June 1, 2012

This or That Friday: Weigh In, Why Dontcha!!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we just skipped right over Spring and into full blown Summer??

It has been h-o-t ….HOT around here lately. And let me tell you, this New England girl does not thrive in the heat….she wilts.

But I will say that even despite said wiltage, I do love me some summer. I mean sure, it’s no Fall. But really, we can’t hold that against it. It’s like saying Quinn Fabray is no Rachel Berry. Really, there’s no comparison.

And yet, there are some things about summer that I really look forward to each year.

I love barbecues and badminton. Madras and seersucker. The return of the sailboats to the cove. I love sultry nights on the front porch watching the sun sink low, and the occasional good book on the beach (occasional because I’m Irish….so I burn AND wilt). And I love love love taking lil’ Cooper Bess Marantz (what? we hyphenated!) swimming. Watching his little golden head bob up and down in the water as he chases stick after stick and never gets tired of it.

Ahhhh. It’s nice to think about these things.

Because as all you photographers out there will understand, summer also has an entirely different meaning for our particular breed.

It can be a time of busyness and go, go, go scheduling. It’s a packed calendar and a packed lunch, as wedding season really revs up. And a time of wearing all the dark clothes you can find, so you can sweat it out at the weddings and no one will see. (Ok please tell me that’s not just me! Don’t leave a girl hanging!)

And before you know it, in the midst of all that busyness you can blink and another season of your life will have gone by without really soaking it in.

I got an email from a friend the other day that basically called me to the carpet. :) In short it said, look, we’ve been talking about this camping trip with s’mores for about three summers now…..are we actually going to make it happen this year or what?? :) I love that. I love the reminder that all of these things that we intend on doing, never actually happen unless we make them happen.

So this year before things got too crazy, I wanted to make a list of all the summer things we always say we’re going to do. But this year, we actually ARE going to do! Here are just a few:

Go “down the shore” to where Justin always vacationed as a kid in Stone Harbor & have my very first taste of Springer’s ice cream.
Go out on the boat Quinnipiac with some good friends & good wine
Spend some more time on the beach, complete with more sunscreen and a big floppy hat :)
Play badminton. A lot.
Take that camping trip, or at the very least have a s’mores night in our backyard
Lunch at the Ocean House
Dinner at “The Place”
Go to a wine festival
Go to an outdoor country music concert
See some really good summer blockbuster movies. With popcorn.
Lay in the hammock.
Drink lemonade & eat lots of watermelon.
Remember that there is nothing I can be working for in the future, that will justify missing right now.

So tell me! What are some of your summer “must-do” plans? What would be on your list? And while you’re at it, why dontcha weigh in with your votes on this Friday’s This or That!!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Who would you rather see in concert: Taylor Swift or Adele?

Better way of cooling off on a hot summer day: Watermelon or Lemonade?

This has nothing whatsoever to do with summer, but let’s just choose sides once and for all: Team Peeta or Team Gale??

And finally, which summer blockbuster do you think we should go see tonight: MIB 3 or Snow White & The Hunstman? The popcorn is a given.

  1. Deney

    Adele all the way!

    Watermelon, but you should definitely try frozen grapes (thanks Martha Stewart!)

    Peeta and you know it!

    I would go with Snow White, even though I’m still apprehensive of Kristen Stewart’s acting.

  2. Briana Moore

    This was very, very easy.
    Peeta and his cheesy buns.

  3. Rachel McCloud

    1. Adele

    2.Lemonade all the way

    3. Gale

    4.Snow White:)

    And yes I agree. We totally skipped spring. Although it got down to 40 last night in Missouri

  4. Christa

    This summer’s must do’s are….take the kids to a strawberry patch and go to the East coast and enjoy ALL things ocean & fishing village :) 1. It’s a tie!! 2. Lemonade 3. Team Peeta…I think?? Lol 4. Snow White. Happy Friday!!

  5. Samantha Harkins

    Speaking of floppy hats – I have the BEST one from Coolibar (www.coolibar.com). All of their products have SPF. So fashionable AND burn-free. :)

  6. Rebekah

    Adele for the three boys (37,11 and 5) in the family and Taylor for the girls (36,12 and 10). Watermelon for sure especially our new favorite recipe picked up when in Australia http://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/625/watermelon-feta-and-black-olive-salad . Peeta! and again a split in the family for the movie (you can guess which way that goes).

  7. Lauren Wakefield

    Concerts…lots of concerts! A certain Mr. Chesney to be exact. And Taylor…most definitely Taylor. But there is nothing I love more about summer than eating dinner on a patio with an icy glass of white wine. Perfection.

  8. Michelle

    1. Taylor 2. Lemonade (From Cracker Barrel) 3. I’m not on either team. 4. MIB IN 3D
    and my must do for this summer is go camping with our 2 year old!!

  9. ajira

    Yes! Making my summer list now too. Definitely want to take the kiddo camping, teach him to swim and spend time on the beach. Would also love to take a weekend trip or two.

    Oh, and… Adele, watermelon, Peeta and MIB3.

  10. Alison

    1. Adele 2. Watermelon 3. who?? 4. Snow White- cannot wait to see this- seeing the preview a couple of weeks ago made me even more excited! As for the summer, I am taking TIME OFF from my day job to spend with my family. Day trips around New England, perhaps some overnights (they were mad we went to Boston for our anniversary without them!) days in the lake, and nights around the firepit. I will stick to my schedule for photography so I can have my life back this summer! Oh, and Mary, have you found the giant marshmallows? They make killer smores!!!

  11. Ely

    Adele, Watermelon, Peta, Snow White. Although the Snow White is very outside my normal realm of movies. I think I like it because it’s from a fairytale.

  12. Sarajane Case

    1. Adele 2. Watermelon 3. Peeta 4. Snow White My must do for the summer is to play croquet!

  13. Suzy G

    I could never choose between Taylor or Adele. Love Watermelon. Team Gale. Hands down, Snow White & The Huntsman followed tomorrow by MIB3. For real.
    Must do for the summer….crab boils, watermelon parties and swimming of course…except in July, because in Louisiana, in July, we all turn the air conditioners on high and hide indoors playing Monopoly until the beginning of September. lol.

  14. Julia G.

    It’s a tie, so it totally depends on who they are touring with!, watermelon, Peeta, MIB3 Must do plans? Take at least one trip down to the Jersey Shore! :)

  15. Emily Crall

    1. Adele
    2. Watermelon — I just ate an entire one last weekend because I was so hot. Haha!
    3. Team Peeta! :)
    4. Snow White & The Huntsmen. Charlize Theron at her finest.

  16. Luke

    I think that right after Adele sings, I would like to invite her for a glass of lemonade while we watch MIB3 followed by Snow White. I am also changing my name to Peeta!

  17. MartaV

    Double yay for Summer! We’ve already done the smores thing for this year(although I do plan for more). I absolutely plan on going to the lake more than once for a swim. I don’t think we made it once last summer and I missed it.
    1. Adele hands down. I saw her in concert after her first album and she was AH-MAZING! 2. Lemonade 3. Team Peta of course 4. Tough one. I say both. Double Feature baby!!(and a good excuse for more popcorn :) )

  18. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    I’ll meet you at the Ocean House for lunch! That’s on our list, too!! Adele, lemonade, Peeta and the Huntsman.

  19. molly

    1. adele! 2. watermelon! 3. PEEEEETA! 4. MIB3!!

  20. Amana

    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Lemonade
    3. Team Peeta
    4. Snow White & the Huntsman

  21. Bethany Ann

    Definitely Taylor Swift & Adele. Btw, I wanna shoot TSwift’s wedding too! ;)
    Definitely Watermelon, and Team Peeta. :)

    And Definitely MIB3.

    Happy Friday!!

  22. Stephanie Stewart

    Some of my summer "must-do" plans…Prepare for having my 1st baby! Eeek! Watch fireworks with hubby and friends. Cookout, play (and win!) cornhole, go boating and swim in the lake, plan a styled shoot, and just.relax. 1. Adele 2. Both! 3. I’m so not with it…I don’t know either of these two! 4. MIB3! Enjoy your movie night! :)

  23. Stephanie

    Hmm…Adele. Lemonade. Definitely Peeta! Snow White & the Huntsman…I’m so curious about that movie!

  24. Lisa Cour

    The Ocean House…must go google now. Your porch is great for sittin’!

  25. Sydni Jackson

    you should see MIB:3!! i thought the first two were hilarious

  26. Christen F

    1. Taylor. Her concerts are AMAZING!
    2. Lemonade!
    3. Team Peeta cause Gale’s mine! :)
    4. MIB. It would DEFINITELY be Snow White if the idiot who cast Kristin Stewart was told they were an idiot…

  27. Jessica Sweeney

    Adele lemonade and Peeta, for sure!!

  28. Becca Pettingell

    I ran into this today – It’s a camera lens coffee mug! You guys need to get this :]

  29. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    1. Adele 2. Watermelon 3. Neither 4. Snowhite – for the visuals. This summer is going to be long, because we typically go to Italy and lounge on the beach, but instead we’re going in the fall to attend a wedding. Besides that, we’ll enjoy a couple trips to the wine country for some R&R, my kid brother’s annual summer visit, dinner on the back deck, playing tennis on Sunday’s, evening walks in the neighborhood, and GELATO.

  30. GrandmaIna

    When ;you go "down the shore to Stone Harbor, please stop here and see me. We can even go to the beach or pool.

  31. H

    Sort of late, but Adele by a long shot, watermelon, Team Gale, and MIB 3 was pretty good. Snow White just looks creepy. Unless you like that sort of thing. :)

  32. Amy Clifton

    Oh wow, your last statement knocked the wind out of me, in a good way. "There is nothing I can be working for in the future, that will justify missing right now." Pow-er-ful.

  33. Shannon Rosan

    Adele. Lemonade. Neither. Snow White. This is a great reminder to enjoy all that Summer has to offer, even during the busiest time of year. Thank you for that :)

  34. Eryn Kesler

    Oh Mary! We could be such palsies! We could sit in the shade reeking of sunscreen and enjoy the summer smore eating! T-swift is UHmazing in concert! I just don’t think I can decide between watermelon and lemonade…and Gale or Peeta…I do looove me some bread, so Peeta had me at "bakers son". (but hello, Gale is adorable!) and last purely to honor my twilight lovin’ roots, I’ll be seeing Snow White (AND Gales real life brother…so that one is a given).

  35. Sarah

    I’m can be very indecisive so I want all of the this & that options :) I too wear the darkest colors I own for the simple fact of hiding sweat, which is inevitable.

  36. Laura Gordon

    Tough decisions… but I’m going to have to say- Taylor Swift, watermelon, neither of the guys and DEF Snow White :)

  37. spring

    both ladies can sing so depends on my mood- lemonade, neither on the guys and Silas and I might actually go see a movie in the theater for the 1st time in YEARS and see Snow White :) XOXO

  38. Julia

    I’m never a fan of "This OR That". I prefer "This AND That"! So in that spirit, how about some watermelonade?! It’s PERFECT. I promise. http://food52.com/recipes/4720_watermelonade

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