June 3, 2015

The Light Hasn’t Gone Out in You My Friend


A love letter to the exhausted, the beaten down, the spread too thins, the ones who feel like giving up. This one is for you.

That light in you hasn’t gone out my friend. You only think it has.

You only sit there in the darkness, surrounded by the smoke of a thousand smoldering embers snuffed out before their time, because you think that’s all you have left in you. You only throw up your hands in defeat and refuse to search for a single spark in the shadows that surround you, because the tank already feels beyond empty anyway. You’re running on the proverbial “E” …for exhausted. And what you know more than anything, is that there is no flame without the fuel.

You’ve grown familiar with the coldness, where once you knew what it was to feel the heat on your face. To feel the fire in your eyes. Let’s be honest friend, you once knew what it was to shine. To leap in great leaps. To stride in great strides. And to tight rope walk the outer precipice ledge of your dreams without once a fear of falling. You once knew what it was to fly. And now here you sit, thinking that you’re grounded. That you’ll never once know what it is to catch air beneath you again. But the truth is, the real get down to the heart of it, nitty gritty truth of it is, you’ve just forgotten where it is that you keep your wings.

You’ve tied anchor after anchor around your heart. Tethering up your actions in the tangled web of someone else’s dreams. Of what they say success is. Of what the world tells us we should want, when it (and ok, Bono) remind us that we still haven’t found what we’re looking for. It tells us what we’re not enough of. And it tells us what we’re not at all. What we will never be. And it reminds us that everyone else around us is blessed with a muchness- a look at me, I have it all togetherness- that our broken hearts will never come to know….



I am beyond honored to be one of the very first featured writers & contributors to an incredible new blog  for creative women by creative women, called Flourish. It was started by two of our dearest friends, Alicia Sturdy & Ashley Poisella and it is already BLOWING up. The whole heart behind this blog came about when both Alicia & Ashley realized that they were struggling with feelings of not being “enough.” And then they realized that this was a much more widespread epidemic. That SO many creative boss ladies sitting at home alone behind their computers feel this same way too. And we need the reminder that we are doing just fine and that we are not defined by our constant doing of more. By our endless pursuit of much. If you’ve ever felt this way, then this is a blog you need to follow! And if you want to read the rest of my love letter to the exhausted, you can do that by heading over HERE!

So much love,

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