June 26, 2014

The Luxe Brand Giveaway!!

Our dear friend Jane Johnson is what you would call the triple threat. Not only is she an incredibly savvy business woman and amazingly talented photographer, she is also an insanely talented designer to boot! When you add in the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous, well if I didn’t love her just so darn much I would probably hate her! :)

Well, to add on to all of that amazingness, Jane has just launched her latest project, The Luxe Brand, which offers absolutely stunning brand solutions for photographers and small business owners on everything from websites with matching blog designs to paper, packaging, and pricing folios. It’s basically the whole package of pretty!

My absolute favorite part about this, is that if you are someone who is finding yourself in a place where your current brand is holding you back or keeping you from taking it to the next level….you could have a new brand polished and launched by the weekend! With the height of booking season upon us, what we’ve been telling all the photographers who are meeting with us is that there is absolutely NO time to waste in putting your best foot forward. You have maybe just a couple of minutes (seconds?) to make an impression on a potential bride. And if she doesn’t like what she’s seeing right away, then she’ll be on to the next site! So the decisions we are making now will affect our whole calendar of bookings next year! And now with something like the Luxe Brand, there is absolutely no excuse not to bump up your branding!

**Now for the best part of all! Jane has so graciously & incredibly generously agreed to give away one of her gorgeous blog designs (your choice!) away to one of our lucky readers! You can scroll through some of our favorites below, head over to the site HERE to check them all out & then get entered to win below! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment saying hi in the comment box below! Will will pick & announce the winner early next week! And…GO!!

  1. Ashley

    Beautiful designer! .. I’m always checking out the prophoto add on template page to see when she adds new blog designs, love her work! … my fingers and toes are crossed! xox

  2. Caroline

    Ooohhhhh!! I’ve been looking at the Luxe line for a while now, that would be so wonderful to win one!

  3. rachael oerther

    I WOULD LOVE to win this! I have been swooning over new branding for a year now!

  4. Stevie

    Thank you Jane for this awesome opportunity! You work is great.

  5. Melisa Draper

    These are gorgeous!

  6. Lanie Kay

    I’m working on a new project and would love this! I love her work.

  7. Krystyna and Colby Wheeler

    These are just what we need to begin marketing ourselves to a more luxe client!

  8. Asha Lea

    These brands are sooo gorgeous! Jane is very talented! I would love to win one if I could be so lucky.

    I moved back to FL from DC 2.5 years ago after an unfortunate divorce and I have up on photography. I didn’t think I could work full time, be a single mom and keep doing it. But my heart was aching to do what I love and I started back 7 months ago. I keep busy as a second shooter, but a new, gorgeous, professional brand would help me turn that into a more successful business and I would be eternally grateful.

    Thank you Jane and Justin and Mary for constantly giving back and giving hope.

  9. Caroline T

    Ooooh! I’ve already been digging through templates since we chatted, and have been looking for awesome wordpress based ones! These are wonderful!

  10. Shauna Youngberg

    I would so very much appreciate this and adore you forever! Being very much in need for this, I feel it would be bound to help me book more clients and bring me up to the next level.

  11. Tiffany Heidenthal

    I would LOVE to do this. I am in major need of an update and these are beautiful designs!

  12. Amy Cronk

    Oh how I would love to win a blog design by Jane Johnson. I feel that she is exactly the style and branding that I am in desperate need for. Classic and sleek. I’ve had trouble with my branding for awhile, I’ve done it all myself and would love to have something new and fresh that would really speak to my clients and works with my brand.

  13. Meagan

    HI!! i am in love with her work!!!!!!!!! Amaze!!!!!!!!!!!! and im in dire need of help with my boring blog!!! xx Meagan

  14. Flo

    Perfect timing for me since relocating and rebranding now. Keeping fingers crossed :)

  15. Lukas

    I love my logo, I live my business, handmade packeging and all the other things wich comes from my heart to go to the hearts of "my" brides and grooms. But since the last 3 years (!!!) I’m searching for a corporate design for all my prints and my website/blog too. If a wish comes true: Jane’s design is the solution of this grueling searchjane is the solution of this grueling search.

  16. Brianne Hall

    Oh my gosh! Please pick me! I just got a new logo and updated to ProPhoto 5. I’ve been struggling to find the time/knowledge to make my blog design happen!

  17. Spring

    Oooh these are stunning!!!! It’s about time for an update for my blog and this may be the perfect fit!!! Pick me, pick me ;) xoxo

  18. Darci

    Loving the simplicity of the luxe brand! I’m in the process of switching everything over to ProPhoto and would love to win one of these templates. Now to make my branding cohesive and very much me! Thanks again you two for such a great opportunity.

  19. Brittany

    I’m getting ready to buy my domain and that means designing a whole new website and cohesive brand…this would be an answer to my prayers!

  20. Brian

    Could sooo use an overhaul. They all look fantastic!

  21. Robyn

    Ah this would be amazing! Just what I need for my business right now.

  22. Andrea Pesce

    I have been looking at these designs recently!! Winning a free on would be too good to be true!!

  23. Nicole

    This would be AMAZING. I need so badly for a new look! I never win anything, hoping this would be a first! Here’s to hoping, and thank you for this generous opportunity!

  24. Deyla Huss

    Hi!!!! This is a great giveaway!! Thanks!

  25. Chrissy Vensel

    Hiiii! :)
    Gah, I would love this especially since I’m currently looking to redo my blog! It’s perfect timing. :)

  26. paulina

    well hello!! these designs are so beautiful! i believe "the miller co." is one of my top faves :).

  27. Lisa Provençal

    Hi, I would love to win :) My blog needs a new look. Thank you

  28. Jackie P

    Hi! these are lovely designs!

  29. Evian

    Gorgeous work! In dire need of help designing my new website! xoxo

  30. Bethany

    That’s exactly what we need!!!

  31. Betsy Curlin

    What an amazing giveaway!! I would be over the moon to rebrand with a Luxe Brand design!

  32. Christina

    Hey there! Love Jane! Her work is beautiful… all of it! Seeing as how I don’t have a formal website (only a blog :( ) I could SO use this!

  33. Anna

    This is such a great giveaway! I’ve been scrolling through her site and am already so tempted to purchase a new blog design!

  34. Kelly Mars

    I’d love to win! I’m so bad – I don’t have a blog yet because I’ve yet to find a template that’s ‘me’. I suck at designing so that’s out. This would be awesome! Thanks!

  35. Kelly Mars

    I’d love to win! I’m so bad – I don’t have a blog yet because I’ve yet to find a template that’s ‘me’. I suck at designing so that’s out. This would be awesome! Thanks!

  36. Kim Brundage

    Love Jane Johnson. I met her at WPPI this year and I agree, she is the triple threat! Love her work!

  37. Kara

    HI! these are gorgeous! would loove to win one :D

  38. Cristal Veronica

    I would so appreciate a new blog design! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  39. Kristin S.

    Aloha! These are fab!

  40. Joe

    Wow! Jane Johnson does some really, really nice work! Awesome giveaway!

  41. Cindy Habel

    Awesome reminder Mary, and fabulous giveaway Jane! Thanks :)

  42. Josh Fegles

    We love Jane too!

  43. Shi

    Wow! These are gorgeous!

  44. Priscilla


  45. Lori Calhoun

    How exciting! Love.

  46. Regan

    Such a great giveaway! :)

  47. karen

    Wow, what a great contest!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these amazing and beautiful sites!!

  48. Lauren

    Hiiii! Would love to win!

  49. Lydia

    It would be so fun to win this for a friend!

  50. Gabrielle Halle

    These are beautiful!

  51. Allie

    Oh my, those are beautiful! I would be so blessed to win this!

  52. Jonnie

    So awesome! As a starting photographer, we would loveeee to have the help with our branding!

  53. Emily

    I have been a fan of Jane’s since the beginning! Love seeing her work and design evolve more and more. Thank you so much for sharing and your generous giveaway!

  54. michelle

    what an amazing opportunity this would be. thank you j&M.

  55. Stephanie

    Hi & WOW! What a thoughtful giveaway. Saying a prayer it’s meant to be :)

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