September 16, 2015

The Real Me


My friend Lauren Wakefield is one of the bravest people I know. Besides kicking cancer’s booty (in 4 inch blue spiked stilettos no less), she is also just one of those rare people who is not afraid to be 100% herself. And in doing so, she gives other people the permission to exhale and be more of themselves around her. She has started an incredible new series on her blog called “The Real Me” where people let down the perfectly curated social media walls they usually build around themselves, and instead share a little bit of what REAL life looks like right now. I am incredibly honored to be featured on her site today sharing a bit more of the real me, and here are just a few of the things I said:

*Yesterday, I showered and got dressed, did my hair, and put on make up. And then Justin asked me if we had a meeting or something because it was so out of the ordinary. Whoops!

*Lately I’m addicted to Pizza Bites. Y’know, those frozen rectangular tiny pockets of pizza that you used to eat at sleepovers when you were 13? Yea, I eat those as a grown up.

*I have stress dreams in some form or another pretty much every night. My favorite is the “I forgot to go to class all semester and now I have to take the final exam” one.

*Sometimes I check my phone in the morning before both eyes are open. I look like a technology addicted pirate. Arrrrrrrr.

*I buy pretty clothes now because growing up in a leaky broken trailer, all my clothes were from yard sales and smelled like mildew. I dress up now because in so many ways I’m still trying to get away from that trailer.

But those are just a FEW of the things I shared. If you want to see the full list of The Real Me, be sure to head on over to Lauren’s blog today and check it out!

Here’s to REAL!

  1. Tiffany Bolk

    Totally with you on the mean girls, wine, pretty clothes and the love of animals! And of course the wine. Or did I say that already?

  2. Deborah Zoe

    I am the queen of the stress dream…Some how over and over again I wake up thinking I forgot to take my summer 1 class and therefore actually never graduated college — all of 10 years later!! ;) :) Glad I’m not alone!! Type A anyone?

  3. sandra fazzino

    STUNNING portrait of you Mary! <3 Literally and figuratively. : ) xx P.S. This is the 2nd post I've read today by a blogger who has mean girls in her life. I am so conflicted when mean people cross my path. In one sense, the old me wants to do physical damage to them. But the new me just wants to pray for me and for them. I'm so afraid of someone mean crossing my path… not because of how they make me feel but because of how hard it will be to practice modus operandi number two in lieu of number one! Horrible but that is the itty bitty shitty committee that takes place in my head! Love how Taylor Swift manages it! xx

  4. Rachel

    Love you Mary! Thanks for being you and sharing with us :)

  5. Rici

    Thank you dearest!! Totally get the dressing up thing. Still trying to convince myself that I left where I was as well. How weird. This one really strung a chord. :***

  6. Karen

    Her blog seems to be broken! Did you break the blog, guys??? ;)

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