddings have grown so popular, and I couldn’t be happier about it! College basketball, well, all basketball is huge here in the Hoosier state, speaking of which, IU has an awesome team this year! GO IU! And being in the heart of the USA, we get all varieties of fashion – nautical, modern, vintage, and our fair share of plaid and flannel. Backyard BBQ’s and fireworks are a summer staple. And we’re home of the 2012 Superbowl! Yay, Midwest!

  8. katie

    I would be the down home country/city girl. I enjoy bon fires with smores, but enjoys my glass of wine. Enjoy taking my three black labs everywhere i can possibly take them, enjoy the country life with wide open spaces, but enjoys the city life. I would not have it any other way!

  9. Ashley Terry

    My personal style cultivating goal this year is Charlotte York from Sex & The City meets small town southern girl charm. Y’all.

  10. Arica Gonzalez

    NY Swag!!! I’m a Queens girl, through and through! =). We talk smack, but we back it up =). If we want to experience another culture, we just have to walk out our front door. If we want to feel at home when we do go someplace else, it’s no problem, because the whole world rocks our fitted! =) Hehe. Book smart and street smart. NY swag….There’s nothing like it. Some call it cocky….but I think they meant to say confident =).

  11. Leslie

    I’m the Southern version of you guys!- all the things you said, minus the clam chowder, plus grits :) Our doggy has an argyle collar, my husband wears topsiders and argyle socks (he recently got a new pair of anchor socks too!) I have a closet filled to brimming with J.Crew- and I too remember my first J.Crew purchase! A navy reversible wrap skirt :)

  12. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    You are cracking me UP! LOVE the video. I so relate. I’m east coast born and raised (CT), & a west coast transplant (San Fran). I NEVER pictured fitting in out west or falling in love with the lifestyle. I envisioned a hippy, laid back, slow scene. Not true. There’s more diversity and go getter attitude than I knew was possible, and well, as for my style, I gotta say I’m conservative preppy, classic simpleton with a dash of bohemian hipster. I’ve traded MV and Block Island for Napa & Hawaii and have fallen madly in love with west coast cuisine, but miss me some fresh lobster! The video reminds me of our Mercy all girl catholic snow days partying with the Xavier boys at a friends house with a keg, in our preppy clothing jammin to the Beastie Boys. Thx for the laugh!!!!!

  13. Caitlin

    oh I am a total style mutt but I think I lean towards the prep as well (I got my green hunter boots on sale at Gilt a few years ago, score!) Every once and a while I try to go into Urban Outfitters and pretend I’m a cool rocker chick but I fail miserably and soon go back to Ann Taylor Loft or the sale rack at J. Crew.

  14. Caitlin

    oh and I forgot how much I loved that video thank you for posting! heh.

  15. caitlin

    i’m a southern girl through and through: convinced that sweet tea tastes best when you drink it out of a mason jar and there’s nothing that being barefoot and driving a stick shift can’t fix.

  16. Lydia

    I’m definitely a California girl! Kinda hipster one day and preppy the next! A conglomeration of a bunch of styles that depends on how I feel that day!

  17. Gail

    You might think I’m kidding on this one but my Hunter boots? HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE.

    Go get ’em Mary! Then write ’em off as a business expense! Would be perfect to wear for your winter walkthru!

  18. Jessica Frey

    Way to own it! I’m a Texas girl through and through ya’ll and have lived on the East Coast and now live in Cali….so thanks to the military, I’ve got a mixture of styles and homies in all parts of the country!

  19. Deborah Zoe

    New Englander through and through!!

  20. Julia

    Born & raised on MV and the Tea Partay cracks me up every time!

  21. Karen Bonar

    Dude, argyle socks don’t have to match – just as LittleMissMatched.com :) She provided my wedding socks. :)

  22. Jennifer Medeiros

    "New England gangstas forever (evah-evah)" — Brilliant! Though I was born a Bostonian, I am totally a Jersey Girl at heart! Not the fist-bumping, spray tan kind, but the kind who loves the boardwalk on the beach, the beauty in the fallen Asbury Park, the culture of Red Bank and being so close to New York City and Philadelphia! <3

  23. Leeann Marie

    Although I’m technically a Pittsburgher, I grew up taking trips to NYC and most of my best friends live there now, so I resonate with the big apple girls! Not the ones that say "frankfurtah", but the smart, stylish, do what I want, ain’t afraid of no subway and I’ll battle you for the next cab type of girls. The ones who work long hours, and stay out even longer, and know the best place for bagel delivery in the near vicinity to get back up to it the next day. Oh – and I also went to Lehigh, so in familiar with all of you popped collar kids!! I don’t get t! ;-)

  24. Karen Schlink

    My style is what I’ve come to call "New England Punk". A bit of an oxymoron, right? I love prep- Kate Spade, JCrew, pink, jeggings, and high heels… but I also love my tattoos, my gauged ears, my funky hair colors, and the tacky yet favorite skull and crossbones. I love Iron & Wine and swanky jazzy, but I also love heavy metal and screamo music. It sounds strange, but anyone who knows me knows it 110% Karen! :)

  25. Christa

    I’m a mix of East coast / Canadian love cable sweaters and clam chowder but I also love good ol north of the border maple syrup & my toque too :)

  26. Jill de Bruin

    I’m definitely a SoCal girl, but not the typical! I grew up in the high desert so…We definitely did not have summer all year there lol! Although I am now calling Northern Cali home, we haven’t seen snow yet here this winter which is very strange since they had snow here in march and april last year!

  27. feuza@feuzareis.com

    East Coast representing Holla! Its about time East Coast gets some loving lol. I am Brazilian born Jersey raised, so loud mix going on there, as for clothes for urbany and casual for sure. I am preppy wannabee once in a blue moon.

  28. Katie

    OK…please don’t enter me for the card (we don’t have i-tunes) but seriously…that video was the BEST thing I have seen all day. I cried I was laughing so hard! "buy tea in the parlor makes the ladies hollar" bwahahaha

  29. Samantha Harkins

    Chris and I have tons of argyle socks and sweaters too! I also wear pearls all. the. time. I had a former co-worker say to me once, "You’re just so um proper." (which is NOT true if you know me). Also LOVE the video. "We’ll send a thank you letter in cursive". HAHAHAHAHA

  30. Samantha Harkins

    Oh and I also have an argyle running skirt. I kid you not.

  31. GrandmaIna

    Love that video. When you purchase the Chris Craft–think of me! I carried a picture of one for years, instead of one of a movie star!

  32. Sydni Jackson

    My style is classic, preppy, and colorful. Think of a mix between Gap (clothes) Target (home decor), J.Crew, and Anthropologie. I try to stay away from anything TOO trendy because I don’t want to waste money on something I’m not going to like in a year or two.

  33. Regina Marie

    So cool. You two are so cute.

    … Me? I’m a tropical kind of gal! I own 3 pairs of linen pants. (and am planning to get more !) I never wear socks, though I would prefer to go barefoot ALL the time, I wear my crocs almost all the time. Heck, I even live on my sailboat! I’m working my whole warrobe into a nice bohemian-tropical kind of groove!

  34. Lori C

    Love this! I was just working on a "my style" blog post! I think figuring out what it is/was is the hardest part :)! For me at least?!?!

  35. Deyla Huss Photography

    I love catching up with you guys even though it may be a rare occasion (Im bad I know) but I have to just say from a west coaster that is from a part of the west coast that aint so sunny (Seattle) I think your hood sounds fabulous and funky fresh yo! Westsiieeeed

  36. Seventh Ward Photography

    I’m a mutt too: I was raised in Wisconsin, dress like a New Englander (cashmere, cardis, khakis and pearls, darling…) and love to represent my adopted homeland of Chicago whenever possible. I love hearing how everyone else identifies their style!

  37. Mark Higgins

    We’re in New England, let’s get excited for the LL Bean catalog!!

  38. Tira J

    Oh my! I feel like I just relived Junior High again with seeing the Preppy Handbook featured in those images! And, I think I still own my original copy. Since I am a California girl born and raised, guess I am West Coast, but have always had some Midwest/Texas in me. And, I have 5 pairs of argyle socks, but who is counting? xoxo

  39. spring

    I guess I’m really a back-woods Maine girl (currently residing in NH). Jeans and sweatshirts make up a majority of my wardrobe. Clinton and Stacy would roll over and die to see that I go run around town in old warn out j crew flip flops, jeans and my old Northeastern Univ hoodie. When I really want to dress up- i throw on some fun accessories- I prob own more coats then shoes… and I have a pretty extensive scarf collection thanks to the consignment shop upstairs from my studio space.

  40. Alisha Kistenmacher

    Straight up Midwest! Live in Des Moines… that is French for "The Moines" haha! :) We are are not all farm, but very banana republic/crew styling out here.

  41. kat

    um. if i were to challenge you to a "preppy off" i might win… just sayin’ – i won’t embarras you (or myself) by going to count my argyle knee hi’s that i wear with one of my TWO pairs of Hunter boots (hot pink & shiny black) or by telling you i have both the original Preppy handbook that I legit got in 5th grade for christmas, probably with a Dean sweater, but i also have the new, improved version, by the same auther (not the one Alica got you, but CLEARLY i need that too…) i have sperry top-siders, Jack Rodgers sandals, more lily pulitzer than you could shake a stick at, and about 20 cable knit sweaters (cardigans, crewnecks, even hoodies and turtlenecks) in a plethora of colors and yes, i absolutely wear them with my pearls. so, take that!!! but, Mary, you do have that whole Ivy Leauge thing going for you… that counts for A LOT!!! :D Tea Partay is one of my fave things of all time… i almost injured my internal organs watching it. oh, and i sail and play tennis – you guys should come sailing with me next summer if you’re up here shooting!!! xoxooxoxoxo

  42. Amy

    I am straight-up … wait for it… what ever is clean! :o)

  43. Brooke Summer

    LoL this is hilarious! Although I didn’t know that pearls are preppy… I wear them with almost everything, even jeans and a t-shirt! Pearls are like a good shoe – they can dress up any outfit!

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