July 20, 2015

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing


In the Amalfi Coast of Italy, there are these gorgeous pink flowers everywhere. It’s kind of like our cherry blossoms in the Spring….except all the time. It’s amazing! In Italy, there is also a phrase- “la dolce far niente”- which means “the sweetness of doing nothing” (full disclosure: I didn’t actually learn this in Italy, but from a Julia Roberts movie on the plane). But either way, I think the Italians are on to something with this idea. If for nothing else, than to remind us to slow down & smell the roses once in a while….or in this case, the incredible pink flowers!

Ciao for now!


  1. Rici

    Totally with you Mary!! I love the ItalianiĀ“s take on life! That is what I miss most! And your Insagram and Blog kinda give me a really bad heartache lately because you make me miss this beloved country of mine!!! ;)
    Tantissimi Saluti!

  2. Sarah

    Ok, so Italy is now on my bucket list….loving following your adventure on here and social media!!

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