February 22, 2012

There Comes A Time…

Today I will just try to breathe. To breathe and remember….

There comes a time when you just have to put aside fear and doubt, and remember today….today I get to go out and do this thing that I love.

And the fear, no matter how big it is, can never take the place of that.

  1. Athena P

    DO IT. You’re going to be amazing. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Give love. Get love. Revel in where you are. Mary – you are so much to so many – be proud of yourself. FOR yourself. For you and Justin and all the things that you are to the world. xo

  2. Jacob Bergmeier

    I very much wish I could have been there to support you both. I am proud to call you friends and I am so excited for the wonderful things you have accomplished.

  3. Christy

    Wish I was there to see it!!! I know you guys will be amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it! XOXO! Love!

  4. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Wooooooo… very mysterious… what did u do???

  5. Caroline Lima

    You are going to do amazing! I wish I was there to watch you guys! I wish you guys the best!

  6. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    I’m looking forward to your class today. Sending good vibes.

  7. Christina Dely

    Cannot wait to hear you speak!!! Going to get in line early to score a good seat :)

  8. Gary Cirlin

    I pre-boarded your class the day the system opened!!! I’d sooner miss my own birthday before missing you guys!!

  9. Julia

    Love you guys!! Dream Big, DO BIGGER indeed!! XOXO

  10. Jil

    you guys are SO inspiring – and i’m so excited for everyone fortunate enough to get to hear you talk today!!

  11. Nancy Mitchell

    Oh Mary…I wish I could just give you a hug! I know that you ROCKED it today! You are such a blessing to all that get the opportunity to take what you have given to the photography world! xoxo~nance

  12. Katie Jane

    So sad I had to leave before your talk, but I know you guys were amazing! You guys are changing the world.

  13. Kelly Cummings

    I’m so glad I heard you speak today, it was such a great way to end the week at WPPI. NOW IS OUR TIME

  14. Jaime jukius

    My husband and I were there today and I was probably one of many to come up to you afterwards bawling like a baby. This week at WPPI has been full of inspiration but YOU inspired us to find a way to put our heart into our business into our business for the world to see. We are grateful.

  15. Kristen

    You were awesome. Thank you.

  16. Emily

    I totally loved your talk today!!

  17. ami

    You were AMAZING today!! Standing ovation! Not a single other speaker I saw got one of those. Thank you for inspiring not just today but every day.

  18. Stephanie Stewart

    You are AMAZING, don’t forget that! And I know you did a brilliant job! Wish I could have been there!

  19. Abbey

    Mary, you are AMAZING. May God continue to bless you and Justin with what you both love to do. You are such an inspiration to us. You go Girl!!!!! XOXO

  20. rich

    yes! go and do it! you guys are amazing!

  21. ashley barnett

    I cannot tell you how your talk rocked our world. We all appreciate how tirelessly you worked, how sleepless you became, and how giving you are. I know for a fact your talk changed many a life in that room yesterday.

  22. Kenna Klosterman

    Your WPPI talk was incredibly inspirational! You are a natural speaker with your heart shining through! Thank you thank you!

  23. Amy Woolard

    Your talk was one of the best motivational experiences that I have had. And probably the most tears that I have shed… totally amazing. As luck would have it, I was on the same flight with Sonya and Grace and once again relived your talk. I feel like I am a changed person coming back home!

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