March 14, 2016

The Updated Art of Authentic Posing Course!!

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Happy Monday friends!! The past couple months we have been hard at work updating our 4 hour e-course The Art of Authentic Posing with a BRAND NEW updated step by step companion guide to go along with it! When it was all said & done, it turned out to be 80 pages (!!) and we are SO happy with not only how beautiful the design turned out, but how absolutely PACKED full of information it is! The idea is that you can watch all four videos (over 240 minutes of content) to fully understand & learn all the material as we teach you step by step…but then you can put this guide on your phone to take with you before a shoot as you go through your entire season as a kind of quick reference refresher! We are SO excited that now you can bring the Art of Authentic Posing with you anywhere!

And the BEST part?? It comes included as part of our Art of Authentic Posing Course! Which you can sign up for today! **AND as an extra bonus….anyone who signs up TODAY is not only going to get $50 off in our J&M Store, but you are ALSO going to get our BONUS Core of Authentic Posing Bootcamp video as an extra gift from us! Head on over HERE to grab your copy! 

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  1. bill

    Hi where can i find details for booking / price etc for yourTHE UPDATED ART OF AUTHENTIC POSING COURSE
    thank you

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