February 13, 2009

This Stuff is Haute!!

Well, here’s a little sneaky peak behind the FIRST shoot we did this past Monday! We were given the incredible opportunity to work with the AMAZING Beth Chapman to shoot all the images for her new 2009 ads. Working with us was celebrity makeup artist DD Nickel, hair guru Timothy Pamment, and of course our GORGEOUS model Kelly. Needless to say…these guys deserve all the credit for making us look good! All we had to do was show up and push the button! :P

  1. Joan Solitario

    BEAUTIFUL IMAGES!!!! Did you use the new lens for the last photo?

  2. Justin Marantz

    Thanks Joan! Yeah, all of these were either shot with the new Zeiss 25mm 2.8 or our 30mm 1.4

  3. Amy

    Are you kidding me, this bride is simply divine! The dress is gorgeous, and she looks flawless in every photograph.

  4. Tracy (Serendipity Images)

    Wow … simply stunning!

  5. Navy Sou

    Jimminy freakin’ Christmas!!! How in the world do you get such creamy complected skin??? Inquiring minds wants to know!!!

  6. Sharon

    Wow…. Breathtaking.
    Everything is just flawless! The model, gowns, lighting, setting, the images, EVERYTHING! Perfection.

  7. Wayne Toshikazu

    Awesome stuff! Especially love the color in the first two and last images!

  8. Tira J

    Holy Cow! Everything about this session is HOT! So elegant.

  9. Christopher

    Nice job pushing the button. And PS: Love the veil shot.

  10. Eric Foley

    Dude and dudette, that vail shot is sick. It totally kicks @$$

  11. Kayla

    These are so pretty!!

  12. Betsy Jo

    The veil – oh. my. Was that one with the new Zeiss lens? I am amazed by that shot- gor. GEOUS. I literally said, "Wow." out loud. (And I rarely talk to my computer screen, so that’s saying something!)

  13. Feuza

    You guys rock! can not wait to see the other one you did on Monday, this is way cool. Beautiful

  14. Crystal Chick

    I have to agree… the veil shot kicks tail. It is incredibly beautiful. The dress is gorgeous, and all of the shots are amazing. But the up-close veil shot is definitely my fave.

  15. Andi Walpurgis

    WOW..the pictures are beautiful…I love the veil shot..YOU ROCK!!!!!

  16. Abra Morris

    Absolutely breathtaking.

  17. Eddye

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!!

  18. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    These truly are breathtaking! I know it has already been said, but it was the first word to come to mind. When I saw the second photo I swear I gasped… it was just that beautiful! Her skin looks like porcelain! I could look at these over and over and over again!

  19. Jasmine Marie

    Wow… absolutely stunning. SO beautiful.

  20. Beth Chapman

    Justin and Mary~ Thank you so much for capturing our gowns so beautifully and taking my vision to the next level! Your talents never cease to amaze me! Best,

  21. Ava Martinez

    these are gorgeous…i love them

  22. erica Velasco

    I love this set! I love the dresses, the head piece and your processing is so creamy and beautiful! Did you use TRA?

  23. carla Ten Eyck

    these are just amazing guys! WOW!

  24. Adrienne Byrd

    soooo pretty! you guys did a fabulous job! it seriously makes me want to go out and buy a wedding dress! (well maybe just try them on for fun!)

  25. Kim


  26. The Last Forty Percent Photography

    These are stunning. I was blown away. Great work :)

  27. jenberry

    that last photo is ridiculous

  28. jenberry

    oh yeah… so are all the rest… oopps

    Which quote, etc won the light dvd?

  29. elizabeth

    seriously love love love these

  30. Megan Robbins

    these are ridiculously stunning…i mean, wowzer! I really love the shot that is all veil and her eyes, just gorgeous! I also really love the last shot because I love her bridal style!

  31. leslie

    Those are amazing guys!

    Good luck with the blog, I voted and just woke brian up and made him vote too!

  32. Yuka photo art

    These photo are just amazing! I love postproduction and toning! Beautiful result!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Katelyn

    Absolutely LOVE the second from last one! Gorgeous!

  34. Jennie Fresa

    These photos are ALL beautiful! The model is gorgeous, hair and makeup perfection!

  35. Sarah Wellmeier

    Oh my….The last looks like it is right out of of a magazine! LOVE IT!!

  36. joshua k

    Wow! These photos are awesome!

  37. rachel darley

    **wholf whistle** wow guys, haut is totally an understatement.

  38. john waire

    this is a pretty freaking amazing session! wowsers. great job!

  39. Emily Beaty

    GORGEOUS!! I really love the last two.

  40. Ashley Rose

    Wow. you guys blow my mind! I love these, sooooo gorgeous :) swooning!!!

  41. Talia

    My gawd! they are all gorgeous!

  42. craig stodola

    This is such a gorgeous shoot. Mmmmm! I love reflections. :)

  43. Paul

    Wow, they look even more amazing on the computer… the iPhone just didnt do them justice :p

  44. lindsay

    Thump! I just fell off my chair! I’m back. They are so fabulous I want to cry.

  45. Erika McCauley

    Wow!! These are stunning! I especially love the one with the mirror!

  46. Kate Callahan

    these are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  47. Beth Morgan

    OMG…ya’ll are AWESOME!!! I love, love, love these images! So beautiful. I wish I could’ve been at wppi so I could meet ya’ll. One day I will get to meet the fab Justin and Mary :).

  48. erin harvey

    seriously, WOW. these are absolutely flawless. good seeing you in vegas!

  49. Cathy Crawley

    Those are seriously stunning! Elegant, classy and beautiful, well done :)

  50. Alicia

    Is this Kelley from the White Dress by the Shore? She looks absolutely stunning! And she made my dress shopping experience so much fun!!! How exciting :-)

  51. J&M

    It is!! She was awesome!!

  52. Kris Rupp

    Just spent almost an hour loving your blog!!. ..and meeting you guys through it! :)Congratulations on your success and the photos above are some of my favorites. Just stunning!

  53. Shari

    That veil picture is DIVINE! Seriously took my breath away. Awesome shots.

  54. claire

    gaaahhhhhhhh…. these are drool worthy. I LOVE them.

  55. Val McCormick

    How did I miss this one? Absolute perfection!

  56. Heidi Abbott

    I love these shots. I am in love with the soft colors….it’s dreamy. The veil picture is seriously sweet.

  57. Stephanie Stewart

    These are gorgeous! Love the veil shot! Which lens did you use for this, the 25mm?

  58. MM

    @ Stephanie: yep! we love it!

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