October 31, 2013

Tonic Website Giveaway!!

Happy Thursday & Happy Halloween!!

Today we have friends coming in from all over the country for our annual Halloween bash (more on that to come tomorrow!), and Justin is hard at work down in the basement riveting (yes, riveting!!) his costume together as we speak! We’ll have our friends in town for a couple days and then this weekend we are off to Oregon for our J&M Lighting Intensive and the Art of Authentic Posing workshops out there. After that we come right back in to the Amazing Life Escape in Maine, a wedding & workshop in Miami, and then our last Walk Through a Wedding workshop of the year on Nov 20-21. Whew! In other words, the next few weeks are crrrrazy. And just thinking about it makes my head spin.

But- and here’s the important but- BUT we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our crazy busy season is winding down, and there are visions of hot cocoa & crackling fires dancing through my head.

December is our month to regroup. To breathe. To rest. And to cast the vision for what we want the next year to look like. This year, one of the major projects that has been put on the back burner until now that we plan to really start digging into in December & January is finally finally getting our act together to work on this new brand we’ve been talking about all year. We are SO lucky to be working with the insanely talented Jennifer Olmstead on our new brand, and I feel so much more at ease knowing that we are in her incredibly capable hands. I can’t wait to go back & forth with her on things like fonts, and layouts, and just putting together something that is remarkable and so US now that our style has evolved and we’ve grown as photographers. We’re hoping to unveil it fairly early next year, so definitely stay tuned for that!

In the mean time though, we have had the HUGE honor of collaborating with Jennifer & her business partner Jeff Shipley in their site design business, Tonic for one of their new designs. I cannot RAVE enough about how beautiful, rich & sophisticated every single one of their designs is, so when these guys reached out to use some of our images in one of their new sites that are just launching TODAY, I couldn’t jump at the chance fast enough!!

The site is called Bloody Mary (LOL, it was NOT named after me…all of their sites are named after a drink (hence the Tonic!) And it is all things preppy-sophisticated-goodness. I have attached screen shots below for some of my favorite features!!

First of all, I just LOVE the main icon that’s on every page that reminds me of a crew logo & Brooks Brothers all at the same time!

I adore how the galleries are called Book One, Book Two, etc and all the different layout options they offer!

Love is LOVELIER than ANTHING else! True. That.

Amanda & Jeremy, y’all are looking GOOD on this site!!

A lot of the pictures below were personal pictures taken on our various adventures this year. And looking at them all together makes my heart feel very very grateful indeed.

LOVE this treatment for the about page!

Now for the REALLY exciting news!! In honor of all their new designs that are dropping today AND in honor of one of my two favorite holidays, the amazing Jennifer & Jeff have agreed to give us one Site Design to give away to you, our incredible readers, for FREE!! All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Head over to the Tonic site & browse all the collections, and then come back HERE and leave us a comment below telling us your favorite one! One lucky commenter is going to win a design credit worth $525. The winner will be announced early next week!! And….GO!!

  1. Jen

    Um, obsessed with the Bloody Mary. It would work perfectly with my brand. <3

  2. Carly Koop

    I’m really liking the Bloody Mary design!!

  3. Brandilynn Aines

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bloody Mary, This completely describes me, being on the water, the whole yacht thing. && not to mention Jennifer & Jeff chose the perfect photographers to be displayed on this awesome site :) Cannot wait to meet you Mary in December and eat some yummy s’mores :)

  4. Shannon Cronin

    oh my- I adore Tonic! it pairs really well with gin ;) ok ok I kid but their sites are stunning! my favorite is the Mint Julep… it’s my brand in website form and I’m in love! :)

  5. Joe Don Richardson

    I am still looking but I like the look and feel of Ward 8. Thanks M&J for introducing me to TonicSite.

  6. Sarah W

    I’m loving the Mint Julep!

  7. Devon

    Peach Bellini – simple, clean, everything from one page :) What a great opportunity ~

  8. Laura Fisher

    Oh my gosh. Ohhhhh my gosh. I’ve been unhappy with my site that I designed on Wix for a while now, and have been searching for the ‘right’ look… I checked out Squarespace extensively but nothing was quite right. Tonic is it. Martini is PERFECTION and I find myself overflowing with ideas of what I could do with it, how I could personalize it to fit me like a glove… (I feel like I’m shopping for a wedding dress or something! Ha!) All of Tonic’s designs are absolutely stunning, and I recognized their icon at first glance! Such a talented team. I’m totally blown away…

  9. Mack McGowan

    Definitely "Tonic"… Love me a good typographic design! We’re totally due for a site refresh, too– Hook us up!

  10. Tara

    The Sidecar is definitely my favorite! How fun!!!

  11. Abby

    I love Gin Fizz!

  12. Maria

    Oh my goodness, these are just gorgeous! I love many of them, especially Gin Fizz and Sangria, but if I had to pick just one favorite, it would have to be Sangria. It’s so fabulous! I just adore all the thoughtful use of white space, the font, everything!

  13. Candice

    I was JUST browsing the tonic shop yesterday & fell in love with Limoncello!

  14. Laura

    I have been in love with Mint Julep! Perfect for me!

  15. Katharina Graf

    They’ve got some awesome designs, really, love their work! Personally I like the Martini and Manhattan, but if I’d have to choose between the 2 I’d definitely loooove to have the Martini for us :) it would be totally awesome – but all the best and a great page to whoever wins! Thanks Justin and Mary for doing this, enjoy a great off time with good focus on what’ll be coming next year! ❤

  16. Candice

    I was JUST browsing the Tonic Shop yesterday & fell head over heals for Limoncello!

  17. Lisa

    Hey Mary! I love the clean and effortless style of the Sangria design!

  18. Angelsea Urban

    WOW. They are ALL so stunning. It is hard to comment on just one favorite. Fantastic design work and absolutely refreshing to view. Really love them. Thanks J&M for sharing this. :-)

  19. Shannon Cronin

    oh my- I love tonic! it pairs really well with gin . ok ok I kid- I seriously love all of their style groups- they’re amazing! my hands down favorite is the Mint Julep… it’s everything I’ve been looking for in a style website!

  20. David T.

    Love Limoncello. Thanks for the link. I love all their designs!!

  21. Jennifer Darcey

    I ADORE Sangria!! Oh amazing! My site has been hacked 3 times this year. I just finished rebuilding it and I see this beauty. Oh how I’d LOVE to win and give my site a HUGE overhaul! :)

  22. Stephanie Rita

    I can’t wait to see you guys new site/brand! And I am blown away by all the gorgeous Tonic sites! So fancy! I think my favorite is Limoncello, but Mint Julep is adorable too!

  23. mary

    love it! Gin Fizz is calling my name

  24. Brooke

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Limoncello :)

  25. Jennifer

    I have been waiting and waiting for these to drop!!!!! Love them (and you guys, of course!!!)! I would love to have the Southside style group!!! It would fit perfectly with my rebrand as a boutique photographer!!!!!!!!

  26. Megan

    I’m in love with Southside Day and I also love Mint Juleps.

    I’m so excited to see what you came up with for Halloween!!!

  27. Jennifer

    I LOVE Sangria! It’s so beautiful and I just love the simplicity of it!

  28. Megan Chase

    I ADORE Southside collection! The description says it perfectly… Kate Spade! Need I say more? I would love to share my work on a site that resembles chic champagne and my other favorite Kate (Middleton). Swoon!

  29. Alison Dunn

    Mint Julep all the way. Love. LOVE.

  30. Sabrina Lafon

    I ADORE the mint julep design!!! Its perfect! :)

  31. N Hana

    Moscow Mule, Da!

  32. Autumn Wilson

    I am in love with Gin Fizz. So clean and beautiful. :)

  33. Rachel

    My favorite is "Mojito!"

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity! xo

  34. Alicia Sturdy

    VIEUX CARRE! I absolutely adore the ‘night and day’ look you can choose from, and the one click navigation through the whole site (with the option of regular nav of course) is exactly what I’m looking for!

  35. Sara Wilson

    I love the simplicity of Hemmingway and it’s so apropos for my current branding: I use one of his quotes on my homepage to show what I stand for and I can just picture this quote on the front page of this design!

  36. Melissa

    I love the Sangria!

  37. Stormy

    Love love love the Martini design!

  38. Erin Schrad

    I got the sneak peek email yesterday and browsed through the new collection last night. I love their work! The Bloody Mary design is one of my faves along with Mint Julep. It would be a dream to win a site design to help me take my part-time business to the next level!

  39. Regan Carter

    I’m kind of in love with the simplicity of the Peach Bellini!! Or maybe it’s because I’m in love all things peach… :)

  40. Kandice Hemenwat

    Loving the Martini design. So clean!!

  41. Katie Jackson

    I love the new tonic designs! My favorite is Mint julep! Jeff and Jen are so talented!

  42. Sarah V

    Ahhh! Love these! Would love a site refresh too! I would have to say the Bloody Mary and the Gin Fizz are my favorites! These are very very cool :D

  43. Carina + David

    Love the Tonic designs! Especially the soft feel of the Southside design. Love it!

  44. Nelly

    I love them all!! Mint Julep, Southside, Martini!!!! I really hope I win this giveaway! I want to break away from the blogspot and get a prof website. thanks justin and mary

  45. Krystle

    I LOVE Limoncello, its perfection!

  46. Valen

    Ohhhh, J&M… thanks to you guys, I’ve officially diagnosed myself with BTWS. Thanks for introducing me to Tonic! And with that…I’m a Mojito kinda girl!

  47. ashley

    LOVING the Mint Julep! … time to grab my derby hat :)

  48. sara graham

    vieuxcarre is perfect with my style and brand!!

  49. Krystle

    I adore the new site Southside, its nice and clean

  50. Claudia

    It was so hard to choose, all of them are very sophisticated as you mention. I love the cosmopolitan.

  51. erynkesler@gmail.com

    GAH. They are too lovely. I’ve been so anxiously awaiting the new arrivals!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mint Julep, and I still really love Limoncello.

  52. Meagan Fisher

    Ooh, I’m a Gin Fizz lover. Looked at nearly all of them & love the featured slider with link as well as the clean, crisp design.

  53. Catie Ronquillo Wood

    I’m loving Mint Julep and Sangria! But I just love that their design styles are so amazing and makes the most of Showit! And I love their their designs guide you through all the pages of the site…So good!

  54. Jack

    Sangria. It’s earthy, textured, and irresistible.

  55. Melissa Jaen

    The Sangria template is gorgeous and definitely goes with my aesthetic and brand as a photographer! It’d also be a huge step up from my Tumblr template. :)

  56. kristengreenbrigham

    Love, Love, Love the Peach Bellini!! Simplistic, beautiful, and clean!! Makes me think of the smell in Positano-my last encounter with a Peach Bellini!!!

  57. Brenda

    Love the Martini design, that screams me!!

  58. Chrissy Henry

    I adore Gin Fizz! I’ve been looking to update my site since I moved to Palm Beach last year and I think this collection would be the perfect one to shake up my brand a bit :)

  59. Andrea Java

    Love, love, love Limoncello! Such a light and airy feel…WANT!!!

  60. Denise Karis

    I can’t stop looking at these designs. My favorite has to be Ward 8… I adore the galleries and the background image to each page. I love the upscale look and the editorial meets industrial design. It’s an amazing design.

  61. Nelly

    not sure if my response went through. Southside, Mint Julep, Martini are wonderful! Love them all.

  62. Ryan

    I love to drink it & I love the site: Gin Fizz all the way! :)

  63. Lauren Swann

    I am obsessed with the peach Bellini!!! It’s so fresh, simple, and just beautiful!!

  64. Shelby Shrake

    I am in love with the Limoncello! Oh my goodness it stole my breath away and fits what I am looking for so perfectly. Be still my heart! It is lovely. :)

  65. Tamryn Henn

    Well after careful consideration and pouring over all the wonderful designs in Tonic’s site house the winner for me was… COSMOPOLITAN. Über cool and easy to navigate, fresh galleries with a pop, the design shows off the photographs wonderfully in portrait or landscape and it would be the injection I need to get to the next level website wise. Fingers crossed! xx

  66. Jessie Emeric

    I love Mint Julep! It’s got that fresh clean look we love and want to incorporate more into our branding!

  67. Naomi Wilcox

    I really like the MINT JULEP Design. I love the layers & simplicity. It’s very easy to navigate and look around. The style makes me want to "stay" & browse as long as I can :)

  68. Lindsey LaRue

    I am just in LOVE with Sangria! I can’t even form words for how perfect it is!

  69. Jess Hunter

    I LOVE Hemmingway! Exactly what I want in a site.

  70. Melinda Green

    The Bloody Mary is awesome!! Great work you guys!!
    We especially love a Cosmopolitan….er I mean we love that site! :) That design would Rock for us.

  71. Irina

    It’s says on their site that collections are coming soon… Was I searching in the right place?

  72. Katie Crabb

    Wow, we can only pick one!?!? My goodness, so many beautiful choices. The "Mint Julep" design is most certainly my favorite. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

  73. Rebecca

    my fave is the Peach Bellini!!!

  74. Priscilla Longshore

    I love these new designs so awesome and hard to choose just one but my fave is Mint Jilep!
    Thank you in advance for the chance!

  75. libby

    Love The Tonic Shop and was looking at them all yesterday.. just blows me away! Bloody Mary and Southside Day would be my choice.. too hard to choose just one!!

  76. Tori Pintar

    I can’t decide, there are too many good ones. Mint Julep!

  77. Sandra Fazzino

    Ut oh….. The universe just turned upside down. I, too, am gearing up for the launch of a new brand for 2014 and thought I had the next site all mapped out. But you just flipped my world upside down. I can’t decide between Mint Julep, Sangria or Vieux Carre. Torture.

  78. Nicole

    They were all lovely but my favorite was the Southside Day Design

  79. Jamie

    "The Gatsby" is the design I’ve been dreaming of! No seriously, it’s like they built it off of my branding inspiration board on Pinterest. :0) LOVE it!!!!!

  80. Britta

    Southside Day – so much love – I am working on branding and logo design with Jeff and am really thinking Southside is going to be the one I have him customize for me!!! Jennifer and Jeff are the BEST!

  81. ahren

    mint julep!!!! love it. thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Erica Baker

    I love the Sangria site!

  83. Erica

    Wow! I was blown away by all of the sites, but fell in love when I saw Gatsby! They’re right – it’s definitely the site for the typography obsessed!

  84. Chelsea

    Love the Mint Julep design! :) Swoon to the layout elements!

  85. Kris Kandel

    I love the Cosmopolitan design. Simple yet love the circle with the pop of color!

  86. Julia Park

    They are all gorgeous, I’d vote for Southside for now

  87. Elishia

    Oh wow! I’m obsessing over all of these lovely designs. It’s almost impossible to choose only one. If I must choose, it would be VIEUX CARRÉ, however I love them all. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Fingers crossed! xo

  88. Priscilla

    I love Mint Julep! So classy! I want it!!

  89. elisabeth

    moscow mule & french 75 are my favorite drinks (and fave designs!) beautiful work, we would love to use one of these designs for our new site.

  90. Adrienne

    All of their designs are amazing, but I’m loving Peach Bellini!

  91. Jeanine Persichini

    When we met in September, you saw me gasp in sheer awe at "Martini." It was like they read my mind and saw the vision I had for my brand! I have thought about it a lot, but haven’t been able to afford it yet. But now that I’m seeing it again – it’s haunting me. (Which is totally apropos because it’s Halloween.) : ) Have a beautiful end-of-the-year! I can’t think of two more perfect people to have one.

  92. Nathan

    Definitely digging the Bloody Mary…!

  93. jaine {brklyn view photography}

    I love the mint juliep. so pretty & classic ;)

  94. Kelly Ewell

    There are so many to love! The moodiness of Tuxedo is really getting me. My husband and I are on the verge of making our "dream big" dream happen and so these any templates really would be perfect for setting up the brand of the new business!

  95. Natalie Salim

    They were all amazing but mint julep was definitely a favorite!! A website is the next step for me in starting my business so this would be amazing!

  96. Heidi

    So hard to choose, but I love Sangria!

  97. michelle white

    wow!!! these are all so polished, stunning, classy, and chic…i think their all great! but my favorites are the mint julep and Limoncello!! I think they speak to my personality the most. ;-) hope i win ;-)

  98. Natalie Salim

    They are all amazing but my favorite is mint julep!! A website is the next step for my business so this would be amazing!

  99. nauheim

    oh la la…Mint Julep!

  100. Kelsey DeWitt

    I just fell head-over-heels for the Limoncello! They had me at "Love Story" on the homepage and the fun, yet tasteful, color combo. Love it!

  101. Candice Hackett

    I am in LOVE with all the new sites, but Gatsby is still my favorite! And I have the tremendous pleasure of working with Jeff Shipley this winter for my new brand!! Can’t wait!

  102. Jill Powers

    Ooooo! It’s a tie between Bloody Mary and Southside Day!! But let’s be real, they’re all amazing!! :)

  103. Caili

    I LOVE Southside! Sooo dreamy – and here I go to start saving up!

  104. Melisa Draper

    I am a huge fan of Mint Julep! I have been waiting for these sites to be available for some time!!!

  105. Jessi

    I immediately connected with Gin Fizz! Love, LoVe, LOVE <3

  106. Jamie

    Gin Fizz is by far my favorite!!

  107. Jeremy

    I’ll have to go with my wife on this one, Gin Fizz is my favorite :)

  108. Amanda Mohinani

    I LOVE the southside template! :) So cool!

  109. Tessie Reveliotis

    I love them all, but if I had to choose one today, it’s the Gatsby!!!

  110. Mishelle Lamarand

    Love Bloody Mary, so classic and perfect! But really crushing on South Side and it’s my favorite. They are all gorgeous!

  111. Diana Yntema

    I love the simplicity and beauty of Peach Bellini!

  112. Rebecca Cash

    Obsessed!!!!!! I’ve been longing for a new website! These are ALL exquisite! The Mint Julep is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about!

  113. Cathy

    Hi Guys! Thanks so much for sharing these! Our winter is also going to be used for taking time to unwind, relax & plan for our next year. AND-since we just bought a house with a fireplace, we’ll definitely be getting cozy in front of it and dreaming away many evenings! I cannot wait!!!! Also-Tonic, AH-MAZE-ING!!!! I totally got sucked in! I echo what everyone is saying in that all of them are gorgeous, but I think either Southside Night or Cosmopolitan would have to be the winners for us. Each are very different, but we’re in that transition period in our business right now where we know we have to change to fit who we’ve become in the past 2 years, but we know we still have so far to go. Anyway, love love LOVE that you introduced all of us to Tonic and can’t wait to see if there’s something on the site that’ll work for us! Thanks so much for loving all of us enough to do awesome giveaways like this :-)

  114. Lindsey Kelly

    Ah! So many gems to choose from! I LOVE Mint Julip and Southside Day… BEAUTIFUL!!!

  115. Hanke

    My hands are shaking, I want to win this SO BAD! These templates (oh well….I’m not really allowed to call them templates right? :D) are so good! I love every single one of them but the one that really (like REALLY!) caught my eye was ‘French’. I love to let my photos do the talking in a clean, elegant design that is based on simplicity & white. I think it would really boost my business as a wedding photographer for the 2014 wedding season (since I’ll be shooting more and more film then). It’s exactly the style I want to achieve but simple cannot achieve with my wordpress templates (I so so so incredibly bad with everything website-related), I would defenitely let you guys have a look at my design and help me out because it seems like you really really know what you’re doing. Keep it up! (and I’ll keep my fingers crossed in the meantime!)

  116. Rici

    Gosh. Love this design and the deep blue and tiny details of you; splashing the water and carrying the tripod!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Saluti.

  117. Janelle C

    I have been in love with the Tonic’s designs for some time now – but I could never afford it. I am working hard to develop my brand and the Limoncello has the image and layout I am working hard towards. I humbly appreciate you both for allowing this opportunity for growing photographers, like myself. Thank you!

  118. stephanie mballo

    I am OBSESSED with mint julep but also LOVE Southside Day. Seriously THE Most gorgeous websites!

  119. Katie

    Southside makes me SWOON!!!! <– see what I did there?! Alliteration! What what!

  120. Carri

    They are all so beautiful! How to decide? I think I’ll have to pick "mint julep" what can I say? It’s the southern girl in me :)

  121. Emily Weis

    Oh goodness!!!! These would be perfect for the brand that my fiance and I are moving towards! I’d really be up for any of theme. Incredible work!

  122. Susan Dodd

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE so many of the designs. Their style is so fresh and beautiful. Just a few that really caught my eye…French 75, Hemingway, Sangria, Southside Day, and Bloody Mary. I’m in awe of these gorgeous sites!

  123. Kirsten Laniohan

    I love the clean,elegant look of French 75!!

  124. jenn

    WOW! great work, jennifer and jeff! i am dreaming about martini right now! i even have images in mind how our brand will look like in that beauty! love it!

  125. Cassie

    What a dream! Whoever wins is going to be happy dancing a la fist pumps and high kicks! My favorite is Southside!

  126. Audrey

    J’adore le SouthSide. For my Parisian brand it will look amazing! I am French based in Paris and this website would be perfect for the new design I am working on. Tres tres chic!

  127. Jenine Henninger

    I honestly love them all. Really. If I had to choose one that would fit my brand the best I would have to say the Mint Julep, but I’m sure if you ask me in ten minutes I will have a new favorite. They are all so clean and well designed. Love them!

  128. Cherie

    I think I would just about faint if I won the Mint Julep. It’s so clean and fresh and I LOVE it! Crossing my fingers so hard right now… I’m afraid I’ll lose circulation!! ;)

  129. Shelly Peters

    All of their sites are absolutely beautiful! I love the clean simplicity. My favorite is Mint Julep.

  130. Kristin S.

    Woo! Congrats on scheduling your regrouping time and getting to work on your branding project!

    Tonic has some really neat designs. I’m a huge fan of the Gin Fizz one – cool features, slick aesthetic. :)

  131. Richelle Hunter

    Too gorgeous! They’ve done a fantastic job!

  132. Kristine

    My goodness, Southside is so beautiful and up my ally. I am in the midst of a full re-brand for my Atlanta Wedding Planning company and stopped dead in my tracks when I found Tonic yesterday. I would absolutely love a chance to get this template for my site. We’re ready for a big time, beautiful makeover! I am in love with the simplicity, sense of elegance, stunning display and placement of photos, and sheer dreamy aesthetic. Gorgeous work!

  133. Sarah G

    I am in LOVE with Southside! And Jen did my recent re-brand and it’s fabulous. I have another venture I am toying with the idea of so a Tonic site would fit it perfectly!

  134. Heather

    I really love both the Martini and Sangria. I think that they share some similarities. Both are clean and classy. Sangria feels a bit lighter. Love them both!

  135. Vanessa Chupp

    Can’t wait to see your new website guys! Jennifer is so talented – I can’t wait to see what you all create together! : ) Love all Tonic’s new sites, but (after a really hard decision!) Martini would be the favourite! xox

  136. Karina

    I’ve loved Cosmo forever. I was waiting to see the new collection to get her, but I think I still love her the best!

  137. laura N

    All of these sites by Tonic are amazing. Personal favorite is Southside. Wonderful!

  138. Petra

    I absolutely LOVE Southside!!

  139. Margaret Alvarez

    I like the Ward 8 one – I’d give this to my daughter who is a photographer :)

  140. Jessica Clark

    I’m totally frothing over the Gin Fizz!

  141. Paulina

    WOW!!! I was in love with Tonic’s Spring collection but Jeff & Jen have really outdone themselves on these ones!! My favorite is Southside! I could literally see my logo on the page… =)

  142. Rachel Deutmeyer

    I am lalaloving Southside Day – it’s so beautifully simple and bright! Incredible!! So wonderful to see images of your adventures featured in a site design…Bloody Mary is pretty darn good too. :)

  143. James Saleska

    I love the peachbellini. I actually used the same font for my logo prior to ever finding the design. It must be fate…

  144. Cindy Habel

    Wow! Thanks to Tonic for being so generous, and to you guys for sharing!
    I love the sites, French75 is my favourite :)

  145. Chantale Perron

    Bloody Mary is absolutely gorgeous….but then I may just be partial to Justin & Mary’s photos. ;) Vieux Carre comes in at a close second – it is so perfectly fit for my brand. I LOVE it! Thanks to Tonic and Justin & Mary for holding this awesome contest!

  146. Carissa

    My gosh, I know pretty much everyone is saying it, but I am seriously drooling over Southside Day. It’s truly everything I’m working on creating in my brand… And I’m so excited to see your new website too :) Thanks for this awesome opportunity J&M and Jen and Jeff!!

  147. lindsey

    I’m madly in love with so many! Sangria would work lovely with my business! Thank you for such a generous giveaway. Keep up the brilliant work.

  148. Desirea

    The Bloody Mary and The Gatsby it is :).

  149. Amber Reinink

    So obsessed with Cosmopolitan!!! Love love love it!!! Since I am in the process of rebranding I would love to see how this would go with my new look and feel.

  150. Brie

    OMG the Southside Night is exactly what i’ve been looking for for YEARS.

  151. Alyson Willis

    French 75 and Bloody Mary are my favs but you really can’t go wrong with any of these. My site is in need of a makeover!! :)

  152. Stefanie Morris

    The Mint Julep is to die-for!! I love it!

  153. Tricia

    Oh my goodness, Tonic is positively swoon-worthy! I adore Peach Bellini!

  154. Christina Barnum

    Love sooo many! Limoncello spoke to me, though! Thanks for the chance to win! Need this in mg life! <3

  155. Stephen

    I love the simple elegance of Sangria!

  156. Ashley Scobey

    You know i love me some mint julep :)

  157. carlotta

    I am torn between Mint Julep and Sangria. They are all awesome. My favorite is their own site. <3

  158. Addie

    Love the Sangria!!!

  159. Cheryle

    After much deliberation, it’s Hemingway! So many amazing designs – modern meets romantic meets hipster. LOVE so many of them!

  160. BraskaJennea

    WOW! Just WOW! I mean how’s a gal supposed to pick just one? Thank you Justin and Mary for introducing us all to Toxic! As hard as it is to choose right now I’d say I’m crushing on Gin Fizz and Vieux Carre! I’m a sucker for top navigation, and the clean, sophisticated designs! (If this duplicates I’m sorry…I did the 1st one on my iphone and it didn’t seem like it went thru :/ )

  161. Meghan Spencer

    I think Martini is my fave, but I love quite a few of them!

  162. Meghan Van Leer

    The hemingway! I love those large photos and open spaces. The type treatment is spot on as well. Just perfect for my new branding that is launching next year as well. Thanks so much guys!

  163. Mandy T

    I’m so torn between two sites. Gin and Fizz looks delicious, actually, the website tastes way better than actual Gin. So many places you could take your brand. On the other hand,I could take my current brand into to Limoncello and make a run for it. This is the best form of whiplash.

  164. Jessica Brigham

    How can you NOT fall in love with Tonic designs?!?! Sassy finesse j’adore!!!! I’m going to call it though and I’ll take a Mint Julep, bartender. Vibrant, full bleed, gorgeousness.

  165. Katie

    I love Bloody Mary! It is so classic! I adore the nautical nods and navy blue is my favorite color/main branding color!

  166. Nathan&Amanda

    We LOVE martini, and we hope we win!!!

  167. jen

    I love, love, LOVE the manhattan site…it is crazy perfect and I LOVE being introduced to new site designer’s! (I’m stuck in I have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing-web-site-overhaul – so here’s to having my finger’s crossed!) thank you for the giveaway and heads up on such beautiful design work! :)

  168. Charissa Johnston

    I love Tonic’s sites!! I am personally a fan of Limoncello! I would love to win a site!

  169. Meagan Hildebrandt

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this talent with us J & M!

    How is it possible to choose a favourite? I loved nearly all of them!

    But if I had to choose, Hemingway jumped out to me the first and I loved exploring the demo site.

    I’m in a desperate need for a new site. Thanks again!

  170. Christy

    Limoncello is fabulous and would fit my work/style and my new logo that is being designed as I type! Perfection!

  171. Sarah Vanderford

    COMPLETELY in LOVE with Limoncello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. Jessica Vidmar Photography

    They really are all so great and this is so hard to choose but I think I’m digging Ward 8 right now! Thanks for the opportunity to win a credit towards one of these awesome sites! Lord knows I need it : )

  173. Jessica Crews

    peach bellini :)

  174. Annamarie

    Ahhh this is so exciting!! My favorite is the Southside Day design with Laura Gordon’s beautiful work on it!! :)

  175. Samantha Ruddock

    I am in love with Martini!!!

  176. Samantha Ruddock

    I am in love with Martini!!!

  177. Eddie

    Umm… I am in love! Time to rebrand, and Mint Julep, Vieu Carre, French 75, Hemmingway, and Lemoncello. Man! Love them!

  178. Karen Alcalde

    just adore the limoncello.

  179. Edwina "Eddie"

    Umm… I need to rebrand like woah! There are so many beautiful sites! My top picks are Hemmingway and Vieu Carre. LOVE!

  180. Melanie Watson

    Love the entire collection. After being stuck in a branding halt for over 2 years now it would be so refreshing to start anew with one of these lovely sites. I love the look of the French 75 from the Spring collection as well as the beauty, Bloody Mary.

  181. Amanda Kiviniemi

    I LOVE the Peach Bellini site!

  182. Heather

    I adore these websites and have added Tonic to my list of must haves! Right now, I think Gin Fizz is my favorite though its a close call between a few!!

  183. Timothy Eyrich

    I love Ward 8 and Moscow Mule!

  184. Erica Velasco

    I Love Mint Julip!!!!

  185. Emerson & Benjamin

    These Tonic designs are drool-worthy, no doubt. My favorites include the Tuxedo–Clean, and draws you into the artistry of the project. As well as the Moscow Mule which create space and room for you to breath in the project. Our new upcoming shop would absolutely devour these sites in the Mission District of San Francisco!

  186. Sadie Sea

    Hi guys!

    Seriously gorgeous work displayed on Tonic’s "Bloody Mary" design. I’m in love with Hemingway and Southside Day. The details are exquisite!

    All the best xx

  187. Emerson & Benjamin

    I absolutely love these designs, totally drool worthy. I specifically enjoy the Tuxedo, allowing to focus on the details and simplicity. The Moscow Mule is also really wonderful since it allows so much room to breath. Our new and upcoming shop in the Mission District of San Francisco would totally groove with a site from Tonic.

    Note: Sorry if this is a duplicate, I don’t know if I saved my comment correctly.

  188. Cat Neumayr

    I love Mint Julep! Can’t wait to get it!

  189. Elizabeth

    You guys are making me choose one??? They are all amazing :)

    Im in love with the Hemmingway!

  190. Robyn

    I love them all but adore Sangria. I hope Santa brings me a Sangria :) :)

  191. Jana Long

    I love French75 and Vieux Carre (not even sure how you say it!) Actually I love so many I could change my mind in a split second!

  192. David

    I’m in serious need… I’m drooling over the Peach Bellini, Gin Fizz, and Ward 8 from the new fall collection, but the Cosmopolitan is still probably my favorite and would definitely be purchased immediately… along with a little rebrand help from Jeff and Jennifer!

  193. Kori Heuvel

    I loved seeing the site with yoru photos J&M!!! I have been scouring the new collection from Tonic and My absolute favorite is the Mint Julep!!! Our site needs a complete make over! Love this giveaway!!! So generous! (although I may need to actually try a Mint Julep someday too!)

  194. Jared Heuvel

    They have so many clean and unique sites to choose from. Exactly what we are looking for. Mint Julep would be the one to reflect our work most

  195. Scott Kretschmann

    Gin Fizz for sure.

  196. KrisD Mauga

    I luv them all- u guys are just insanely talented! I think my faves is Gin Fizz or maybe it’s Martini… I’m not sure they are both amazing!

  197. Amy Brickman

    The Old Fashioned makes me swoon, sweet and classic just like the drink. Ahhhh just perfection.

  198. Michelle Renee Photography

    LOVE so many of them! The Manhattan may just be my fav! :) fingers crossed to win!!

  199. Samantha Martin

    Love the Gatsby, thanks for this awesome giveaway :-)

    God bless!

  200. Rachel Wells

    They are all amazing!! My favorite is Peach Bellini, but I also love Sangria and Mint Julep!

  201. Jeremy Jackson

    Haha, it was funny when I was scrolling down and then lo and behold, there was a picture of Amanda and I! Totally wasn’t expecting that!

  202. Olivia W.

    Such brilliant designs! Moscow Mule. Yes, please.

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