October 8, 2015

The Marantz House Project: New Built-in Bookshelves w/ a Twist!


You guys! While I’ve been away at the Pursuit Conference this year, Justin has totally been holding down the fort at home. I asked him to take over the blog this week so that I could totally unplug and he has completely blown me away. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out his awesome Tech Tuesday post with a ton of great info!

But today when I logged in to check the post, I nearly burst into tears, because not ONLY did my incredible husband build me bookshelves while I was gone (!!), not ONLY did he finish them and paint them and take photos of them for me for this post….but he also styled it all up for me so that it would look really cute. Which is something I know he would ONLY do because he knows it would make me happy! Insert all the cry-eye  emojis right here!!

So here you go, take a look at our finished bookshelves (well minus the baseboard, that’s coming!) and be sure to scroll down to see the extra FUN thing we included! Our house was actually a big party summer house during Prohibition, and so we decided to include what we’re calling a “prohibition cabinet” where the top part of the bookshelf slides back and we can have shelves of bourbon, scotch, bitters etc back there on the sides! I’m pretty sure our designers Jeff & Jen of Tonic Site Shop  would be VERY proud!! You have to see it in action….check out the animated GIF Justin made below!!





  1. Sarah

    this is literally THE coolest thing ever!!!!!

  2. Amanda Jackson

    Oh, love! And that is so sweet of Justin! :)

  3. Sarah Bradshaw

    OH. MY. GOSH. I want. What a great way to keep liquor around!!!!

  4. Rici

    AHHH!! Soo COOOL!! Well done Justin! I love it! Especially the prohibition detail (oh I wanna have a house like this! I did an exhibition on the Gangster Bosses of Chicago once ) <3

  5. Jil


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