December 9, 2013

The What’s Next One Day Getaway

Yesterday we hosted our first ever “What’s Next One Day Getaway,” and our house was absolutely filled to the brim with 20 amazing women from all over the country! Like I talked about before, my biggest goal for this one day retreat was to create a cozy space, a safe space, and a place where these women could take a day away from always giving so much of themselves to the rest of the world… and just take a day to feel loved on, taken care of, and be pushed (in a loving, gentle sort of way :) way out of their comfort zone! :)

We talked big dreams. We talked big fears. We got really knee deep in dealing with the excuses we make for ourselves and the cycle of “but I…” that keeps us right where we are. And how when where we are just isn’t working anymore, we have to make the choice to say “we can’t stay here anymore.”

Guest speaker (and my amazing friend) Hannah Brencher (founder of The World Needs More Love Letters), gave a POWERFUL talk that rocked the room on how we don’t ever want to live a life that makes the universe regret us. How we have to stop talking about what we need to be more of, and start asking ourselves what the WORLD needs. And then go do that. Because this perfectionism and waiting for it to just be right before we do anything, is really just an excuse we give ourselves for not showing up in our own lives.

At around 11pm, the last of the girls left following some wine & s’mores by the fire. And I looked back on a day where there was laughter. There were tears. There was honesty, and vulnerability, and feeling really exposed. There was being pushed. There was answering the hard questions and making some hard decisions that were a long time coming. But above all, there was hope. And direction. And where we go from here. And now I know the next step forward, so I have to do something about it.

Because more than anything what we know, is that we can’t stay here any longer.

To every single woman who was there yesterday, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for showing up. For putting it all out there on the line. For leading first with your heart. I can’t WAIT to see where we all go from here.

To our incredible guest speaker Hannah for rocking every heart in the room, including mine. And to our January guest speaker Tiffany Farley for showing up to hang out, and bringing with her every form of baked goodness imaginable.

And finally to Justin, for hanging out with 21 laughing & crying women all day, for keeping the fire going strong, for picking up lunch, and putting out chocolate, and bringing back wine. For parking the cars and moving the cars. And making sure everything just worked. And doing everything that needed to happen behind the scenes, so that we could do what needed to happen out front. I am the luckiest girl on the planet because of you. I love you J!

Happy Monday you guys!

Every gal got her own signature Anthropologie mug & a goodie bag full of some of my favorite things!

Taking the time to write a love letter to the last year. Because for better or for worse, even if it was a hard one, even if there were challenges….it brought us to where we are today.

Replacing our fears with our What’s Nexts!!

**And if you missed this one, we do still have just a FEW spots left at our January What’s Next with special guest speaker Tiffany Farley talking all about building a connected brand!! TODAY ONLY, get $100 off your seat with the code “GETAWAY” when you head over HERE!!

  1. Jennifer

    this sounds like an awesome experience – such a pity you are so far away from Europe

  2. Sarah Nickerson

    Love this, Mary! :) I have a question–have been looking forever for cotton bags like that and I LOVE how you have them imprinted with a message. Who did you do these through?

  3. Lea Ciceraro

    Ok, I’ve got a few things to say. ;) First, umm Justin is AWESOME. Two, you are seriously my hero. The world is a better place because of you and what you so selflessly continue to offer. Third, I’d realllly like to attend this workshop sometime!!! Maybe late next year when the newest little babe is a little older!! XOXOXO Oh and fourth, Hannah is amazing, too!!!!! SO inspiring!!!!

  4. Stephanie Stewart

    Mary & Justin, Thank you so so SO much for such an inspiring, powerful, much needed, heartfelt, welcoming, amazing, wonderful day! I’m excited to finish off 2013 with gusto and to have a kickstart into 2014! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!

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