August 14, 2013

The SCU Snapshot

We are just finishing up an intense two days of teaching at Skip Cohen University. We had two amazing groups of students, not nearly enough sleep, and are walking away having learned a lot of important things ourselves.

Here’s a little snapshot of what the past few days have looked like.

What I’m loving right now & the sweater I wore yesterday: this green & navy polka dot sweater from J.Crew!

What I have stuck in my head: Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” after Skip’s 10 year old granddaughter, Bella, got up on stage in front of everybody & performed the song, complete with red solo cup. She is officially my hero.

What I’m drinking right now. We only got three hours of sleep the first night after staying up talking to everybody. And even though I’ve been weaning off the coffee, all bets were off this trip!

My new photography crush: Mr. Joe McNally. Put simply, he spoke to my heart. And gave me hope that the win is not in being the flash in the pan or the flavor of the moment, but in the life long commitment to doing something that matters. Amen.

The face I’m missing right now. Sideways tongue & all.

Happy Wednesday friends!

  1. Kate

    Mary, It was great seeing you and Justin again. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing knowledge you shared. It truly is life changing and I can’t wait to start practicing. Looking forward to our paths crossing again.

    P.S. – I love love love that sweater.

  2. Ciiku

    That song is awesome!

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