March 26, 2015

The Marantz House Project: Etc, etc


Here’s a quirky little thing about me. I love decorating our home with things that we bought while we were away on trips. There’s the blanket we got on Coronado island, the candles and signs from Nantucket, the wine decanters from Italy, the lavender from France, the book about homes we got when we were down South. To me it’s like the coolest kind of souvenir!

Don’t get me wrong, I love places like Home Goods and Pottery Barn and they can have such great stuff and we shop there often. But to me there is something even better about collecting things over time that have meaning, rather than just rushing and having the same stuff everyone can from p. 42 of the catalog (have you seen that Friends episode on Netflix yet??) Plus now when we look around our home, we don’t just see pretty things that we love….we also see the trips they remind us of! It’s the best!

Yesterday while we walking around in Hampton Roads, our friend Sharon took us into the cutest “Antique Boutique” home store ever! And I walked right up to this pillow and knew I had to have it!

It will go perfectly right along with our blanket, candles, signs, etc, ETC! :)

Happy Thursday!



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