November 19, 2009

The “Sleep Away Camp” Design Board

From Julia:

So Justin, Mary, and I spent this morning talking about the Spread the Love Tour 2010. We poured over plans, nailed down the dates (those will be announced very soon! Stay tuned!), and started talking about just what life on the road means. I never went to sleep away camp, but when I think about life on a tour bus with the Marantz’s, I imagine something very similar. Late nights watching scary movies, laughing til our bellies hurt, pedicures (Justin may just sit these out), and TONS of new friends and fun experiences. In fact, I think maybe I should start packing right now because, after all, I do have 41 days of outfits to plan….

In preparation for the upcoming months, I have put together a little sample of what I think are going to be some necessities to make life in the back of a bus bearable. I submit for your viewing pleasure…and yes, your eye candy for life… the creature comforts I need for a life on tour.


1. I spend a lot of time lounging about in fuzzy socks. These slippers from PINK by Victoria’s Secret are cute enough for lounging in front of other people!
2. Is there anything more comfy than a great pair of sweatpants? Cute and comfortable available at PINK by Victoria’s Secret
3. I love lazy Sunday mornings spent curled up on my couch with a great book! I read the ENTIRE Twilight Series just last weekend, so please send some suggestions for our trip… I read voraciously!
4. Nothing goes better with a good book than a steaming cup of tea. I will definitely be bringing my favorite flavors along for the road!
5. I never go anywhere with out my Burt’s Bees lip gloss
6. A hot shower isn’t quite complete without a great smelling bodywash! I LOVE Yuzu by Shikai
7. I want to wrap myself up in this big comfy quilt by Anthropologie
8. A portable DVD player is a must!! This one by Sony is available at Best Buy. And you can’t go on the road without a few of your favorite shows on DVD!!
9. Organic sheets in calming colors available at Pottary Barn
10. SOMEONE has to bring the guitar!! How else will we sing songs around the campfire?!?
11. Fine art prints probably won’t fit in my bunk bed so I’ll have to make do with a digital frame rotating pictures of my husband, family and friends!
12. Gum is a must for me! Some of my favorite flavores? Strawberry Mint by Orbit and Summer Spearmint and Strawberry Lime by Trident
13. Mary recommended Simple Abundance. I recently bought it and it will surely be taking the trip with us!
14. I am addicted to air popped popcorn! I will probably be bringing along my own air popper!
15. We’ll be sure to bring along The Flip so we can share our adventures with you!!
16. Our full suite of Apple products will be along for the ride! The nano, the shuffle, the MacBook Pro, and most likely a few others!!

Now the question is: if you were going on the road for seven weeks… what would you bring?

  1. MM

    Ooooh popcorn!! Can’t wait!!

  2. Heather Hagler

    If you enjoyed the Twilight series, try the Sookie Stackhouse novels, by Charlaine Harris. There are more of them, so you won’t finish as fast :)

  3. Michelle

    If you read the Twilight Series, you would love The Host (also by Stephenie Meyer)! It starts off a little slower than Twilight, but it’s just as addicting!

  4. michelle Sidles

    Now THIS is a story board I can relate to!! Forget the dresses & high heels… they don’t really apply to my life. But a Flip video, the office, a Shuffle, Burts bees… oh yes, it’s my happy place!! :)

    p.s. Although that blue ruffly sundress from the last story board has crossed my mind a lot the past few days. ;)

  5. Susannah

    I LOVE everything made by Shikai…they make the greatest products!

  6. maggieb

    #10 – when you go we’ll be strummin’ and hummin’ "happy trails to you…"

  7. Alison

    Love this story board, can definitely see it! If you enjoyed twilight, pick up the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward (make sure to start at the beginning!!) They are steamy vampire novels that are quite addicting. If you haven’t already read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series, that would be a good one too, there are 15 books, so you will be good for a little while!

  8. sadie

    oh — the flip is awesome! we have one and use it all the time :)

    ps — LOVE that one of your favorite shows is dawson’s creek ;)

  9. cassandra m

    weird how I love ALOT of the same stuff. Looks like you are OCD when packing too. LOL.

  10. Ray

    I love Dawson’s Creek too! Such an awesome show. I was surprised to find that they now have the entire series in one box-set (too bad I already have all the seasons). And just how good is the show, "Dexter?" I’ve been wanting to buy it, but I don’t know if it’s any good.

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