December 28, 2012

Three Simple Rules in Life…

Yesterday my dad sent me this.

When I opened up my inbox and found it sitting there I nearly burst into tears. Insta-tears. Julia Roberts ugly cry tears.

Because it was exactly. what. I. needed. to. hear.

And my guess was…some of you might need to hear it too. So here it is, just in case.

And since I think every Friday is better with a contest, let’s have a little one shall we?? Tell me one thing that you are going to 1) go after, 2) ask for or 3) take a step toward in 2013. Just one. And one lucky winner is going to receive $25 in Starbucks goodness. And…GO!!

  1. Megan

    I’m am going to create my very first tutorial video for beginning photographers, hopefully it will be useful for at least one person :)

  2. Meaghan Lyndaker

    I will SO be going after a BIG move to North Carolina. Maine winters are sooo not for this girl!

  3. Kristina McCaleb

    One thing that I am to take a step toward: doing what I need to do to become a full time photographer.

  4. Naomi Elle

    Going AFTER the real tough financial goals this year. :D

  5. Chelsea batey

    One thing I am going to go after in 2013 is serious pursuit of starting my own photography business through learning by observation, classes (like the Big Next!), immersion and leaping with blind faith. I’m so excited and terrified!

  6. Sarah G

    I am going to do a styled session in the next 2 months & rock it. I’ve been trying to organize one with local vendors & have received no’s, so it just hasn’t come to fruition for several reasons. So I’m going to MAKE it come to fruition for both my business as as personal work to inspire me.

  7. Rachel McCloud

    1. going after leaving my current job and jump into capturing awesome people full-time.

    2. ask for more from myself as far as creativity and connecting to clients

    3. pushing for an even better partnership with my husband/business partner :)

  8. bethany cox

    In 2013 I am going to go happiness. That is a really meaningful thing that is missing from my life and there isn’t a really good reason for it so…. thats what Im going for in 2013.

  9. Rachael Houser

    One thing I am going to take a step toward in 2013 is going part time at my nursing job while going full time in my photography. I am so excited for what this year will bring!

  10. Tiffany Farley

    Shoot for myself more!! :)

  11. Jen

    Well, in 2012 I quit a job that I hated. Now I need to take the next step: pursue freelance writing jobs and make my blog fantastic.

  12. stephanie

    I love you and your spontaneous contests =) – I’m going to go after full-time-ness as a photographer. Which seems sooooo far away, but maybe in 2013 it’ll get a little closer.

  13. Tiffani D

    well. Just yesterday I finally took a big breath and jumped into the deep end of the pool. We released our blog. Actually, it was ready for release two weeks ago but I was too afraid to make the announcement and cut the cord. HUGE step for us in this journey.

  14. Clark Sanders

    Creating a business/marketing plan for 2013 (a first) and working it!!

  15. Crystal Malloy

    In 2013 I am going to give my price and not hover over the send key for 2 minites debating if I should really send it or not.
    I am going to specialize and build a brand.
    I am going to start off my Big 2013 in Dallas with Justin and Mary :)
    I am going to love 2013 because this is my beginning!

  16. Cheryle

    Help. I need help, and I just asked for it yesterday in the form of a mentoring session. My editing time is ridiculous and it is embarrassing to reveal to this mentor, but I know I need to ask for help to get it where it’s profitable.

  17. Lacey Rabalais

    I’m going for the dreams of being a full time successful photographer. I’m asking/praying for it to work out. And it has to work. Thanks for being inspirational. Since p31 conference a fire was lit inside me…..and under me. I’m going to make it work in 2013. :)

  18. Katie Jane

    I want to create a really great mentoring program for photographers just starting out. I did two mentoring sessions in November for beginning photographers, and discovered teaching is something I’m really passionate about.

  19. Jill D

    I am going to take another step forward this year in learning American Sign Language.

  20. ashley link

    i want to go after my dream of making my business full time. it’ll take hard work, but i’m prepared and know it’ll be worth it to do something i love!

  21. Chris S.

    I’m going after a great relationship with my wife and my two boys! Everything else comes second.

  22. Jessica Frey

    2013 – the year I step forward and move to a new market and essentially ‘start over’ with my wedding photography! So excited!

  23. Jennie

    We are going to go after our first full year in business with 110% effort. We want to make a mark in our community.

  24. Ashley B

    Make the transition from second shooter to main photographer!!

  25. Becky

    In 2013 I want go after shooting my first solo wedding.

  26. Vanessa Chupp

    Our BHAG for 2013 is to get us going full time with our business and get me out of salving away at a part time job I hate, and instead both of us working at the job we love, doing it together, and getting to spend time with our daughter :) that’s the goal, and it’s exciting/ terrifying trying to work towards doing it.

  27. Jil

    I am going to ask to work in the white collar practice at the firm when I start next fall! I did some work with them over the summer, so I think I might get that placement – but it is in high demand!

  28. Vanessa Chupp

    Our BHAG for 2013 is to get us going full time with our business and get me out of salving away at a part time job I hate, and instead both of us working at the job we love, doing it together, and getting to spend time with our daughter :) that’s the goal, and it’s exciting/ terrifying trying to work towards doing it.

  29. Cathy & Jeff

    Taking steps to define/redefine/solidify our branding. We’re reading "lovemarks" in January and implementing what we learn into our biz throughout the year. I hear it’s an awesome book and it’s been on our shelf for almost 6 months. Anxious to read it! And excited about all 2013 will bring!!!! Oh-and my (Cathy’s) big ask is that I get/find/make a way to get to the P31 conference this year. Not sure how it’ll happen, but totally believing it CAN :-)

  30. Justine

    This is so so great Mary! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to take a step outside my comfort zone and put myself and my business out in the community and stop hiding behind my computer screen, expecting people to just "know" who I am

  31. John Lennon

    Share my passion.

  32. saah

    This is the year I portfolio build!

  33. ellie be

    I’m going after my dreams of starting a non-profit organization.. I’m asking for freedom to be myself + love others without fear. I’m stepping forward towards a greater and bigger life.

  34. Brittany

    Even though I’m probably too late for the contest this feels symbolic in a way. In 2013 I want to take a step forward in believing in my talent as a photographer. I know I can do it but it’s always scary to tell someone that I can do it!

  35. Joe Don

    It mat seem silly but I aim to have a dog by the end of 2013.

  36. Molly

    Being the face of our company, it’s important that I show people I care just as much about myself as I do about them. For that reason, I am ready to loose the 60 pounds that I should have never put on over 8 years ago. Also, being in shape will help me do my job that much better while I am out on location!

  37. Jessica

    I’m going after some kind of relationship with a business – florist, salon, high end clothing!

  38. Karen

    I’m going to learn how to be a new mommy while maintaining a business. It’s scary, but having this job allows me the freedom to spend time w/ my son ….. just gotta figure out the balance this summer!

  39. Miranda Glaeser

    In 2013, I am going after my first paying customer. Eeehhhhh!

  40. Miranda Glaeser

    In 2013, I am going after my first paying customer. Eeehhhhh!

  41. kim

    take more leaps of faith to make my life what I want it to be. :)

  42. Athena

    1) I’m going after success. Wholeheartedly. Full throttle. No prisoners. I’m going to shut up the voice of resistance that tells me that no matter what I do I’m going to fail, and I’m going to prove it wrong. 2)I’m going to ask myself to be brave. I’m going to ask to be strong and committed and I’m going to ask myself to Do. The. Work. Because if I don’t go after the thing I want, I’ll never have it. 3) I’m going to take a step toward believing it’s possible. Toward believing that I’m on this path for a reason and that there’ is so much resistance because it is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing, and not the other way around. I’m going to do this, you guys. Not because I want to. Because I HAVE to.

  43. Alison

    I am late to the party, but 2013 is a big year- I will be shooting my first primary wedding (yes, Mary, I said wedding!) I am picking my D-day date for going full time, I am going to keep managing my time so my family is still the priority, and I am going to keep pushing myself to try new things!

  44. Annie Castelnovo-McMullen

    I am going after the resolution of some serious health problems all the while intent on learning to oeprate my new SLR camera and invest some serious time in photography after a very long time away. I operate my own medical-legal consulting business which has allowed me very little time to do much of anything else creatively. Photography has always been a love of mine — hoping to start to make the dream come true this year and just get better — and, oh yes, while fueled on Starbucks iced coffee — would not dream of drinking anything else!

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