May 23, 2016

Life w/ J&M: Today is My Birthday!!

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Happy Monday friends! I know Mondays are not usually that happy, but for me this one definitely is and that’s because today is my BIRTHDAY!! We are really big on birthdays in the Marantz household & are all about celebrating them up right. So today we are off with some close friends for our annual trip to Nantucket & #maryspreppybirthday (take 4!!)

We’re about to go board a ferry, but before we do I thought it would be fun to list out some things I hope will come of this new year of life. Here they are in no particular order:

*Visit Ireland in the Fall or Spring.
*Sign a book deal.
*Make health, good eating & exercise a priority
*Stay home a lot more with our puppies
*Finish at least two major projects on the house (most likely kitchen & 2nd floor)
*Speak at more non-photography conferences & launch a speaker website
*Go to Hawaii with my Dad after he gets better!
*Spend some time on the lake with friends
*Read more, for business and for fun
*Laugh a TON!
*Travel more just for us.
*Dream bigger for our business than ever before.
*Go to the beach a bunch this summer.
*De-clutter & give a ton of stuff away
*Be able to give radically with our money
*Stop being afraid and just START on some big projects I’ve been meaning to do. No more decisions out of FEAR.
*Be an awesome friend & really show up for people
*More quiet time, more praise, more gratitude, more GRACE
*Date nights with Justin once a week
*Print more of our photos
*Be willing to start new chapters, even when they’re scary!
*Love my life & see every day as a GIFT!

Ok, we’re off on island time! If you need us, we’ll be by the lobster rolls!


  1. UrškaMajer

    Dear Mary, wishing you a very happy birthday and i hope all of this come true! <3

  2. Spring

    Happy birthday!!!! Wish I could be there but know I’m wish you in spirit lady!! Xoxoxoxo and lake days are a must ????

  3. Deborah Zoe

    Really you should visit Scotland in July :-P Happy Birthday Mary, I hope you thrive and grow this year!! Enjoy every minute of you trip to ACK!!

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