January 29, 2014

The Yale Bowl

Happy Wednesday friends!

In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, I thought I would post some pictures I never quite had time to get around to in the Fall. In November, when Liz & Ryan were up to visit, we said “hey, what if we went and did a whole Gilmore Girls worthy tailgate at the Yale game this weekend?” Fun fact #1: Yale is my alma mater as I went there for law school. Even MORE fun fact #2: I LOVE the Gilmore Girls. Looooove them. A lot more than I actually liked going to law school actually. :) And as some of you probably know if you watched the show, Rory goes to Yale for college and there is this whole football episode (the Yale v. Harvard game) where Emily & Richard Gilmore basically roll up with a whole buffet. And I’ve pretty much been dying to do the same ever since. We’ve been to a lot of the games over the years, but we’ve never done that!

So we posed the idea, and Liz & Ryan being the amazing friends & great adventurers that they are were totally down for it. We broke out the camping grill, and packed eggs and bacon and onions and potatoes…and of course the makings for some mimosas. And we set off for an incredible day. Emily Gilmore definitely would have been proud. She might have even let me wear her tennis visor.

Find some friends who are always down for adventure you guys. It changes everything.


PS: don’t judge us for the quality of these photos….we only had our little point & shoot with us! Ok? OK!

  1. Amanda Truth

    Fun fact, I’m actually spending the day watching Gilmore Girls!! :) Looks like you guys had an awesome time Gilmore-ing it up!

  2. alicia sturdy

    you guys crack me up – I LOVE IT!!

  3. Liz and Ryan

    Aww yay!!! This makes our hearts so happy today!!!! We had so much fun! Next year we will have to remember to take a table so we aren’t cooking on the ground! :) Can’t wait until our next big adventure together! Miss you lots! Love and Hugs!

  4. ahren f

    ahhhh…if only stars hollow existed… love gilmore girls and love the tailgate idea

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