May 13, 2015

The One Thing We Don’t Go to a Shoot Without


Besides of course our cameras, there is one tool that we don’t go to a shoot without and that is a reflector. At basically every engagement shoot or wedding we go into, we have need for one. Whether it’s to fill in the shadows to give us a light & airy detail shot, or to bounce some light into the faces of our subject, to block out some wonky color casts or to use it as a scrim to block out hot spots….the reflector makes an appearance at pretty much every shoot we do. And let me tell you, not all reflectors are created equal.

For the longest time, we were just using the ones that Justin had picked up in college. They were flimsy and pretty dirty and really cumbersome to work with. Then we got these Profoto ones and we instantly fell in love! To start with, they have handles which is amazing! And makes holding them for long amounts of time a lot easier (and also makes it a lot easier to channel your inner John Cusak in Say Anything). Plus, I just feel like they’re sturdier which makes them a lot easier to manage. Finally they fold right up in their own carrying case, which makes it really easy to move through the shoot with them. The Profoto ones come in two sizes and we love both of them!

So if you find yourself in the market for a new reflector, definitely check them out!





  1. jamie delaine

    yay! i love the one i won at your WPPI talk! ;)

  2. Sarah H.

    When you can’t bring the wall, being the wall with you…bahahaha

  3. Sarah H.

    *bring…oh fail…

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