November 27, 2010

Three Day Extended Sale!!

Ok, first just let me say….Holy. Wow.

Yesterday you absolutely blew us away. Helen Hunt in the movie Twister style. When I woke up and checked my inbox, it was overflowing with names. Your names. And they just kept coming.

And I smiled at each and every one.

Because of you, Spread the Love is on. Like flan. Twirling a baton.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for that! From the bottom of our hearts. Honestly, I can’t wait to hug every one of you and thank you in person. So, I hope that’s not weird! :)

And if you missed out on the Black Friday sale yesterday, we didn’t want to leave you out in the cold. So we decided to run an extended sale for the next three days through midnight on Monday, so you can still get in on some pretty may-jah savings! :) But definitely be sure to get in on this one, because this is the absolute lowest these seats will ever be again! :)

We can’t wait to see you all there!
So much love,

  1. Meredith

    I’m so glad I did this yesterday, although $499 is still a great price. See you in San Diego!

  2. Jessica

    I can’t to see you, hug you and bring you a venti nonfat latte!

  3. maggieb

    did someone say flan?! I’m all there!

  4. Christa

    Won’t be weird if I hug you first :)

  5. Sharon

    I’m so excited that I posted on Facebook again!!! I am beyond excited for this!!! Can’t wait to meet ya’ll!!!! AHHHHH!

  6. Nicole

    Just signed up again! I can’t wait! Come on Charlotte peeps…this is an amazing deal!

  7. Nik Werner

    Signed up for Philadelphia as a birthday present to me on my daughter Mary’s 1st birthday (24 hours of labor deserves a little love for Mamma, right?)!

  8. Carol MacGregor

    Just reserved at seat at the Boston "Wedding Walk Through" in August . . . what a treat to look forward to!!!

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