August 2, 2010

The Signs

We walked along cobblestone streets and he held my hand. I wore a pink pashmina around my neck even though it was the dead of summer because it seemed like the fashionable thing to do. And given the choice, I always prefer the fashionable thing to do. The air was thick & heavy, and it clung to my cheeks as a fog started to roll in off the river. I pulled the pashmina in just a little closer, as we ambled down alleyways and sidestepped stumbling blocks. I took his arm…and we talked about life.

Not life as it was, mind you, working for the summer at a law firm in London. A firm that would “refund your plane tickets when you have to cancel your vacation” and where junior associates often slept under their desks. No, not that life. But life as it could be.

Yea, we talked about that life a lot.

We talked about a life where we would both work from home. A home with a fireplace and candles burning and cool citrus basil lotion at the sink. And tea. There would be a lot of tea. Peppermint and Sleepy Time. And cinnamon apple in the fall. There would be cranberry walls, and a big silver “M” that hung over our dining room table with star garland wrapped around the centerpiece. There would be quilts and blankets and wedding pictures in silver frames. And we…well, we would be happy.

And for all the parts of this life that we talked about, dreamed about…the part that came up by far the most was of a little golden fur-ball to make it all complete. And clearly when dreaming about life as it could be, it becomes absolutely imperative to name pets you don’t even own yet right away. Clearly.

So we walked on. And we debated.

I threw out Beau, Bailey, Brady, Brody, Fin, Quinn, Reese, Rider, Riley, Porter, Miner, Sawyer, Sampson and Sam. But he wasn’t having any of it. He looked over at me and quietly said just one name. Cooper.

Oh I don’t know. I mean, Cooper? What kind of a name is Cooper for a dog? Don’t you think Bailey or Brody would be more fitting? But no sooner had he said it, than we looked up and saw that we were walking right past a sign for “Cooperage Traditional Ale.” And just like that, it was settled. Cooper, it would be.

And you know what else? Two months later I had left that firm and we had a little golden furball home with us. Named Dashwood’s Cooperage Ale.

So what’s the moral of the story? How do you know when it’s time to go from life as it is and start chasing life as it could be? Well, it’s easy…

Just look for the signs. :)

The sign that started it all:

And Cooper the day we brought him home:

  1. Nichole

    *Awwfits* I just got my dose of daily cuteness. Maybe even a week’s worth ^__^

  2. Kare

    I’m still looking for my sign and dreaming of a life that could be – but still enjoying the life I have. So glad to know it can be done.

  3. bethany

    this was a sweet post. thanks for the smiles

  4. linda kuo

    Love the post

  5. linda kuo

    dogs are the best!! Pets are the best They teach us to live in the present

  6. Tara

    What a great post! Cooper is so adorable and I love the bit about signs :)

  7. Alison

    Sometimes giving voice for the our biggest and most personal dreams are all it takes for them to start happening. And watching for those universal kicks in the behind doesn’t hurt! Man, he is adorable now, but that first day photo is too much!:)

  8. Jil

    tears in my eyes. we have spent the last 3 years dreaming and planning our life as it could be and as we wanted it to be. and things have recently started falling into place – what a great feeling. im toasting you with my tea! well done :o)

  9. regina

    all teary. sweet baby coming home photo. *hugs*

  10. Beth

    Ok, crying right now! Thank you for sharing. I think that will hit home with many today! Love you guys!

  11. Haley

    I love this.

  12. Erica Velasco

    How cute is he!

  13. Denise G.

    Goldens are JUST the best and sweetest dogs! My Wrigley just turned 6 and Cooper’s puppy photo brought back lots of memories…like the crazy puppy run a/k/a "zoomies" that took place precisely at 9:00 p.m. each night. Those were the days… ;)

  14. MM

    Zoomies! I love it! And I know *exactly* what you’re talking about!

  15. Joe+Kathrina

    I love signs :) Sometimes I look for them too often. And that picture of Cooper is too precious!

  16. Ray

    I love this story. Some things are just meant to be. I love that photo of Cooper as a pup. <3

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