September 6, 2013

The Marantz House Project: The Big Reveal!!

Ok, as promised we are ending this week with the BIG reveal of everything we’ve been having done to our house this past month, or as what we’ve lovingly started to refer to it as on Instagram: #marantzhouseproject !!

To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed with how to put this post together and I didn’t even know where to start.

So I just decided to follow the age old wisdom and as say they say, it’s best to start at the beginning.

Let’s just put this out there….our house is ooooollld. It was originally built in the 1880s and then it was added on to somewhere around the 1920s. Apparently it used to be quite the summer party house back in the roaring 20’s (during Prohibition no less!) and could be divided up into something like twenty-seven (!!) bedrooms where people would come and do the Charleston in flapper dresses all weekend. Or something like that. :) So that’s the other thing about our house you need to know, it is deceptively BIG. That’s because it’s pretty normal sized in the front but then it just keeps going back. When we first saw it, I guessed it was around 1400 sq feet….but it’s actually just under 3000. In other words, there was a LOT of house to fix! :)

This was us on the day we closed. Crazy fools, we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into! :)

Right off the bat, we had to do a TON of work on the inside (basically new everything!) as well as a new roof. So we hadn’t planned on doing a ton to the outside yet. That was until we realized that all the windows on the front were from the turn of the century too and in the winter the wind whipping in off the water was pretty much blowing straight through the house. So we made the call to go ahead and replace everything on the front (except the porch…more on that to come!) Justin made this little grid of our house through the years so you can see all the changes!

As you can see, we ripped HUGE holes in the front of the house & replaced the regular sized windows with big picture windows on each floor.

And so basically, we’ve been sitting with this two-toned house (or as our friends Liz & Ryan like to call it, Nantucket two-tone!) for the past few years now. Which let me tell you, was super fancy! :) And we finally decided it was time to begin construction again! Here is a before of the right side of our house. Pay attention to that chimney….it’s not going to be there long!

The first thing that had to happen was that this chimney had to come down! It wasn’t actually attached to anything (the chimney for our fire place is on the other side of the house), and as you can see from that picture on the left down there….it turns out it wasn’t even actually attached to the HOUSE anymore! The contractors said one good storm could have taken it down. Yikes! And so brick by brick, it came down!

Yep, that is a HUGE hole in our roof you’re seeing. Don’t worry, they patched it! :)

Next up, the new windows & siding arrived. Like I said, our house is OLD! And that means so is everything that’s still in it that we haven’t already replaced, including those side windows. As they were tearing some of them out, they found nails that our contractor guessed were the actual original 1880s nails. So yea, these windows had to GO!

We replaced 13 windows in all, and they were able to do almost all of them in one day. Our contractors are Amazing!

We also ended up closing over some windows for some projects INSIDE that we have coming later on! Like our new kitchen!

And then finally it was time for the siding to start going up!!!

Now that brings me to the back of the house. Ohhh the back of the house. Bless its cotton socks.

First and foremost, it had this God awful porch that I’ve HATED since day one.

So Justin hopped up there and started taking it down.

Justin ripped off the whole second floor part of the porch and then the contractors tagged in to take down the rest of it.

Then they went to work taking down the old siding to the board underneath, where we found some rot that had to be replaced! You know that saying, sometimes it has to get worse before it can get better? I TOTALLY understand that saying now!

They got all that fixed up & then it was time for the final piece of the puzzle: the siding on the back to go up!

This is where the back is as of this morning! They just have to replace a few more windows & trim everything out and then we’ll be DONE!! Well at least for now!

As you can see, there is still a bunch to be done like we need to replace the porch on the back really soon (it’s also pretty rotten!), and then next Spring we’re hoping to fix up the front porch which is all crazy, crooked, and y’know held up by a 100 year old cedar stump. :)

But for now, we are beyond GIDDY with how it turned out and our seriously AHH-mazing contractors who have been a DREAM to work with! I can’t believe how fast they’ve been getting everything done and their commitment to the craft/quality and making every little detail right is phenomenal!

So yea, we are definitely a work in progress. But what can I say? We’ve come a long way BABY!!

And Cooper likes it too!! :)

And like we’ve always said through this whole process, when the view inside the house is looking crazy….we just keep looking out in the same direction together. And that makes it all worth it!

Happy Friday y’all!

  1. Urška Majer

    Wow! Love those after photos & the last one of Cooper! And that view…amazing :)

  2. Gail

    I LOVE IT ALL! So so happy for you guys (wait, Justin is THAT good as an artist AND he does carpentry work? YOU LUCKY DEVIL YOU!) What an awesome blessing to have a house with THAT view and that much history. You’re honoring it well!

  3. Emilia Jane

    Ah! I can’t wait to see it in person next month, it looks SO GOOD!!

  4. Annetta

    Wow!! What a transformation! I like the new look.

  5. Alicia Daw

    Looks INCREDIBLE! I think this means we need to have a dinner party soon.

  6. Karen

    What a MONUMENTAL undertaking! I am living vicariously via you so I don’t have to do this in my hometown. :) Phew!

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    Your house is so cool and full of history and character! Love it! Give Cooper a big hug for me!

  8. Geri

    Amazing transformation! Love it!

  9. Corinna Hoffman

    Wow!! What a beautiful house (then and now), Mary and Justin!! :) We have an old home too… 1946.. and I’m itching to move in to a new house so I don’t have to deal with any "fixer-upper" stuff! But in the same time, I love the historic feel/details to our home :) Thank you for sharing this post! xoxo

  10. Jeremy Jackson

    It looks awesome you guys!! So excited for you! Love the pictures of you guys there at the end :) And you have got to have one of the best front porch views ever…seriously!

  11. sharon elizabeth

    LOL.. bless its cotton socks. bahahahahahaah!!!

  12. ashley barnett

    YAY you guys! It looks amazing!!!! :)

  13. Jamie

    What a FUN post!!! My hubby and I built our log home here in Oregon (literally–we sawed and stacked the logs, he did the plumbing, I did the electrical, etc.), so I have an idea of the craziness + fulfillment in tackling such a BIG project!! Your home is absolutely DREAMY!!!!! Thanks for sharing! :0)

  14. Christy Tyler

    WOW! It looks amazing! How cool to see it continue to change and improve over the years! This makes me want a house to fix up even more than I already do! Eesh! haha

  15. GrandmaIna

    You’re doing a great job! I hope to get to see it some day!

  16. Tricia

    Wow awesome progress!! It looks great! But what are you doing to the front porch? Maybe just making it straight but otherwise exactly the same? I love that porch!

  17. Liz and Ryan

    So AMAZING! It looks so so so good- even without the Nantucket two-tone! ;)

  18. Eleonora

    You made a great work with this house!
    I particularly love the picture of the house during Christmas time.

  19. Dan Ward Photography

    Love this – love that its all coming together for you – cure dog also!

  20. Evie Perez

    Aghhh I love it!! Looks amazing and so you guys. I love your little family picture.

  21. Jil

    fantastic job guys!!! so amazing to follow along with you <3

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