July 2, 2015

The Messy Middle Challenge: Win a J&M Mentoring Session!


We were completely blown away by the response yesterday to our “Messy Middle” post. All over social media on Facebook & Instagram, people were chiming in saying “oh, me too!” and “that’s so me right now….I’m right in the midst of that middle!” I think it’s so interesting that most of us spend most of our time right in the middle fighting our way through on the way to the big dream and being a work in progress….yet it’s the thing we talk about least. I guess it makes sense that in a world where #iwokeuplikethis is a both a hashtag and a mantra, that we all feel the pressure to make it look effortless. To look put together all the time. To act like I didn’t just curl my hair and put on makeup in the car (I can put on eyeliner at 70mph with the best of them!) while Justin was driving. And to pretend like we’re not all just figuring it out as we go.

But I think something really powerful happens when we decide to get real for a second. In that breath of vulnerability that hangs precariously in the air, we give the #bosslady sitting across from us permission to exhale too. I believe two of the most powerful words in the world are “me too.” Or if you want five of them, “Oh girl, I’ve been there.” And when days are filled with sitting behind a computer screen and wondering if you are the only one who’s getting it wrong, the only one who feels like a heated and hot mess most of the time….I think exactly what the world needs is more people being willing to blink first. To lay their bricks down. To tear down their walls and stop carrying that heavy load. We need someone who is willing to say….it doesn’t have to be perfect to make a difference.

Sooo…in the interest of all that, we decided to come up with a #messymiddlechallenge on Instagram. A chance for all of us to lay down those walls and say dream chasing is messy and hard…but that’s what makes it worth it. This is what my messy middle looks like on the way to the really BIG dream. And, to make it extra interesting, we are going to pick one winner to have a one hour mentoring session with us so we can help you figure out the next step! To enter all you have to do is:

1) Head over to Instagram & follow @marymarantz
2) Find this post there and tag 3 friends who should also be part of the challenge
3) Now share your own post telling us what your Messy Middle looks like and what the BIG dream is and tag @marymarantz #messymiddlechallenge

Winner will be announced Monday! And…GO!


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