June 28, 2009

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Life is moving fast!!! So here’s a little roadmap of where we’ve been…and where we’re going.

First up, here’s a sneak peek (not peak) of the wedding Justin, Julia & I shot last night: Kim & Joel

And here’s another sneak peek (still not peak) of our next wedding on deck to be blogged: Suzanne & Justin.

These two couples have one very important thing in common: their good, kind hearts. Each of them treated us more like guests at the wedding than like we were working. We really felt like we were at the weddings of friends. They had place cards and seats for us, and never stopped asking us if we’d had a chance to eat.

Yea, like we’re gonna miss a chance to eat! :) Different flavored cupcakes…I’m all on it. But wait, I’m giving away too much! Just make sure you stay tuned!

Now we’re off to shoot a full-day “Get to Know You Shoot” in Newport!! (Julia, we’re going to need more Red Bull!! :)

  1. Linden

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the "peaks"… :)

  2. Christa

    We’re going to need more redbull….lol

  3. Julia

    The peeks are fabulous!! Can’t wait to see the posts!! MORE?!? … I think I should perform a Redbull intervention!!! ; )

  4. MM

    LOL! It might come to that!

  5. alyssa jul

    ooh, different flavored cupcakes, you did say too much!

  6. Chris Young

    hehe. I would always look up peek and peak before I posted and I’m an English major. I feel your pain.
    Any luck with the house? I ask because my husband and I were house hunting during the same time as you and have just found a house in which we are doing all the ‘fun’ pre-closing research. best of luck to you!

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