September 26, 2012

This or That: New TV

Justin & I are the kind of people who love getting really, really in to a show, and then wind up watching all the previous seasons in some crazy weekend marathon where you don’t sleep or move off the couch until you find out what happens.

We spent two days once when we had the flu, watching the first three seasons of The Office because we just had to know if Jim & Pam would ever get together.

There was that one January when we got snowed in for a day and powered through the whole first season of Glee in one sitting. And learned most of the dance numbers too.

We’ve been putting off starting 24 because we’re afraid we won’t see the light of day for, well, 24 straight hours.

Like I said. We get really into it.

And one of the things I HATE, is when you get all caught up with a show and you have to join the ranks of the rest of the world and wait an entire week for a new episode to become available. What can I say, I am an instant gratification kind of girl.

So you can imagine how hard it was, when we got caught up with all previous 7 seasons of Bones just in time for it to go off the air for the Summer. For the past three months, we have been counting the days until Brennan & Booth were back in action again. And until Rachel Berry & the gang were back to share more emotional moments on Glee.

Plus we really, really missed the dance numbers.

Last week, all of our favorite shows starting coming back one by one. Bones, Glee, The Office (even though it’s still absolutely dreadful and I’m just going on record now to say that the only thing that will save this season is a Michael Scott wedding. Can I get an AMEN??), and this week the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy.

And once again, just like that, all is right in tv world.

So tell us, which show(s) have you been waiting all summer on? Or which past shows are you thinking about starting up? Which ones do you think we should check out? Y’know, the next time we’re snowed in! Leave us a comment in the box below, and one lucky commenter is going to win $50 from iTunes. To download one of your favorite seasons, of course. And….GO!!

**And a HUGE congrats to the winner of our Instagram contest, Miss Eryn Kesler! Eryn, a starbucks e-card is on its way to you!

  1. Brooke

    I have been waiting on Castle!! It’s super cheesy at times… hence my love for it. I’m also a huge Bones fan so I feel you on the waiting!

  2. Meredith Sledge

    OH MY GOSH! I DO THIS TOO!!!!! It’s my favorite. I’m crazy excited for the Vampire Diaries (favorite show ever; you HAVE to watch it) and New Girl. AHH! Watch them both right now. From the beginning!

  3. Sara D Harper

    You HAVE to watch Revenge!!!! I am the same way! I recently just watch Lost! They lost me at the very end though.. was a little too creepy/dark for me.

  4. Katie S

    Grey’s anatomy and private practice are my faves! I can’t wait to watch tomorrow night! :) enjoy your shows!

  5. Sarah McLachlan

    LOST! Best (and most addicting show ever!) Ben and I once didn’t get dressed for three days as we powered through the seasons. If you guys haven’t seen it, you definitely need to check it out :)

  6. Emilia Jane

    I’d like to select option C for Castle!! ;-)

  7. Emily Crall

    REVENGE!!!! And Modern Family, Glee, Parenthood, DWTS,…on and on. My poor DVR…

  8. Lisa

    I’ve heard Revenge is really good, so I’ll be marathon watching the entire first season before the new season starts on Sunday!

  9. Catie Ronquillo

    For the record, I watch WAAAAY too much TV. I highly recommend you guys check out the following: How I Met Your Mother (six seasons are on Netflix streaming!) they just premiered on Monday…who is the mother?!!?, The Big Bang Theory (the nerd in me loves it!), Parenthood (three seasons on Netflix streaming) such a GOOD show especially if you are from a big family, New Girl (Zooey Deschanel is the epitome of quirky girl), and if your feeling all fancy – check out Downton Abbey (for the longest time I thought it was Downtown, lol!) – who knew SO much drama happened in the 1910’s!?! I believe the new season starts up in January. Also, I can’t wait for Grey’s Anatomy…last season’s ender was cray cray!!! Oh and Once Upon a Time is a great show, premiers on Sunday! And Revenge. And Glee of course! And Criminal Minds…see, I told you I watch too much TV! And all without a DVR.

  10. Gail

    I HAVE to give a plug to NBC’s Parenthood. That is a show that deserves a marathon viewing session and now that the new season is back on (after a REALLY long hiatus–since February!) I feel like all is right in the world again now that I can get my Braverman fix!

  11. Courtney Reese

    I’ve been waiting all summer for Parenthood! Next snow storm, you have to watch it on Netflix :)

  12. Kari Jeanne

    AHH!! I thought me and my hubby were the only ones!!! We go ALL OUT when we find a new season!! We just started watching Bones on Netflix this summer and LOVE IT! Our other favourites include Modern Family & New Girl :)

  13. Heather Beach

    You totally have to watch 24. Especially now that it’s over – you won’t get caught up and have to wait a whole summer for the next season to start!

    My sister got me hooked years ago. She brought over the first season and we sat down to "watch an episode" together. Four hours later my husband comes downstairs and is like "What are you girls *doing*?" We were huddled under blankets, perched on the edge of the sofa, and just waved him off with a big "Shhhh!!" He thought we were crazy – until I talked him into watching the first episode with me. I don’t think we slept for weeks as we worked our way through the first few seasons to get caught up. Then every time a new season started we’d invite the rest of the family over for a "24 Kickoff Party" and we’d order pizza and watch the first episode together. Soooo good!!

  14. Tiffany Bolk

    i’m a total Gleek! However I have managed to miss all of the new episodes so far! I have to catch up! I’m also a HUGE Boardwalk Empire fan and I love me some Mad Men!

  15. Stephanie

    I totally penciled into my day planner all the season premiers for my favorite shows! The Office (even though it IS bad), New Girl, and my guiltiest of guilty pleasures, The Vampire Diaries.

  16. Abby Grace

    You HAVE to check out Once Upon a Time!!! IT’S SO AMAZING!! I’ve never been the type of person to PLAN to watch a show once a week, but I just can’t help myself with this one. Fairy tales + a BA heroine? So awesome.

  17. Rebekah Hoyt

    What shows have I NOT been looking forward to? I’ll admit I become a bit of a TV junkie with the new fall lineup! My shows this year are: New Girl, Parenthood, Modern Family, Glee, and Smash. And, I’ll admit, I’ve gotten hooked on TLC’s Breaking Amish. It’s so intriguing!!

  18. Elizabeth Langford

    I’m guilty of the marathon TV watching. I started watching LOST on a 6 hour flight to Hawaii… which was a little disturbing when it turns into a plane crash a few minutes in! I just recently started watching Downton Abbey on iTunes and I’m seriously hooked so you might check that out if you haven’t yet. Every year I anxiously await the premier of Dexter. It’s hard to believe that my favorite show is about a serial killer… but guilty-as-charged.

  19. Mack

    We’re total junkies for "Once Upon a Time" and "The New Girl". Some of our favorite shows are summer shows, though, like "So You Think You Can Dance", "Falling Skies" and "Franklin and Bash". F&B would be good for a single-day snow-in, though, because they’re only 10-episode seasons!

  20. Jennifer

    After I finishd SATC (again…!!!) at the beginning of this summer I am now totally addicted to Gossip Girl and watched all seasons. Now I have just 5 episodes left of season 5 and I so understand what you are saying: do I really have to watch season 6 in pieces and just every week one episode ? Can’t wait for the final season to arrive but I am not sure how to handle the low dose of just one episode in a week without getting crazy and reading all spoilers on the internet… I am happy for new suggestions (already watched bones… maybe I should try Glee as well…) !

  21. josh

    running a photo studio and the happy family movement, and raising 3 wild kiddos, Jenny + I don’t have much time for tv…but when we do get that rare break, you can find us watching Modern Family or our Arrested Development dvd’s…man, that iTunes gift card would be put to solid use! :)

  22. Brooke Beeson

    I was definitley pumped for Glee to return & I’m loving it so far! I also am a HUGE How I Met Your Mother fan (if you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do, most– if not all– of the past seasons are on Netflix ;)) so when that came back on this week I was thrilled!

    Also on my favorites list, 2 Broke Girls (they’re dream of a cupcake biz = my dream of a photography biz, except I work in corporate America & not a dingy restaurant), New Girl, The Voice, Sullivan & Son, etc., etc. I’ll stop boring you now, but if you ever need a list of good tv, let me know! Haha!

  23. anouschka

    Yes! So glad GLEE has started again! Have you checked out Parenthood? Love that show aswell!

  24. ashley link

    once upon a time, gLee, ncis, dancing with the stars, the voice, the x-factor, switched at birth, pretty little liars, new girl, the vampire diaries, and law & order: svu. haha. wow. it’s a wonder i ever see the light of day.

    oh, and my favorite show to catch on reruns is FRIENDS! :) love it!

  25. Jil

    we are so happy that Boardwalk Empire is back and are counting the days until Downton Abbey is back (not til January in the states; ugh!)

  26. Molly Nickles

    I can’t wait for Gray’s. I know a lot of people say they have stopped watching, but I started late in the game and, like you, watched most of it on Netflix until last year. I can’t believed they killed one character off and can’t wait to see what happens next. That and the next season of My Fair Wedding with David Tuttera if they have one :)

  27. Jen

    I am super excited for Dexter to start this Sunday, oh and Vampire Diaries!

  28. Emily

    Parks & Recreation all the way! It’s the best show ever! I literally laugh out loud during every episode. All but the current season are on Netflix so you should definitely watch!

  29. Katie Jane

    My two favorite shows just went back off the air for the season unfortunately – Mad Men and Breaking Bad. But I’m pretty happy Parks & Rec, the New Girl, and Modern Family are back! I gave up on the Office last season, sadly, and I think the only thing that would make me watch again was the return of Michael Scott – so fingers crossed.

  30. Susan Evans

    YES! My daughter and I always have a marathon of something over Christmas break! Castle, Parenthood, and Greys are my favs right now. Oh, and during the summer when nothing good was on, Rookie Blue was there to save the day – love that show! Don’t know if you can get past episodes on Netflix but if you can, you totally should.

  31. Lindsay

    My answer to all three questions: Castle! I’ll even lend you my Seasons 1-4 DVDs. :-D

  32. Meridith

    My current fav is Sons of Anarchy- great writing and so far 3 episodes in this is the best season yet! Just a warning there is some violence so not for everyone. Enjoy your TV watching:)

  33. Jessie

    My husband and I were really excited for Switched At Birth to start up again…but I totally feel your pain about joining society afterwards. Over the summer, my husband and I were watching Roswell on Netflix. He watched it in high school and loved it, so he got me hooked too. When we finished the series, I honestly had dreams about the main characters for like a week, and we even ended up naming our cat Max, after the show’s lead.

  34. Jessica Frey

    Oh we’re sooo excited in this house that our shows are back on!! I now it just ended, but I became a HUGE So You Think you can Dance fan!! Highly recommend it!! * see you in Georgia soon!!!

  35. Katie Yuen

    I’m not much of a watch-on-tv person but I DO participate in watch-all-the-episodes-at-once marathons. Currently its Brothers & Sisters (oh the drama!) but I am super excited for Army Wives to come back for another season!

  36. Mel

    Downton Abbey is the best! S3 is on in the UK, I’m doing my best not to read spoilers…so hard!

  37. Leslie

    I’m excited for Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, and Modern Family to come back on! And for an oldie to catch up on next time you’re snowed in… Friday Night Lights!! I’m going though it right now :)

  38. Cristal Veronica

    I am so happy that Parenthood is back on!! And no matter how hard I try, I cry at every. single. episode. Seriously, such a great show & oh so moving. Love it!!

  39. Alison

    I may go down as the most pathetic, but I am good with that- We have beenholding out on getting a DVR . They moved Glee at the same time as Grey’s Anatomy and it was a crisis of epic proportions for me- the ONLY two shows I am religious about watching… Needless to say last week we got a new satellite provider and DVR were installed in our house. Just in the nick of time!

  40. Elizabeth

    Sons of Anarchy — awesome show, Copper is really good too, Haven…NEW GIRL…so many to list!

  41. Amanda

    I love Bones! I did the marathon thing with Bones before the start of last season… :)

  42. Sarajane Case

    I’m obsessed with New Girl and the show Girls on HBO. But, if I were to recommend one to you it would be Parks and Rec for sure!

  43. Sarah Goodwin

    Grey’s Anatomy!!!!!!! I’ve watched it since the pilot episode, even gave up my beloved CSI Las Vegas because it was on the same night. This summer I’ve fallen for the Big Bang Theory reruns so I’m totally looking forward to new episodes!

  44. Vanessa Chupp

    Ah! sooo excited for grey’s to start!! I am totally with you on the waiting a whole week for the next episode is TORTUROUS! On some levels I prefer to start up shows that have finished so I don’t have to wait – but then the episodes eventually end and that is just terrible too! haha. This summer Kyle + I got hooked into Prison Break, and loved it so much we may just have to name our first son Wentworth after the lead actor! haha. The Walking Dead is another one – something I never thought I would like but it is just so addicting!

  45. Karen Trachtenberg

    HOMELAND!!!!! no question you must watch!!! Clare Danes and Damian Lewis are amazing , as is the story.

  46. Julia G.

    Can’t wait for The Mentalist and Once Upon a Time! Watch out for 24- it’s totally addicting! :)

  47. Charity

    Oh. Em. Geee. Are we the same person? This is quite literally my life. I try (AND fail) to wait and not watch the season the whole season so I can watch the whole season in one sitting. I love all the shows that you watch…. to include NEW GIRL. (FYI… the 1st season comes out in like a week!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!) Can I get a holler?!?!

  48. Lauren Wakefield

    Ummmm…Gary and I are the exact same way. And please watch 24 immediately. It is the greatest show ever made! Side note…the return of Bones has made my whole month. :)

  49. Amy

    I haven’t been much of a Glee fan in the past, but I am addicted to this season. Kate Hudson is fahh-rocious!

  50. rich

    oh we’re so glad the new season is starting! we’re super excited about modern family, new girl, grey’s anatomy and we’re also praying for a michael scott wedding!!!

  51. Becca Pettingell

    Once Upon a Time! I love their take on fairy tales…and the guy that plays Rumplestiltskin (wow. that’s a hard word to spell) is AWESOME

  52. colleen

    Bones……although if you haven’t seen Downton Abbey….hop on board THAT train! :-)

  53. GrandmaIna

    I love Bones, Modern Family, CSI, Masterpiece Theater, Criminal Minds, House Hunters,Jeopardy and many others. I’ve been waiting for the new season to start. That’s the only good thing about the end of summer!!

  54. Rachel McCloud

    Bones all the way. I LOVE that show. :)

  55. mer

    Just realized I completely forgot 24 and Heroes. So, so good.

  56. Jen Jar

    My absolute favorite shows right now are Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and Homeland. SO GOOD.

  57. Sydni Jackson

    I haven’t watched any new shows in a while… I’d like to see what all the fuss is about Parenthood though. I’m catching up on the Office Season 8 now…I love it so far

  58. Tira J

    Seriously? I’ve been waiting ALL summer for so many shows to come back. Two that are back already are Parenthood and Private Practice. The ones I can’t wait to watch are Law and Order SVU, Scandal, GREY’S, Switched at Birth, Blue Bloods and CSI NY. The ones that left me hanging over the summer are Army Wives. And another favorite that still has a few episodes left for the season is Covert Affairs. Sometimes I wish I was a CIA agent in my other dream life. Can you tell that our DVR is full?

  59. Lelia

    Glee for sure! And Castle… I do like Castle :-)

  60. Elizabeth

    I am with you on Bones. Pysch is another I am excited for. But still a long and painful wait until Downton Abbey.

    I get super obsessed with shows too. When I start a show that already has multiple seasons released on Netflix, I have no life. I can’t imagine that is healthy in any way, shape, or form.

  61. Kristin

    I have fallen off both the Bones & Glee bandwagon. But am I still watching The Office despite its lacklusterness lately. I think you two would like How I Met Your Mother. It’s one of my favs. Hmm… what else? Castle. Parks & Recreation. Pysch. Community. Yeah, that should be good. :)

  62. Jenny McQueen

    Dexter, Dexter Dexter. Once you watch, you can’t stop. This is the first season that we have to watch like *regular* folks, and it’s killing us. Pun intended, :D

  63. Tara

    Oh man I could never pick! They are like children you can’t have a favorite. Glee is fun and silly and brings me back to high school and makes me want to SING (yes I sang that as I typed it)! Bones is serious and silly at the same time. They make me feel smarter when I’m finished watching the episode but also sad that it’s over. Thank God for my DVR or I would miss them both.

  64. Eryn Kesler

    OH MY GOSH!!! Yay! I’m a winner?!? This totally made my day! The ONE day I don’t read your blog…I’m a day behind!

    AND, I love both Bones AND Glee, and the poster with Kate Hudson? Has me in hopes this will be as good as the season with Gwyneth Paltrow. My other fave series, that is perfect for a snowy weekend marathon…Downton Abbey. SO GOOD. I got sick shortly after starting it, and I watched all of both seasons, and every other British love story I could get my hands on. Maybe it was the fever, maybe it’s just England. I don’t know…but I watched it all! Thank goodness for Netflix.

  65. Jessica Vidmar Photography

    There are a few but I think the one that makes me the most excited knowing it will be starting soon is The Walking Dead followed by Talking Dead where they talk about the behind the scenes stuff – so much goes into that show it’s crazy and I love it not to mention the fact it’s coming back October 14th which totally gets me in the Halloween mood : )

  66. Athena

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m horribly addicted to Gossip Girl and I have ONE WEEK to finish season four AND five before the final season starts on OCtober 8th. I’m going to be glued to my couch. Seriously. I never thought I’d like it — and it took about 2-3 episodes before I fell, but then I did. SO. Hard. Watch it. It’s amazing. I was suprised by how addicted I became to Game of Thrones, since it’s not usually my genre,but it’s also amazing and I highly recommend it! And Parenthood. It’s worth every single tear (And you’ll cry every single episode). SUCH good music, amazingly real characters, and true to life dialouge. My sleeper hit goes to HBO’s GIRLS. Also very witty and funny and perfectly raw and real. As far as your choices – if I have to pick (though I haven’t seen either in about two years -sadface-) I’d pick Bones. I’m sort of in love with the Deschanels. (Did you know Emily convinced Zoey that their parents were aliens, and Zoey was terrified as a kid! That Temperance Brennen – always causing trouble.)

  67. Maranda

    I love the fans that the bridesmaids are carrying where can I find them?

  68. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    BONES BONES BONES BONES!!!! I can barely wait. I could barely wait. This season is the best ever so far!!!

  69. Tracy Ann

    I was soooo devastated when White Collar and Suits ended it’s summer season, but completely stoked that Bones and Grey’s are back! And even though I’m a teeny bit embarrassed to admit it, I canNOT wait for Vampire Diaries to come back! Yayyyyyy fall TV lineup!

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