December 12, 2012

The What’s Next Tour

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Starting on January 8th, Justin & I are going to be hitting the road to 10 cities all across the country with our “What’s Next” Tour. With the help of some pretty amazing sponsors, including Showit, PASS, Adorama,WHCC, The Music Bed, CoutureBook & Undfind Bags…..we are basically bringing the best of what Justin & I each like to teach and combining it into one powerhouse day. So in the first part of the day, I’ll be teaching for 4-5 hours on all things business, branding, creating a marketing machine, getting things done, and getting on to dreaming bigger dreams. It’ll be a chance to create a clear vision for the road ahead and jumpstart your 2013 to be the year when you actually do something about making those big dreams happen. Then for 2 hours in the evening portion, Justin will be teaching his “Lighting Basics” where he’ll cover on camera-flash, off-camera flash and some of our more advanced editorial setups like what you see below. And the cool thing is, when you sign up you can opt to do either just one class or the other, or combine them both together!

*The seats are $150 for my portion of the day and $99 for Justin’s lighting portion.

The Cities & Dates are:

January 8th: Los Angeles, CA
January 9th: Phoenix, AZ
January 11th: Dallas, TX
January 14th: Orlando, FL
January 16th: Charlotte, NC
January 17th: Washington, DC
January 21st: New York, NY
January 23rd: Indianapolis, IN
January 24th: Nashville, TN
January 25th: Kansas City, MO

And you can grab your seat by just clicking HERE!!

We hope to see you there!

  1. Jessie Smith

    See you in DC! :) can’t wait!

  2. Tira J

    Ahem….I think the grapefruits will be ripe by then! xoxo

  3. sharon elizabeth

    Yay!!! So excited — I feel like a workshop stalker…haha!!! I’ll see ya’ll in DC <3 =)

  4. Nilka Gissell

    You guys should come to Puerto Rico!! I love and admire your work :)

  5. Marissa Joy Kaplan

    Super excited!!!

  6. Karena Dixon

    So, So excited!! Cannot wait to meet you guys, glean from your fabulous knowledge and just give you a big hug for being so stinkin adorable together! xoxo

  7. Valerie


  8. Heather

    On your flyer it says the early bird ends December 19th. But then above you said the 22nd. So is it the 19th or 22nd? Thanks! Love you guys!! :)

  9. Kelly

    I just wanted to share this with you…and let you know just how awesome you guys are :)

  10. Ailyn

    Can’t wait to see you in Orlando!

  11. shipra

    Coming and sooooo excited! See you in Orlando :)

  12. Sarah

    Seattle please? Pretty please? Over a weekend??? :)

  13. Sarajane Case

    I just got my ticket! See you in Charlotte!!!

  14. John Lennon

    Full day for me at the NYC show – I can’t wait. BIG FAN!!!

  15. Janet Wakefield

    Thanks for being such great mentors to Lauren – it’s a gift that is priceless and precious!
    Mom Wakefield

  16. Shelle

    OMG! I missed it, you were in Phx yesterday? DANG!

  17. KRISTA

    Really wish I would of heard about this sooner!!!!! Waahhh :(

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