June 12, 2012

The Think Tank Giveaway!!

On Sunday, Justin & I got in our car and made the three hour drive to right outside of Philly for Kelly & Paul’s wedding at the glorious Cairnwood Estate.

Yes, glorious. Because, really, glorious is the only way you can describe Cairnwood…trust me, it’s magnificent. Ok, glorious AND magnificent…two, there are only two ways you can describe Cairnwood. But I digress. Because this post isn’t really about Cairnwood.

It’s about the three hour drive there. And then the full day of shooting the wedding. And then, because we’re extra crazy (and because we had a project back home we were working on yesterday), the three hour drive back that night.

It was a lot. And at around 11pm with all of our gear still left to pack up and that drive looming ahead of us, I started to go all disaster movie about the situation: Leave it. It’s too late for them. We have to go on without them. We’ll find new lenses. Start a new life. But lucky for me and my delirious self, Justin was feeling way more Black Hawk Down. LEAVE NO LENS BEHIND! And so he went to work, and in record time our bags were packed and ready to roll.

Now a HUGE part of that credit goes to Justin and his completely OCD tendencies which means that every piece of gear we have has a place and was accounted for. But what makes THAT possible, are the two bags that have basically changed our photography travel lives: The Think Tank Airport International roller bags.

These bags are amazing. We take them everywhere we go. And since to say that we’ll be traveling just a little bit more this year for weddings would be about the understatement of the century, we are feeling extra thankful that we made the investment to have these bags with us all the time. Here are just a couple of reasons these bags rock our world:

* The inside sections are fully customizable, which means that you can literally create cut out shapes for every piece of gear that you own. And once everything has a place, one quick look will tell you if you’re missing anything. Which means that, literally, no lens is ever left behind.
* The Airport Internationals are specifically designed to be able to fit into any overhead compartment, which means we never have to check our gear bags and run the risk of anything getting lost or damaged.
* The bags themselves are designed to look like regular black rolly bag luggage, so there’s less risk of them getting stolen. They also come equipped with a bicycle-type lock so you can tie them down to something when you’re out shooting.
* They keep us incredibly organized and because we know exactly where everything goes, our pack up time at the end of the night has been cut in half.
* They also offer low rise inserts, which leaves room for a laptop to be packed in there as well. Which means we can cruise through airports with no weight on our shoulders.

Think Tank is actually running a pretty awesome special right now through June 17th where when you buy one of their rolling bags, they will gift you one of their laptop cases to go in it for free. So if you’ve been looking for a solution for traveling with your gear (or even just for being extra organized at your local weddings!) definitely check them out!

Because really, no lens should be left behind. And a pocket wizard is a terrible thing to waste.

**And since every post is more fun if a little contest is involved, we put together a little Think Tank prize pack to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment in the box below to get entered and we’ll pick one lucky winner on Friday to win a Think Tank card wallet, Gel wallet & the Retrospective Lens Changer bag that we just ordered for ourselves! And…GO!!

  1. TD Wehle

    This is why you have an amazing husband for packing everything up!

  2. Natalee Raymond

    Thank you for posting this. I this this bag looks like a brilliant idea. Thanks for putting this contest together. Have a great day!

  3. Kaylan

    great product given away by great people. thanks for the chance!

  4. David T.

    Love the Think Tank series. It definitely helps my OCD when it comes to my gear! Great endorsement of an amazing product line!

  5. Angelito Jusay

    I completely agree – Think Tank makes high quality products and I absolutely love my Airport International v2.0. I still have to try out the low rise dividers but not sure if the laptop would fit given the sizes of the lenses.

  6. Angela

    I long for two of these bags!! They really look like they would take a lot of stress away just by sheer organization, and the fact that most everything is in just two bags!!

  7. Hannele

    I wish some of Justin’s OCD could rub off on me! The trunk of my car looks like a tornado hit it after a shoot.

  8. Jami

    This looks like an amazing bag, what a great idea. Thanks for always thinking of others!

  9. Kimberly Jones

    Thanks for sharing. I just got a Think Tank and it’s changed my world.

  10. Irina

    I’m in the market for a bag and this is a good post! Thank you!! :)

  11. Sarajane Case

    Love this post! I wish I was more OCD!

  12. Liz Lovi

    I’ve totally been eyeing these…and need to just order one! Thanks for sharing the way they rock your world…they do sound pretty perfect!!

  13. Anna K.

    I love this! I have been saving for a think tank and I just can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  14. Sunny Mathur

    By the end of the night our brains are fried….we have a picture of our think tanks in our think tanks to ensure we have every piece of gear we came with. I always thinks a picture of picture gear is kinda funny…but it helps.

  15. Emily


    (Thanks for all the information and the love you share.)

  16. colleen

    ohmygosh…I have lusted after these FOREVER!!!! thank you for your kindness (always!)

  17. katie yuen

    LOVE think tank – waiting for the day I can have one of my own!!!! And you guys are so super organized, its awesome.

  18. Tiffany Farley

    Um YES please! :)

  19. Alicia White

    i’ve been thinking about what to get for traveling — thanks for the image of how much can fit in these babys! I’d love to win a prize ;-)

  20. Brooke Azevedo

    I would love one of these, they look awesome for shooting a wedding!

  21. Dawn Beirnes

    OMG those bags are so awesome!!!!

  22. Cecilia Burgos

    I love think tank!

  23. Kari Jeanne

    You two are the most generous people – probably on the planet. I would just DIE* from happiness if I won :) :) *You will not be held responsible for my probable dying – so please still pick me!

  24. Beth

    Thanks for a chance to win fabulous products!

  25. Alison Mish

    This would be AWESOME!!! Love it :)

  26. Susie H

    I’d loooove a Think Tank bag!

  27. Lindsi Luffman

    Thank you for hosting yet another awesome giveaway! I’ve been drooling over the Retrospective for a while now! I would LOVE to win it!

  28. Kellen

    yes please! :)

  29. Rebekah

    I love the thought of being this easily organized. :)

  30. Ryan

    Seriously…. i just got one of these – not the international but the other one – LOVE IT. Best thing ever and went crazy shopping for accessories for it too!!!! Been obsessing over it since your last pancake session on packing gear – and as usual you were spot on with your advice – this bag is a timesaver!!!

  31. Emily Crall

    Ohmigosh, if I would win this, I would like…do the splits or something. (I’ll have to work on my flexibility just in case…) Also, as an aside, THANK YOU for making your contests/winnings fun and not like, "Go like these 50 facebook pages and leave a comment on each one, then write a blog about this topic, link to us, and then you’ll be entered. Do this every day for the rest of your life and you may have a chance…" Haha, that’s how SO MANY contests are and I get so tired of it. Anyway, I’d better get started on my stretching… Ciao!

  32. Marcie S.

    Thanks for the chance to win- LOVE their bags!

  33. SarahV

    "Flashsuhgandind!" I think those are the first words I spoke to you (Mary) in the bathroom at the Jasmine Star event in Boston just recently. I planned it out perfectly to come out more fluid and make more sense but it didn’t….and did I mention I did it in the bathroom? Aw, what the hell – I got to meet you oh so briefly and tell you that I love your work (at least I hope that came out of my mouth in a way that could be understood!) so that’s what counts, right? :) Oh me oh my, you guys are amazing!

  34. Brittany Dawson

    and this is why y’all are the bomb!

  35. Helen

    I love it!

  36. Candice

    Looks like a great lens bag! Thanks for the opportunity! =] You guys are awesome!

  37. Jen Jar

    Could you two be any more generous??? I think not! Love you :)

  38. Lindi

    I think ThinkTank is so fantastic!

  39. Joanna H.

    LOVE this! Their bags are so awesome :)

  40. Melissa Schrenker

    Ohhh, great gifts! I would love to win them :) Thanks for your posts. I am working on building up my portfolio and experience and you offer so many tips and it is nice to know there are other good photographers out there willing to help out us newbies!

  41. Emilia Jane

    Love you guys, seriously! And also, I hope you catch up on sleep sometime soon :-D XXOO

  42. Lauren Wakefield

    This bag is on the top of my list. Looks like I need to order it before June 17th….

  43. Tira J

    Love your giveaway posts! And I’d love to have something from Think Tank! Oh, and I love you guys too! xoxo

  44. J Guiles

    ThinkTank = Awesome!!

  45. Ryan Gambrel.

    Man I could really use these! You guys rock!!!!!

  46. Victoria

    Any other bag than the one I have would be awesome! Thanks for the fun giveaway and for your pancake posts! :)

  47. Rebekah Hoyt

    I’m flying on Friday for a wedding and I WISH I had this! You two are so thoughtful to give away such useful items! :)

  48. Triny Rodriguez

    Ya’ll are too sweet! What a giveaway! :)

  49. Jamie Yacksyzn

    Such an awesome giveaway! You guys are the bestest

  50. Amanda Mohinani

    I’ve been wanting a new camera bag for so long!! Those look awesome! :)

  51. Spring

    I love my think tank- makes my life so much easier when traveling even with airports are not involved :)

  52. Taryn

    I’ve been wanting this….just haven’t found the time, or money for that matter! How perfect would this be-and MUCH appreciated!!!

  53. Jennifer L

    Have been thinking about getting the Think Tank Airport International roller bag, thanks for confirming my decision! :D

  54. athena

    omygoodnessgraciousalmightybabyjesusinthemanger do I want to win this. the end.

  55. Debbie Smith

    Wow! Great giveaway for photographers!

  56. Sue K.

    I <3 Think Tank!! And I’d love a new bag! :P

  57. Emma

    Oh my, I would love these babies to help keep me organised! x

  58. Amy

    ahhh I need these! Thanks so much for the info and the contest!!

  59. Marta VonGrey

    So cool! I have been drooling over one of these bags for a while. Hopefully by the end of the year! Love ThinkTank! and J&M!!

  60. Lisa Keeney

    Thanks for the review and giveaway!!!

  61. sharon elizabeth

    Don’t include me in the giveaway please – but I just wanted to say how AWESOME you two are!!!! Always, always giving!!!

  62. Jenna

    I would LOVE a Think Tank bag!!! Thanks for the opportunity. :-)

  63. Lydia

    This bag has been on my to buy list for awhile now, and you might have just sealed the deal!

  64. Ben Hartley

    Love your ideas, love your style! Thanks for putting on this little contest! love it :)

  65. Sam

    You two are such perfect partners. Being OCD is a good thing for photographers. Haha, I love how you said "no lens should be left behind," it reminds me of middle school :)

  66. Kelly Dillon

    I would love to win this. Thank you so much for having the contest!!


  67. Kelly Smith

    Sooo excited about this… been wanting one for awhile! Two passions – photography and travel! Love it when they collide! I’m drawn to your site for your amazing photography, hooked because of your unbelievable writing, and sold from your workshop! Hope I can add to the "love mark" and win the bag! Thanks guys!

  68. Ryan

    Gah! ThinkTank bags are so awesome! I want some think tank gear for sure! Thanks for posting this guys! you two are amazing!

  69. Ellen

    Since I don’t have my own "Justin" yet, than a Think Tank prize pack would be cool! ;-)

  70. Stephanie M

    omg I desperately need this!!!!!

  71. Todd Thompson

    I think I might just hit the road for some travel photography with this giveaway!!!

  72. Steph

    college photographer, definitely need this!!!!!!

  73. nancypantsgirl

    HELLO! I never pass up a chance at winning some awesomeness.

  74. terrellcwoods

    Does that mean if I win…I can go with you?

  75. Ming

    Amazing site and great photo! Keep the good work up!
    Jayme & Brandon’s photos are amazing! esp the shots of the bride n groom out doors well done! great colours, good compo! keep the good work coming!

  76. Adam Carlson

    ThinkTank is great! Love their stuff! Thanks for the chance.

  77. Adam Carlson

    ThinkTank is great! Love their stuff! Thanks for the chance.

  78. kara abbey

    WOOP :D think tank bags are awesome – would love to own one!! :D

  79. Katie Dickson

    I’ve been eyeing a new travel solution for my growing collection of camera gear and I with all the rave reviews you guys have given Think Tank, I’ll have to jump on the band wagon. Thank you for all your generosity – knowledge, goodies, encouragement, etc. It really means a lot!

  80. Susanne

    Umm, yes please!!! A think tank has been on my wish list for a while now!

  81. Bethany Mitchell

    This is so cool. Sounds like it makes travel easier!!!!

  82. Katelyn James

    ahhh!!! I’m shooting in the virgin island in a few weeks and I don’t think my old think tank is gonna make it! haha the wheels are literally about to fall offf!!

  83. Thao Tran

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  84. Crystal

    Yes please!!

  85. Joe Don Richardson

    I love think tank. Ok but not really as much as I LOVE JustinAndMary!

  86. Stephanie

    I like to win things! :)

  87. Rachel Blanke

    I am always struggling to see if I have everything after a wedding… I may have to check into these!

  88. May Sitompul

    Would love to finally own a Think Tank.

  89. Divya

    I would love to try out one of their bags!

  90. celeste

    what i would do for a new bag! <3 you two!

  91. Kevin

    Thanks for this guys. This is great. This has been on my "wish list" for a while.


  92. Jamison

    Awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  93. René Tate

    Yay Think Tank!!

  94. Judi

    I’d love a think tank! :)

  95. Judi

    Think tank yes please!

  96. Jeanette

    I really need one of those roller bags… on my list!

  97. Dawn Temple

    I would love to win, as have been looking at the Retrospective for a while now, as I am going to be making some changes to how I carry my gear. This would be perfect, as it would finally put an end to me waffling on just buying the darn thing! Please, and thank you!

  98. Anthony

    is from Australia and love reading your blog! winning one of these amazing bags would just make my day! WIth this bag I would be even more organised than my wife you makes sure we have every lens, camera, keys and phones for each shoot.

  99. Elizabeth Ann King

    LOVE! Ive always wanted a thinktank!!!

  100. Laura Marchbanks

    I have to agree, the card wallet and international roller was a game changer for me. My only issue now is that I could probably use a second bag! You should do a post on how you pack and organize your bag. :) Oh yeah, and pick me, because I love to win stuff.

  101. Jennifer Cavagna

    What a fantastic giveaway. I don’t know how you’re going to possibly pick a winner, but I would really love to throw my hat in the ring. This is just wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. Graham

    Samantha and I ordered one of the Airport Internationals for ourselves before wedding season began and we absolutely LOVE IT!!! We’re always happy to have more Think Tank gear! :) Thanks for the contest!

  103. Joel and Amber

    Heard so many rave reviews about these bags, can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  104. Jeff S

    ThinkTank products are thoughtfully designed and well produced. A must for any photog at any level!

  105. Stephanie Stewart

    Loooove Think Tank! I would love to know what you think of the Retrospective Lens Changer bag! Looks like a great find!

  106. Christen F.

    Wheels? Now that’s my kinda bag! Little ol’ me can barely keep backpack on my shoudlers :(

  107. Jessica Chavez

    Yaayyy!! What a great giveaway!! Pick me! Pick me!! =)

  108. Erin

    I hear these bags are great.

  109. jackie g.

    LOVE Think Tank!! I have the Airport Security rolling bag, and the AA battery holder! :)

  110. Melania

    I’ve been on the fence about these bags for months. I have the CF card holder, and double AA batter holder. Eventually I’ll make the full jump. ;)

  111. stephanie

    I’ve heard so many awesome things about these bags! Maybe if I had one, I would pack my camera bag in blankets and surround it with pillows in the backseat of my car when I’m driving to a wedding! ;)

  112. Bethany

    My life is absolutely missing a Think Tank accessory!

  113. Jeff

    Think Tank! I think yes :)

  114. Rebecca

    Love Think Tank! Thank you for sharing the love :)

  115. ajira

    Umm, awesome giveaway! :D I’m laughing at your description of you and Justin after the wedding because that would be me… having that back and forth all by my damn self! buahahaha! Whinging to myself the whole time I was putting everything away!

  116. Jeff

    I just bought the same TT roller and I completely agree with your review, it’s amazing!

  117. Jeff

    I just bought the same TT roller and I completely agree with your review, it’s amazing!

  118. heather

    I would love to be more organized!!

  119. Kare

    Adding to the list: stuff I need.

  120. Mandy E

    These would be great!!!

  121. Paul Manke

    I’ve been looking at those Think Tank bags! They look and feel like they are amazing!!

  122. Kristen Wheeler

    I have wanted one of these for a long time, and seeing what you wrote has solidified that for me =) It will be on my list of "importnat purchases to make" for sure! Thanks for your always helpful advice!

  123. Megan

    We had our first wedding last weekend and we turned up with four bags and a laptop bag (yeh count’em 4!!). We totally underestimated our need for something bigger and better to keep our ‘kids’ in (our cameras are our family!). xx

  124. Lucas

    We are currently weighing up the pros and cons to each rolling camera bag to see which one will suit our needs the best – being able to keep track of everything is so important!!

  125. Genevieve Garrido

    I have been a fan of both you Justin and Mary and I have seen you both in Vegas at WPPI and have been inspired since skips summer school 2010 when I first heard about you two! You both provide such great praise and advice for not only photographers but for your clients while sharing your personal life’s journeys… I have to admit I am a true fan and look forward to hearing what stories you have to tell…
    I currently am in the process of becoming a business my self and look forward to getting great advice from you both!
    I will have my first destination wedding in April 2013 and this information about the think tank giveaway is WONDERFUL! It couldn’t have been a better time, I have been searching for the right type of bag to travel with and its just the validation I needed!
    Thank you for providing sooooo much information, and know that you have encouraged me to go for my dreams without you intentionally knowing, it means alot <3 Genevieve :)

  126. Courtney

    This is awesome! I have been wanting a bag like the Retrospective Lens Changer for forever.

  127. Lias Friedman

    What a great and useful prize! A DSLR is my next birthday present to myself now that our son is a toddler so this would help keep all the gear organized!

  128. Jessica K. Sullivan

    I would love to win this! :)

  129. Kris Rae Orlowski

    The Think Tank International really is an amazing bag. Besides all the perks above, I’d like to mention one additional benefit:

    Because the bag looks like conventional luggage, there is also a greatly decreased chance of being stopped at customs! If you travel with cases that look like they hold gear, you might be paying some hefty import/export fees or having to pay taxes on the work you’re about to do in another country.

    We just did a wedding in St. Lucia last week and sailed through both St. Lucian and US Customs without a second glance.

  130. Kristin

    I’ve been eyeing that Lens Changer Bag for a while now! Would love to win it… thanks for the opportunity! :) Y’all are awesome.

  131. Ryan H

    I would love to win this package, what a great giveaway!

  132. Joanna

    The bag looks so awesome! Thanks for the great review, I love reading your blog!

  133. Julia

    YAY! Giveaways!

  134. Sasha Norgaard

    The ThinkTank is unreal and i would absolutely love to have one. Starting off as a photographer at the young age of 22 is tough and what makes it even more challenging is that i shift between 2 countries…14 hours by flight apart so ya know I spend alot of time in airports and planes. Warm peanuts and neck cushions are my pals!! Thank you J+M for being so wonderful and generous with your giveaways : )

  135. Judie

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway…..pretty please :-)

  136. Ashley B

    UMMMM yeah, ThinkTank is awesome and I’ love to win! Have a great weekend J&M!

  137. Meg

    I needed this yesterday!!!

  138. Meridith

    Wow! Would love to win this! Thanks so much:)

  139. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Love my think tank card holder!!!

  140. Pigeonfoot Photo

    …used this instance to explain to my lovely wife why I need another bag. And another..

  141. Jackie

    Wow! What an awesome bag.! I need to get one for sure! Good luck to all!

  142. Greg bish

    Think tank bags are awesome would be great to have and would make traveling a lot easier they even look awesome. Thanks For sharing.

  143. Whitney

    Sure would love this- love Think Tank! I also love that you have so many contests…
    Love you guys too. :)

  144. Greg & LaRae Gieske

    Wow! A contest too? J&M- you both give so much. Loved the Lighting Intensive- I gleaned so much. Love [ThinkTank-WillTrave] =)

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