June 11, 2015

The Silver Frame Stories

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When you start with “Why” a pretty cool thing happens. It has the power to guide & inform everything else you do in your business right down to the gifts you give your couples & the way you market yourself. To be honest, we have been doing gifts in our business for nearly ten years and when we started we were one of the only people in the industry doing it. And it has made ALL the difference in our business. Because when you start from a place of loving on people, everything else has a way of working itself out. One of the ways we love to love on our couples and show them what they mean to us is with a gift at the wedding. But we knew not just any old gift would do. When we were looking to pick something to give them we wanted it to a. be Purple Cow & Remarkable and b. be something that actually felt like us.

As you guys might know by now, a huge part of our Why is shooting for the silver frame. To capture images that will still be as beautiful & relevant 60 years from now as they are the day they are taken, and to be able to tell stories that matter for the generations yet to come. So it wasn’t long before that Why guided us to the perfect gift: if our goal was to take the photos to go in the silver frame….what if we were the ones who gave the frame to them too. And thus our gift of giving a print (from that actual wedding day) in a silver frame was born! (*To read more about why we believe so strongly in shooting for the silver frame and the story behind our Why, be sure to hit up the “Silver Frame Stories” section of our new website! We LOVE this part!) But we get a lot of questions about how this works logistically at a wedding & being able to do it fast (it takes us only about 10 minutes), so here are our top 5 tips for making the print happen!


1. Pull from one card. Our cameras both have two card slots (something we definitely recommend) and so one of them is a 64 GB that we don’t change out all day so we can keep it as a back up. When it’s time to pull the picture at the end of the night, now we can just pop one card in and go through the images quickly to pick one that works.

2. Look for something with negative space. Remember that it’s going to be cropping 8×10 so don’t pick anything too edge sensitive or that will cut off heads.

3. Black & White. We don’t even bother with trying to do a color image because we know it’s not going to look right with the little printer we bring with us. Plus black & white just looks so darn classic in that silver frame!

4. Go for emotion. It’s always going to have more wow factor if you choose an image where they are super joyful or emotional/crying. And everyone else at the wedding is going to LOVE that too!

5. Have the right gear. We use the Hampton thin silver frame from Restoration Hardware because we love how their brand reflects on ours. And we also recommend THIS Canon printer that doesn’t have to be plugged in so you are never searching for an outlet.

*Bonus Tip: Finally, we recommend putting together a little kit that you can bring with you to every wedding (IKEA randomly has an awesome carrying case that we use & love) that has scissors, ribbon, photo paper, extra ink, a card reader, and the connection cord for the printer!

**PS: for even more info about our ENTIRE Purple Cow marketing & gift giving client experience, be sure to check out our ebook The Guide! We put a special price on it today just for you guys!


  1. Judith Crain

    Just found this posting, What a great idea. Unfortunately when I clicked on the link for the printer they no longer carry it, and the “similar” ones the company suggests don’t seem similar to me. Can you suggest another printer?

  2. Kelly Lane

    This is brilliant!

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