December 22, 2009

The “What’s your Favorite Ornament” Contest!!

Ok. So I have the saddest thing in the world to tell you. Are you ready? Here it is.

Last night we decorated our tree. We pulled the bins up out of the basement, dragged them up the stairs, and spent approximately one hour detangling lights. Once those were on, we looked at all of our little ornaments so lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap and made a very hard decision. Since we’re going to be packing up all of our worldly belongings just a few days after Christmas, it probably didn’t make a lot of sense to unwrap said little ornaments just to have to pack them up again three days later. Probably.

So we did maybe the saddest thing possible. Every year, we get a few new ornaments to add to our collection. This year we got three new nautical themed ones in honor of the new house. So instead of unwrapping all of our old ornaments and adding these three to the mix…..we just hung the new ones.

Yep, you read that right. Our sad little tree just has three measly ornaments on it. Three. It’s perhaps the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. :)

So, since I can’t have my ornaments out on the tree, I thought I’d do the next best thing and post them here. This is a shot we took last year as we were actually unpacking them all to hang our tree (novel idea, really!) And with that post we did a contest for you all to tell us your favorite ornament and why.

Since we so enjoyed reading your answers last year and I am ESPECIALLY missing my ornaments this year, we thought it would be great fun to do it again. So there you go: leave a note telling us your favorite ornament and why by tomorrow at 12pm EST and we will pick one lucky commenter to receive a $100 gift card to Crate & Barrel. Where we got our three new (sad) little ornaments!!

  1. Alison

    It is a toss up- we have a glass San Fran trolley car my father gave us when we first got married and our glass santa flamingo ornament. We are a total sucker for anything flamingo and there are probably 15 or 20 of them on the tree but santa is my favorite.

  2. Nicole

    My favorite ornament on my tree is one that I’m surprised that I still have. It is a candy cane ornament that my mother and I made when I was a little kid. It’s one of my fondest Christmas memories rolling the doughs out, coloring and molding them, baking the ornaments together….and waiting impatiently for them to come out so we could hang them. I’m surprised it still has held together after all of these 20 something years, but its a great remembrance of Christmas memories after so long.

  3. Catie Ronquillo

    My favorite ornament is a Lilo kissing Stitch under the mistletoe that I bought when my husband and I first started dating. It reminds me of us every time I see it. And he does a really good impression of Stitch.

  4. Jen

    My favorite ornament is a glass dove. When I was little, my mom had it hanging on her tree, and the brightly colored lights would sparkle through the glass. I thought it was absolutely magical. When I grew up and got married, I was telling my mom how much I loved that glass ornament — it’s tiny, no more than an inch and a half in each direction, but the way the light reflects through it just fascinated me when I was a kid. That Christmas, after telling my mom how much I loved that dove, I found it tucked in the toe of my Christmas stocking. It’s my favorite ornament still, and gets a place of honor at the top of my tree each year.

  5. Katie

    My favorite is a ballerina ornament with one leg broken off. I’ve had it since I was six, and it’s a great reminder that Christmas isn’t about being perfect, it’s about just being there and appreciating what you have.

  6. Eliane

    My Favorite Ornament ( which is not on our tree this year cause things been crazy around here We don’t Have a Tree up ) :’ ( sad i know
    But it would be the one my kids made for me with their picture on it :) I’ll be hanging it up on my computer screen this year God Bless You All and Merry Christmas

  7. Traci

    My grandmother made ornaments with beads, sequins, and little foam forms. My favorite are these that remind me of her, but in particular a Cinderella couple dancing in front of a clock, complete with pendulum and weights hanging, grandfather clock style.

  8. Gina Meola

    My favorite is your heart. Without it, you’d be missing the surrounding pieces, and with it, you are reminded of the gift you have in one another. You’ve created a life together that cherishes the snowmen, Starbucks, and moose, but it all starts with you… Plus, who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing themselves plastered on a green piece of mother nature?! Hello! Merry Christmas ;-)

  9. Spring

    My favorite ornament is hard to explain. It’s a little mouse, laying in a walnut shell as it’s bed, the mouse’s head is a little nut of some kind, his tail is felt and he has a little blanket covering him. It was my grandmother’s and a good friend of hers made it one year. It was always the last ornament hung on her tree, then the last hung on Mom’s after Momma passed away and now, it’s the last one to go on our tree. I love that little mouse!

  10. erica

    the doggie ornament is my favorite. 16 years ago, my sister and i received our dear maggie on christmas morning, all wrapped in a box with a big red bow from our parents, total "lady and the tramp" style! she is still hanging in there, but her quality of life has been deteriorating this year and my parents are waiting until after christmas upon which we will be forced to put her down. i could cry now, but will choose to be joyful and thankful for the 16 wonderful years we’ve had with the most sweet, gentle, amazing dog ever!!!

  11. Michelle

    Traditions are so important in our family and the tree trimming is no exception. Each year we all gather to help my parents trim their tree. And I’m embarassed (no not really) to say that my brother and I are the biggest kids in the room. We tear through the tub that holds all the ornaments to find the 2 that are most special to us. My brother proudly at 7 years old successfully colored at Linus ornament that hangs proudly to this day. No need to mention that Linus is a lovely shade of green and the tree he is holding is a faded yellow now. It is HIS work of art. But not to be outdone my artistic abilities. The lovely tag board stocking that I cut out in kindergarten which resembles the shoe of the wicked witch in OZ is spectacular. Not to mention the felt cut-out shapes pasted on that really don’t qualify as true shapes. These 2 ornaments adorn my parents’ tree front and center each year. Even all the kids make sure that our place of honor is upheld each year. Aaahhh traditions at Christmas … nothing better. Here’s to both of you as you being those traditons in your new home. Happy Holidays!

  12. Melissa Gartner

    My favorite ornament is a metal cut out of a girl riding a rocking horse with my name engraved at the bottom. My mom had it made fore me when I was born. Sadly my mom passed away when I was 13 and it is only one of the few things I still have to remember her by. I love it!!

  13. Kristen

    My favorite ornament on our tree is an ‘expecting parents’ one. It’s an upside down umbrella with little animals in it :) I made sure to write the year on the bottom ‘2005’ so we would never forget the christmas we had so much love and anticipation in our hearts..

  14. Amy

    Every year, my grandparents take all of their grandchildren out for ornament shopping before the holidays. It’s fun to go back through our past choices to see what we liked when we were little. The ornament I picked out this year is especially important to me. It’s a beautiful vintage ornament of 2 tropical fish swimming side by side. I love it so much because this is mine and my husband’s (we were married april ’09) first ever Christmas together. We honeymooned in Hawai’i, so the tropical fish are appropriate. There are so many other symbols that tie this ornament to the past year while we joined our lives together.

  15. Allison K

    First off let me say, I absolutely LOVE your Moose ornaments!!! I have a huge collection of Mooses, love them so much :) My favorite ornament is a silver bell that we have on our tree. My father passed away at home five days after Christmas 10 yrs. ago this Christmas. We still had the tree up that year & it was very quite in our house when he passed away. One of our dogs walked under the tree & his tail hit the bell & it rang. It’s like the saying "Everytime a bell rings, an angel gets their wings!" It was very true that night & since then, that bell has had a lot of meaning to me!!!

  16. Nicole Haley

    Aww, that is a sad little story. But just some more good memories, I’m sure. My favorite ornament is a shiny snowflake. It was the topper on our wedding cake and part of our centerpieces at our reception so I have quite a few. They’re my favorite to hang on the tree because they remind me of such a great day! Merry Christmas to you guys. :D

  17. Heather Corporan

    Your poor little tree. I’m trying to picture you and Justin trying to figure out the placement of the three lone ornaments : ) We also pick a new ornament every year, and now we let the kids each pick one too (eventually we’ll have a boatload at that rate)Anyways, My favorite thing is a handmade, old fashioned looking light blue party hat, with this red pom pom fringe around the bottom. Instead of putting a star at the top of our tree, we put the party hat on top to remind ourselves, and our three and four year old that it’s Christ’s birthday. So i’m not sure it’s necessarily an ornament, but it’s definately no star : ) We also bake a cake every year and sing happy b-day to Jesus. With so many gifts given among family, it’s the few reminders we have to show our kids what the true meaning of Christmas is. P.S I’m loving the idea of the photo collage. With young ones we’re bound to lose an ornament a year to ‘playing’ and this will be a neat way to remember them all, even if they get lost along the way. Great idea!!!

  18. Anna Sawin

    So many, how to choose? I love the one I made as a Girl Scout in about 4th grade, and somehow it has ended up on my tree. It is a wreath of glass beads, and I pull it out and I am immediately transported back to remembering what it felt like to anticipating Christmas as a child. Which is an excellent reminder for any adult to remember this time of year!

  19. Britani

    My very favorite ornament is one that says ‘Just Married’. It has mickey and minnie in their cute wedding attire. My husband and I took our honeymoon to Disney World. we had the smallest little wedding because we had no money, but someone gave us a Disney vacation, and it was incredible! We got this little souvenier and every year when we pull it out I cry thinking about the fun that my husband and I had and the wonderful memories that we shared on our first vacation ever.

  20. Jen Driesbach

    so laughing right now! :) my favorite ornament is the huckleberry finn sled one I made in the 4th grade. it still graces my tree’s presence to this day and makes me smile everytime I look at it!

  21. Deborah Zoe

    So hard to choose! But I’d have to say it’s the scary miniature bride and groom that we have hanging from our tree. When I say scary I mean they look like demon possessed bride and grooms. The bride with a puffy white veil, scrunched face, and blonde hair with top had, tuxedo tails and black hair and a grimacing look on his face) Why would I put such ornaments on my tree? Well the Christmas after my now husband, Dave, and I were engaged he bought these little gremlin ornaments as a way to celebrate our upcoming marriage. It was supposed to be all romantic and everything and it was! I opened up the ornaments and gushed and gushed. Several years later, we laugh every time we pull these little guys out. Dave now says he has no idea why he would buy such scary looking ornaments. But we can’t not hang them up. Ugly as they are, they mean to much to us. It brings us right back to where we were four years ago, just dreaming about the rest of our lives together. We still have a lot of dreaming left to do, but these ornaments bring us back to such a special time in our life together. The beginning of our love to one another, scary bride and groom and all.

  22. Diane Parsons

    I love all of your ornaments – super cute!! but, I love the heart shaped one with the photo of the two of you. Those are usually my favorite – the ones that look homemade and are just about you! That’s what the holidays are about – your family! :) Once you start adding to your family, those ornaments start becoming more and more special because you have stories to tell and special people to tell it to! Enjoy your virtual Christmas tree!

  23. Julia

    The flying pink pig ornament I nominated last year is still pretty close to the top. But we received a very special gift last year that may just beat it- a Crate & Barrel frame ornament with a picture of Mike and I on our wedding day. Whenever I see it it brings a happy little twinge to my heart. My eyes are getting misty just thinking about it!! :)

  24. Rebecca Hales

    My favorite ornaments are the ones from my grandfather that I have received every year for 27 years. My grandfather passed away in February so this Christmas is going to be especially difficult. This year while decorating our tree, putting on all the Hallmark ornaments my grandfather bought me was so sad. I couldn’t help but cry thinking of how much thought he had put into them each year. The new home ornament we received when we bought our first house, the gardening snowman which is so fitting for me and the skiing fox, I love all 27 of them and am so sad he won’t be able to pick anymore ornaments out for me again.

  25. Jenn

    oooo! that little puppy with the cute santa hat is my fav! but it is fun to see your love for Starbucks in Christmas ornament form – i think i see three! :) merry christmas!

  26. Elizabeth

    I think im favorite would have to be my pig ornament that I got many years back. It just reminds me of my childhood and my old love for pigs. Can’t go on the tree this year though because of the color theme we have going on.

    My favorites at home were the white house ornaments. So gorgeous but too expensive for newlyweds.

  27. Christine

    After my husband and I got married last year, we decided to start a new tradition and buy each other an ornament every year. (Quick background – penguins became a big thing in our house since apparently I flap like a penguin when I’m mad…. unfortunately I’ve actually caught myself doing it!!) Last year’s ornament from my husband was two penguins facing each other and holding hands personalized with our names, 2009 and "Our 1st Christmas" in a heart above their heads… he definitely won the ornament "battle" last year!!

  28. Erica

    My favorite ornament is an angel made out of 3 glass bells. However, with 3 small children only 1 glass bell is left… so it’s a sad ornament but I still cherish it! (it now resides near the TOP of the tree)

  29. wendi poole

    I love the two penguins. I am a tad bit obsessed with penguins. My brother gave me a large plastic Lawn Penguin. I have been very hesitant to put him in the yard so he sits inside the doorway. He is decorated for every holiday including easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. I am now thinking he might need a green hat for Christmas. Too cute.

  30. Stephanie

    My favorite ornament is a hand-painted snowman ornanment from Poland. My relatives sent it to me as a Christmas present a couple years back. The ornament fits in perfectly with my theme (penguins/winter) and I was deeply touched by their generosity. I have yet to go to Poland to meet them in person but everytime I see the ornament hanging on the tree, I am reminded of my family and Polish heritage. I look forward to the day when I can give it to my own children as a family heirloom.

  31. jackie g. photog

    we have a lot of sentimental ornaments from our childhood, but as we were just married in April, i got us a pretty "fair isle" sweater-y looking letter "g" ornament, for our (well my) new last name…our first Christmas with the same last name!

  32. Beth

    Being a sentimental mother of 5, this is a tough one, but one of my favorite ornaments is one that my son gave me 12 years ago when he was in second grade. He was crying because he couldn’t decide what to give me for Christmas, so my husband took him down to the basement and they made a snowman picture frame and put his picture in it. Every time I see it, I’m reminded how lucky I am.

  33. Kristin

    On my first date with my fiance, right in the middle of non-stop talking and trying to find out everrrrrything about each other, he mentioned how much he adores bulldogs. How he’s never had one but has always wanted one and to him that would be the beginning of a family. I remember thinking "Bulldog?! Why a bulldog they’re such funny looking dogs!" Well, it didn’t take long for me to fall just as much in love with the ugly little things as he is. Now they stand for our future; the life we want with the fenced in yard for the dog, and, of course, the beginning of our family. Two years ago for christmas he gave me a little bulldog ornament with a santa hat on. It’s easily without question my favorite one we have and will always stand for our dreams for the future… and… I have to admit, I even kept it out all year this past year :)

  34. Kia Gregory

    Real talk…my mom and dad went through a horrible divorce when I was 8. December of their relationship demise everything hit the fan and that Christmas was horrible. That was the same year my mom found out she had breast cancer. We didn’t celebrate Christmas for 3 years after that. By the time my mom was in the Christmas spirit we had lost all of our Christmas decor. SO when I got married my husband had 2 boxes of ornaments all from his family and stuff he collected. All of them have no rhyme or reason. There is no theme. Nothing. I love those ornaments like they are my own because I miss the fact that I don’t have a collection of keepsakes like his. We’ve been married for eight years and together for 10 years, so I now have two of my own boxes of ornaments to add to his and I PRAY that I won’t lose these the way my mom lost her memories. Which one is my favorite? All of them! They all mean that much to me these days.

  35. karen Ard

    The heart with the photo is perfectly perfect! Merry Christmas and a joyous new year to you both!

  36. Liz Kausteklis

    My favorite ornament is one that I purchased this year…it is of a little gingerbread man (there is actually a picture on my blog :) It doesn’t have a "specific" meaning to it, but I love, love, love it!

  37. Lindsi

    My favorite ornament is actually one that we share in our mix…the rusty bell with cloth tie. Whenever I see those bells, it really makes me think of when I was a kid and my mom would read me the book "The Polar Express." In the end of the story, Santa gives the boy a single bell off of his sleigh to prove that he was real. It made me want to believe more when I was little and to this days makes me believe, not in Santa, but in the One who created us in the beginning. So I love those little rusty bells because they make me think and Believe :)

  38. Courtney

    I love all my ornaments. Really! They all have some sort of memory or meaning or love behind them. They’re just about all homemade by me, my mom, a friend or other loved one. There is no rhyme or reason or "theme" behind them, they are mismatched by work perfectly together.

    Good idea on the taking a picture of the ornaments. Maybe I’ll do the same as I’m putting mine away this year…

  39. maggieb

    You will always remember this Christmas…how dear those three new ornaments will be next year and the year after and the year after that…

  40. Chelsea McGowan

    My favorite ornament is a simple one. It’s a blue hanging picture frame with a picture of my son and I in it. My first year as a single mother, I was terrified of Christmas… I had no idea how to do it on my own. And the tree? Don’t even get me started… it was a nightmare! A woman and a two-year-old boy trying to set up a tree was really comical.
    That year, we got a new ornament. That picture frame with our picture went front and center on the tree. Jack called it our "Team Picture", because that’s us… a team.
    Several years later when I got remarried, and my husband adopted Jack, I didn’t get out that ornament. I told my husband, "It doesn’t make sense… there are three of us now."
    My dear sweet wonderful Godly husband said, "That ornament will always be important, because that’s the Team I fell in love with."
    And so, even now, that ornament hangs front and center on our tree. It’s a reminder that Jack and I are an even better team now that we’ve added a few more members, and it helps us be thankful of where we are and where we’ve come from.
    Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas! See you next month!

  41. Denise Skelton.

    I love your ornaments! SO cute! I LOVE our Christmas tree. I think it must be turned on every waking moment I am at home! :) We have lots of special ornaments. My husband’s family collects Hallmark ornaments, so each one is a gift from someone in the family. I think my favorite one, though, is a homemade ornament from last year. I borrowed my 1 year old niece to make an ornament for her mom and grandmothers. I had an extra and decided we needed one too. Instead of waiting for me, she grabbed the ornament right away and her upside down handprint is now my favorite ornament! I painted hats, scarves, etc. on the fingers/snowman…..all upside down. :) My sweet niece’s upside down handprint hangs proudly on my tree!

  42. Sophia Harcourt

    Well I am a little confused by other posts but I am going to reply to it based on my understanding. My favorite of your ornaments would have to be the couple penguin. Their little green hats and bow ties are precious and penguins are great mates as you two seem to be. I seem to have an afinity for penguins after March of the Penguins and Happy Feet (that’s right I watch kids movies and have no kids!:) ).

  43. Lora Carr

    That’s easy. The Starbucks ornament. After all, Starbucks is synonymous with Justin…Mary.

    Merry Christmas!

  44. Lora Carr

    Whoops! I guess I shouldn’t comment so late at night. I thought you were soliciting comments for the favorite of your bunch. Anyways, I’m sticking with one of the Starbucks. I think Wikipedia has your picture for the Starbucks entry ;)

  45. Harmony Loves

    my favorite is the starbucks mug. I just love coffee and I especially love the holiday coffees! :)

  46. gwendolyn waite

    A few years ago my family bought a set of muppet ornaments. My absolute favorite is Animal, who is hanging upside down, tied up in a string of lights. Totally cracks me up.

  47. rachel darley

    Growing up, my parents never got a christmas tree, but last Christmas was my first Christmas with my husband, and although we had gotten cute little ornaments to hang on our first tree as a married couple, my friend Sylvette from Alaska sent me my favorite one. It’s made out of Moose poop. (Do you know the crazy things those Alaskans do with moose poo?!?!?! it would blow your moose-poop-themed socks off). The poop has little eyes and a red nose and has a bell on the bottom. It is my favorite ornament to showcase. =) and now I’m off to much needed sleep after my bake-a-thon. ….

  48. MM

    Oh yea, that’s totally my bad! :) It could go either way the way I wrote it. We wanna know YOUR favorite ornament on your tree!!

  49. Abby

    My favorite ornament as an adult is the one I hated growing up! When I was in pre-school I made a Santa out of a peanut shell. It has pipe cleaners for arms and legs and cotton balls for the beard, with a messy permanent marker face and felt for the hat. My mom always loved that ornament and made me hang it on the tree every year growing up, which never ceased to embarrass me as it has not "aged" very well over the years! My mom still has it at her house to hang on their tree, and I think it will be a while before she gives it up!

  50. Tammy

    I don’t know why I have never photographed all of my ornaments, because ornaments are mine & my husbands "thing". We get them as our souvenirs when we go places, so every year we can reminisce. You’ve motivated me to photograph them this year! So, I love all my ornaments, but my favorite is a silver Tiffany snowflake that we received as a wedding gift. It is so beautiful & hangs at the top of the tree every year. It was given to us by the doctor I worked for at the time. It is our very first ornament and reminds me of our wedding day. I will cherish it forever.

  51. Kelly

    My favorite ornament is actually a set of 2 that go together – it is 2 moose made out of birch bark with a twig wreath around the neck. My husband and I met at Abercrombie, so we got the moose for our first Christmas tree together to remind us of that. LOVE that Starbucks ornament too, in your photo!

  52. Nely

    My favorite is a wallet-sized family photo I’d soldered in between 2 pieces of glass. The image was taken when my youngest was just a baby, and it reminds me just how quickly time flies so I must savor each moment.

  53. Talia

    To be quite honest, I can’t pick just one. My favorite is really a collection of ornaments. Every year growing up, we would head out to Jones Tree Farms as a family in search of the perfect Christmas Tree. And every year, we would receive a token Pewter ornament to take home with our tree. I am not sure if others care as much about these ornaments as I do, but I look at them each year and think about the meaning of family, the meaning of tradition and all of the fond memories I have of all of those years in the field finding our Christmas Trees. Now, I am able to carry on that tradition with my husband and it feels that much more special.

  54. Liz H

    My grandmother, who taught me to bake, play piano and even needlepoint, helped instill the magic of Christmas in me. When I was younger, she would take me for walks in her back yard, around her gardens, and point out the "flower fairies"… little fairies in her garden that would always watch over me… and helped create a wonderful world of imagination… (mind you, I never "saw" these fairies, but being only 7yrs old, I definitely belived I did!). This was all during a time when my parents were getting divorced, so it was a great attempt at distraction! Needless to say, it worked! One Christmas, shortly before my grandmother passed, I received a box in the mail… she handmade me a flower fairy ornament… with gorgeous painted eyes on a tiny clay face… blonde wisps of hair, with the tiniest butterfly pin on a green felt dress with tiny gossamer fairy wings… so angelic… pure… and a reminder of childhood magic. I’m now 35, but every Christmas, I can’t wait to put that ornament on our tree… it’s the first one I put on. The clay face is now cracked, and my poor little fairy has lost it’s lustre, but not the spirit of Christmas and that good things are possible… if you believe!!!

  55. Alicia Candelora

    Ironically enough, my favorite ornament is one that reminds me of my least favorite Christmas…EVER.

    Being born and raised in CT, every Christmas was spent here. However, my grandmother on my mom’s side lives in Texas. A few years ago my parents had this brilliant idea that I swear stemmed from their empty-nest syndrome. They decided that we would all drive to Texas together and spend the holiday there, with my grandmother. Coming from a big Italian family, we have a lot of traditions that surround Christmas. That year, however was very different. We went to Texas. Instead of having a huge, 7-course shellfish meal on Christmas Eve- we had fajitas.

    The should-have-been fun-filled trip ended up being a nightmare. We all fought almost the entire trip (cramming 6 adults into a tiny car for a cross country trip= No fun). After a car accident, a few family feud’s, nasty fajitas, and summer-temps on christmas day…we finally all sat down one day and said "You know what? This is the last time we will probably all be together ona trip like this. Katie is getting married soon, Alicia is living in another country, Brian is moving out of state. The bottom line is that even if we are not having the Christmas we all hoped for, thsi is exactly hat we need- time together to cherish each other".

    And now, years later, everytime I (we!) look at that silly Texas-shaped ornament, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a family who loves each other through thick and thin. It’s hard to live with them, but I can’t imagine life without them!

  56. Shannon

    JOY is my favorite ornament! Without joy what would the point in this holiday season be!?!?! You must have JOY! So I know you are sad you can’t put all your cute little ornaments up but be joyful that you have reason not to :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful new ornaments :)

  57. tiffany zajas

    My favorite ornament is from my husband and my first Christmas together. It’s Rudolph and his girlfriend Clarice (from the claymation movie) touching noses and it says "Our First Christmas Together."

    One of the traditions in our home is to get a new ornament each Christmas that represents something big that happened that year. I love it!

  58. Val McCormick

    I actually brought out ornaments last night that some have been packed away for over 5 years. It would be very hard to choose one but there was a particular ornament that flooded me with tears. Its a Hallmark Keepsake "Pat The Bunny" ornament. When Cristian was a baby he LOVED Pat the Bunny and Good Night Moon. He is asthmatic and when he was only two we nearly lost him. While he was in the hospital those were the to books I read to him as he layed on my chest with blue tinged lips over and over and over again along with singing you are my sunshine. "Pat the Bunny" helped him fight through and won!

  59. Val McCormick

    (oops sent previous by mistake) I actually brought out ornaments last night that some have been packed away for over 5 years. It would be very hard to choose one but there was a particular ornament that flooded me with tears. Its a Hallmark Keepsake "Pat The Bunny" ornament. When Cristian was a baby he LOVED Pat the Bunny and Good Night Moon. He would sleep with his "Pat the Bunny" book along with is stuff golden retriever and stuff lab toys. He is asthmatic and when he was only two we nearly lost him. While he was in the hospital those were the to books I read to him as he layed on my chest with blue tinged lips over and over and over again along with singing you are my sunshine. "Pat the Bunny" helped him fight through and won! It has to be one of the most challenging times of my life. You see his father was deployed and I was not ready to lose the most important person in my life, my sweet baby boy. As many military wives; I felt so alone. When I saw this ornament that same year I realized that I wasn’t alone. I was delirious from lack of sleep but "Pat the Bunny" and Good Night Moon was with us.

  60. Angela Delaney Kircher

    This year my sister is pregnant with her first baby and is living in Florida, so instead of spending Christmas in New York as we’ve done every year before, we flew down to spend the holiday with her, but we’ve been so busy with work up until the day we had to leave, we barely had time to bring home a tree, let alone decorate it. So we’ve got just one ornament on it, the one we just received in the mail reminding us of our wedding day. So this year, that’s our fave, the one (and only :) that reminds us that it’s our first Christmas as a married couple!

  61. Ray

    My favorite ornament would have to be my, "I Love Lucy" ornament where she’s dresssed up in a tutu from episode # 20; "The Ballet." It’s my absolute favorite because a) it’s my 1st time putting it up, even though I’ve had it for year (so it’s SPECIAL). And b) because some legends (such as awesome Lucille Ball) belong on a tree to admire. =o)

  62. Liz

    On the day of my parents wedding, my Great Grandmother (secretly) placed a bell underneath the boxsprings to my parents bed. That evening after the wedding reception, they raced back to their apartment to do what newly married couples do…to the sound of a ringing bell. I believe I was conceived that evening. I now cherish that bell. It hangs on my tree as a rememberance of my Great Grandmother and her wicked sense of humor. Happy Holidays…Peace,Love and Laughter!

  63. Alison Green

    I was planning on responding to this post, only because I absolutely did not have a favorite ornament. They are all really nice and equally as special…UNTIL, I opened the mail today and found the most amazing Christmas ornament from you guys. It is a beautiful silver frame with a 2009 tag, and a gorgeous b&w photo taken of us right after our wedding ceremony. This truly is my favorite, favorite, favorite ornament and I can’t wait to put in on the tree tonight with J. It will always remind me of our wedding day, which was the very best day of my life…(and all of the crazy things that happened right before that picture was taken…lol) Thank you guys so much! Merry Christmas!!! <3 A&J

  64. Esther Tetreault

    As a little Jew girl, I’ve never had a Christmas tree OR an ornament…until this year! The beautiful framed picture ornament you sent us is not only my first, but I can imagine my longtime favorite for many years to come. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and sentimental gift!
    (PS. We still don’t have a tree so our one elegant ornament is now hanging on our aloe plant. That counts, right?)

  65. Feuza

    Starbucks ones are so you guys! but the feuza pick is the brown ornament with the checkered tie to it, third to last one, just reminds me of me~ have a great Spread the love tour!

  66. Katie

    My fave ornament is one hanging back home on our lonely tree that says "HOME." Our families are spread from AZ to VA (and we live in WA)…so we’re never home for the holidays. But that ornament make me think about our warm, cozy house, where we’re raising our son and dogs and feeling so thankful for all that we have. (Even when we’re 3001 miles away!)

  67. Nelly

    This post is so CUTE!!! I love the ornaments…especially the Santa Claus.

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