July 19, 2016

This Moment Stays


It was something that just flew out of my mouth in a fired up moment at a workshop one time. I was talking about our Why and being a generation of storytellers who got it right. I was talking about what really matters and how very lucky we are that we get the honor of being called to do something that by its very nature- without ever having to do more- leaves something behind. I was talking about how precious this gift is that we give to people and how very fast this life goes. And that’s when the words came tumbling out before I even knew what I was saying.

“Life goes along and this moment is gone and that moment is gone. But photography steps in and says ‘Not this one.’ This moment stays.”

And those words have only become more important to me these last few months as my Dad has been so sick. I think it’s interesting that he was the first one to say to Justin & me that this work that we do leaves something behind and got us thinking about the idea of the legacy that we’ll leave in the first place. And now those words drive me. We get to be the ones to step in and say “this moment stays” every time we pick up a camera. That is the gift we get to leave with the world by the work of our four hands. And I can’t think of a better calling than that.

I think because of everything that has been going on with my Dad, we paid extra special attention at Melanie & Keith’s wedding to Melanie & her dad. To him seeing her for the first time that day, and all of their interactions throughout the day really. And I mean c’mon, how AMAZING is his face on seeing his daughter as a bride for the very first time? I just love that capture that Justin got …and then this moment shortly thereafter of them both just taking it all in.

These moments make up our lives. They make up who we are becoming.

And in a world where moments and lives are gone far too soon, we consider ourselves extraordinarily lucky to get to be the ones who step in and say….not this one, this one stays.


PS: Get excited!! We are sharing Melanie & Keith’s full Branford House wedding tomorrow & it is going to be a doozey! We can’t wait!


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