December 4, 2009

The Ugly

Sooooo….remember how I promised to start sharing the good, bad, AND the ugly with all of you???

Yeaaaaa well two days ago when we had all this crazy wind, we went over to the house to find this.

A whole chunk of a tree fell on our fence. Our FENCE! Yea, the very same fence we had just repainted two weeks ago.

Why does that feel like the makings of some Alanis Morissette lyrics?

“It’s like when a tree falls….on your brand new painted fence.” And isn’t it ironic.

LOL! I mean you just have to laugh at how ridiculous it is!

So yea, I guess you could say this is a step backward. But then again, at least it fell on our fence and not our HOUSE. Yea, I like to think about it that way.

Because sometimes a step backward is all you need to get some perspective.

  1. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Nooooooo! It’s like when you wash your car and a bird thinks it’s the perfect spot to go to the bathroom. That trees was just waiting for you to finish painting! You really do have to laugh about the irony of it. Then breathe. Because thank goodness it WAS the fence and not the house!

  2. Jacob Bergmeier / NoDo Photography

    SHOOOT!!! Isn’t it the way life goes?

  3. Chelsea Nicole

    Oh nooo! Sorry to hear guys. *sending a big virtual hug your way*

  4. Ravyn Stadick

    That totally stinks. I feel your pain. Last February, we were hosting dinner at our house on a windy evening and an entire tree up-rooted in our backyard … It tore our power line right out of the house. It’s laughable now … but it was defiintely ‘ugly’ at the time!!

  5. feuza

    welcome to owning a home :-)

  6. Dad M

    Yes, I do have a chain saw you can borrow.

  7. J&M


  8. maggieb


  9. Rachel

    wow – so true and so profound – sometimes all we need is to take a step backward to get our perspective in line….can be applied to life too…

  10. Cathy Crawley

    Good on you for seeing the glass half full. Still, it’s a shame about the fence!

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