June 18, 2014

Tribeca 360 NYC Wedding: Shayna & Ross

Shayna & Ross were married this past Saturday on a gorgeous NYC day! The day before, right before their rehearsal dinner, the skies opened up and the rain poured down. But it was almost as if the weather itself was just getting it out of its system, so that it could shine down beautiful golden light and deliver the perfect, breezy day for the wedding. And that’s exactly what they got!

Shayna got ready in her suite at The James Hotel, surrounded by her friends & sisters. There was laughter, and iced lattes, and stories of the house they shared together in New Orleans while they were at Tulane. And through it all, Shayna was all smiles & pure calm. When it came time to put on the dress, she lingered just a little longer….taking in the fact that this was her wedding dress. And it was all about to become real. And as her sister Beryl (one of our amazing past J&M brides!) helped zip her up, there was no doubt that this dress was made for her!

And when Ross saw her for the first time at their First Look, I’m pretty sure he agreed! :) These two met up right outside of their venue, Tribeca 360, and then we all headed up to rooftop for portraits. And my favorite part about that was that the wind was really whipping up there, and there was this one AMAZING moment where it picked up Shayna’s veil and wrapped it perfectly around the two of them several times just as they were kissing. I LOVE that that moment really happened, that it got to be both authentic & iconic at the same time!

After the portraits we headed in for the family pictures, ketubah signing & ceremony. This part of the day was especially emotional as Shayna & Beryl lost their brother right after Beryl’s wedding, and everyone was missing him so much right then. I think when you look through the lens at something it either has the power to draw you in closer to it like a magnifying glass would or to distance you and act as a barrier between you and them. A while back, I decided to always try for the first one. To be in the moment with people, to feel it with them. Happy or sad, whatever it is….to be ALL in. I think that day, everyone in the room had their heart breaking right along with these guys. But that was ok, because the tears just made the laughter all the more beautiful. These wedding days are not all smiles and pretty dresses and amazing details. They are these incredible slices of real life-both happy and broken- that we get to stand there and bear witness to. And it is truly one of the greatest honors of my life.

Shayna & Ross, had their first official date at Beryl & Michael’s wedding a few years ago. And without even knowing it, we grabbed a picture of the two of them then that was blown up at the rehearsal dinner. I think there was just something about the way they loved and laughed together on that very first day that made us take notice. And years later, it still makes the world take notice. When people love like that, when they are the truest forms of themselves around each other, when they are happy just holding on to each other and light up in each other’s presence, then the world should take notice. Because the truth is, the world needs more love just like that.

Shayna & Ross, we can’t thank you enough for inviting us into your day and more importantly into your lives. Thank you for not being afraid to feel every part of it, the happy and the sad. Thank you for loving each other & everyone else lucky enough to come in contact with you. We love you guys & both of your families so much! And our hope for you both is that you love just like this…always.

So much love,

  1. ashley mitchell

    SOOO lovely. From start to finish!

  2. Emilia Jane

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this wedding! Gorgeous :-D

  3. sharon elizabeth

    seriously…. super love

  4. Abby Grace

    Oh J&M, those ceremony + ketubah signing photos are so beautiful. You can tell, just from the photographs, that these two were so excited for marriage!

  5. Jennifer

    I just love each and every picture of this series. So beautiful.

  6. Katelyn james

    love this wedding!!!!!

  7. Gabrielle Halle

    Every time I think I’ve seen my most favorite wedding of yours, you post something new and I fall in love with your work all over again.

  8. Shalese

    I love this. Making heirlooms is my "why" because of how much I LOVE looking at all of our old family photos and hearing the stories. Can’t wait for the webinar!

  9. Amy Demos

    This is one of my favorite J&M weddings EVER! Absolutely beautiful work, you two!! Love, love, love!!

  10. Mireille

    So, so, so, so, so beautiful!!! Wow those colors, so crisp, bright, vivid. These are truly amazing.

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