June 8, 2012

This or That Friday

Not to say that I’m impatient or anything, but do you know what I think is a real four letter word? Here it is: the word….WAIT.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

And my husband is absolutely notorious for saying it. Oh why don’t we wait on that? Do you want to wait and see? Hey what if wait until {fill in the blank with some point in the future that isn’t right NOW}?

And for whatever reason, Home Depot really brings it out in us. My impatience and my “now is better than later, hey we could be DEAD later” attitude. And his steady as a rock, what’s the rush, who’s in a hurry, we’ll get to it eventually tendency to…..WAIT. Wait. Wait. Wait.

The other day we popped into the ole’ HD to pick up a $39 fire pit for the upcoming Walk Through workshop we just had, and that’s when I saw it. The most perfect, must’ve been sent straight down from heaven and carried in on angels wings, outdoor patio set you ever did see. Complete with an umbrella in our signature shade of J&M blue. On SALE, no less. And in that moment…I’ve never wanted anything more.

I tried logic: Hey, if we get it now we can enjoy it all summer. Lawyer: Um, perhaps you’ve never heard of life, liberty and the pursuit of HAPPINESS. And this would make me happy. Ergo, I’m pretty sure you’re violating habeas corpus right now. And when that didn’t work… lovey dovey: But it would just make you the best hubby on the PLANET. Yes it would. We could get a trophy. It would have your name on it.

And…..nothing. All my best efforts, to no avail.

Because my steady as a rock, what’s the rush, who’s in a hurry husband came back with: Hey I have an idea. Why don’t we wait (wait, wait, WAIT!) and I’ll take a picture of it so we can add it to our wishlist!

{Insert three emphatic eye blinks here}

A wishlist? We have a WISHLIST now? Is it on Amazon? Did Virginia write it for us when she was sending it to Santa Claus? Did you consult Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson on it. I’m just wondering.

So…facing certain defeat….I did the only thing I could do. I knew I wasn’t going to get the whole set that day, but you can bet I was going home with the most important piece. So I tucked that J&M blue market umbrella under my arm and I made a mad dash toward the cash register like a wide receiver high-stepping it into the end zone. Complete with touch down dance. Pop and lock baby, pop and LOCK.

In other words, I ran away before he could say no.

Wives of the world… you’re welcome.

**And speaking of wishlists and all their glory, that brings me to another round of This or That. I’ve been feeling the need to add a little more nautical into my life. Do you think I should do it by: dress or decor?

We’ve been going easy on the carbs lately, but one day a week we get a cheat day. Which would you rather have: savory or sweet?

Better life philosophy?

And finally, this isn’t a this or that but when I saw it made me laugh out loud. Because I’m *pretty sure* this is exactly what the scene looked like that took place in the Home Depot parking lot. After my 80 yard dash.

Happy Friday y’all!

  1. ashley barnett

    Dude! I had a moment when I saw that umbrella in HD too! We had just bought this striped one from target that Jeremy picked out while I smiled sweetly and said sure that one’s great (but really my eyes were looking at the cafe lights, lanterns, patio entertaining dishes, the candy aisle), so when we went into HD and I saw THAT umbrella I wanted it bad. But, Jeremy said no and we still have the striped one. Sigh. Onto this or that: 1) DRESS. I’m a bad influence, I really love stripes 2)I just had french fries dipped in a frosty last night- so, I’m going with savory AND sweet on this one 3) Dog, definitely the dog. Happy weekend J&M!

  2. Heidi

    Hilarious! I can totally see you running to checkout with the umbrella!!

  3. Sarajane Case

    Dress! {but can’t I have both?} – savory – and can I pause in my happiness with my dog?

  4. sharon elizabeth

    LOLOL… POP AND LOCK BABY… POP AND LOCK.. I am dying over here!!!

  5. Christa

    I’m addicted to all things nautical (including a board on Pinterest dedicated to just that) so I say both!!
    Both to savory & sweet, I mean it is cheat day afterall.
    I’m so indecisive today so both life philosophies…pause to be happy with a dog named Boone :)

    Happy Friday and cant wait to see your umbrella without the patio set…lol :)

  6. KTUN

    fire pit= excellent idea. I think you look fabulous in navy so I vote nautical dress! Your decor is cozy and very "small house with a waterfront view" but not too "OH YEAH WE LIVE NEAR THE WATER" nautical.. in my opinion anyway. And since I made you guys pretty awesome cookies (if I do say so myself) those pretzel bites look AWESOME. For your last question.. I believe those things are kind of the same. :) Have an amazing weekend guys! And thank you SO MUCH for the amazing Walkthrough Experience!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forget it :) xoxo

  7. briana moore

    This sounds like James & I. Though I don’t run. I just hold steady and take very determined steps with a straight face… mostly to avoid tripping as I run. :)

    Nautical: clothes… unless you want to buy a cottage by the water. :)

    Carbs: Cooooooookie

    Philosophy: always include the dog. Always.

    This made me happy. :)

  8. Athena P

    Pause and enjoy happiness. AbsoFREAKINlutely. I love that. Oh,and the outfit beats the decor every time -twice on Sundays (because you get to do stuff two times on Sundays??), The cookies. Duh. Easy Peasey, blue Umbrellaezy.

  9. Christen F.

    1. Both!
    2. SWEET!!
    3. The second one is true for EVERYONE.

  10. Meridith

    aaahhh Home Depot "discussions". Been there! haha 1)outfit 2)sweet for sure 3)Just be Happy

  11. Lauren Wakefield

    If it’s a cheat day…I say go for both! And throw some cereal and a grilled cheese on top! Mmmmm carbs! :) Oh and wine…don’t forget wine.

  12. Sandra Fazzino

    Oh, I so feel ya on the battle of "let’s make this house a home" vs "let’s just exist here instead, these four walls are all the decoration I need". Alle and I go through these debates regularly, and since he’s the CFO of the homestead, he always wins. My trick: I wait until he leaves on a business trip, and when he comes home, a room has been miraculously redecorated by interior design fairies. New carpet is laid down, furniture has been built. Artwork and curtains have been hung. It’s like my own little version of Extreme Makeover, only I’m not as cute and energetic as Ty nor do I have the pink cowboy hat to match my pink tool belt like Paigeā€¦ but it’s just as much fun. Anywho. Nice touch down, Mary! Hope you did a fancy jig!!

  13. Lydia

    After reading the whole intro, you know what I really wanted to see?? A pic of the umbrella!! But here are my votes: nautical clothes, sweet, and life with a dog!

  14. Alison

    Ok, that made me giggle… mostly because I can totally picture you and the mad dash Mary! as for the question- Decor, sweet and both- change the last part to "just be happy with a dog" :)

  15. Stephanie Stewart

    1. Both! 2. Both! 3. …both!
    I can’t wait to see that umbrella! You are right, it would be perfect all summer long! Justin, your sweet wife is trying to prevent sunburn and harsh UV rays as well! ;)

  16. Shannon Rosan

    This post is HILARIOUS :) love!

  17. Karie Murray

    I love it! From this wife, "thank-you!" …actually, I’m the one who says wait in this family, and my husband would be the one doing the dash. :)

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