April 8, 2015

The Many Hats We Wear on a Wedding Day



This past weekend during the reception at our wedding in Texas, the little ring bearer came up to me because his shoe had fallen off (while he was burning up the dance floor of course!) And Justin caught this moment of me helping him out. It made me think about how there are a LOT of different hats that we wear on a wedding day besides just photographer. And I thought it would be fun to list out a few of my favorites from over the years.

At weddings we have…

*Stitched up the bride’s dress when the zipper broke
*Reassembled bouquets when the flowers were wrong
*Taken bobby pins out of my own hair to fix the bride’s
*Let 7 groomsmen from Kentucky keep their moonshine (the legal kind!) in our car when the preacher said they couldn’t bring it in the church
*Prayed with our brides
*Cried with their mamas
*Helped about a couple hundred guests at this point with their cameras or flashes :)
*Put in about a 100 veils…and re-put them in when they blew out
*Super glued an antique brooch that a bridesmaid broke
*Gotten completely soaked in the rain…14 times
*Helped re-assemble a mandap at an Indian wedding that blew over minutes before the ceremony
*Gotten at least 10 stains out of wedding dresses
*Tied about 47 ties for grooms and groomsmen
*Escorted a couple hundred grandmas & grandpas up front for the family photos (they’re my favorite!)
*Safety pinned the flower girl’s dress when the strap broke
*Helped rush one Best Man to the emergency room
*Caught a bride falling out of the Hora
*Signed the marriage license as the witnesses when we were the only other two people there

Ahhhh, I LOVE what we do! What a ride! And it just keeps getting better!

Tune in tomorrow when we feature this gorgeous Clark Gardens wedding on the blog!!
xo M:)

  1. Shalese

    SUCH a cute picture, and I love all the crazy, last-minute fixes you’ve done for your couples! Anything to make the day go smoothly!

  2. Jil

    I vividly remember sitting in the hotel room with my mother and sister, getting pretty nervous about all the little things that needed to go right for the day to run smoothly and then you guys called to say you were downstairs and I just *knew* everything was going to be perfect. So I would add to this list – calming spirits!

  3. Maria

    Aw that is such a sweet photo. Thank you for helping my little nephew and for praying with me! And doing the best you could when our bridesmaids were taking a little long to get ready ;)

  4. Ally (almost!) Allison

    This is so fun, Mary! I love that you’re willing to help in (literally) every way on a wedding day to make it perfect! You both are rockstars.

  5. Joe Don Richardson

    On a day that started great and went a little sideways this brought a smile to my face!

  6. Evie Perez

    Awwweee how I love this pic!!! It’s fits so well with this post.

  7. Rici

    What a great list! Love it so much! How many sweet memories you where able to collect. LOVE the prayer & granny one!

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