March 8, 2014

Two Stories: Kelly Lemon & Make a Stand Lemonade

Happy Friday friends!

Today I want to send you off into the weekend with two stories that we were INCREDIBLY lucky to get to tell this year during our Platform at WPPI. The first comes from a girl (Miss Kelly Lemon!) that came into our lives only four or five days earlier out at United. We were casually chatting about brands, taking a look at her website, going about life as if it were normal….and then she dropped a life bomb on us. The kind of thing that makes you look at everything you do differently and with a new kind of gratitude you didn’t know it was possible to feel.

The second is a story that we found out only about a month or so earlier. The story of little Miss Vivienne, only 9 years old, who heard about child slavery & decided she should end it. So she started a lemonade stand with the goal of freeing 500 slaves (which would mean raising $150,000). For 365 days they decided to sell lemonade…..and they surpassed their original goal only halfway in! Her Dad Eric asked her if she wanted to keep going and she said “Is there still child slavery? Then we still keep going!” LOVE that! They have now gone global with their Make a Stand Lemonade company, and just 18 months in Vivienne has already been on national tv shows like the Jeff Probst show, rung the opening bell at Twitter’s IPO at the New York Stock Exchange, and she will be speaking at the United Nations in May. But first, we got her for WPPI!

Below is the video of our WPPI talk put together by the always PHENOMENAL Jeremy Mitchell Cinema, and how these two stories overlap. Kelly is now pursuing a documentary to end human trafficking & Vivienne made her stand to make a STAND against child slavery. I just think it’s such a powerful reminder that wherever you are in your life or your business, however small you might feel- whether you are Kelly Lemon or making lemonade- you can always ALWAYS make a difference!

Video Credit: Jeremy Mitchell Cinema with footage from Nathanael Matanick

#standwithme The Official Trailer. from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Video Credit: Still Motion

Video Credit: Nathanael Matanick

  1. Patti

    Kelly Lemon’s story that you shared today could not have come at a better time. I am so thankful that she was willing to share her story with the world. On December 1, 2013 I caught three of my fingers in a table saw and had to have surgery to fix broken bones and torn tendons. I have been attending therapy twice a week and doing home exercises every day to get function back in my hand. Kelly’s story has confirmed to me why it has been so important to stick with the hard work. Brent and I have a wedding coming up and I was a little hesitant about the little minor adaptions I have had to make to be able to capture those precious memories for our couples…. now I see none of that matters. What matters is that you are enjoying your craft and able to tell people’s stories no matter how you get the job done. Thank you Kelly, Justin and Mary.

  2. ashley barnett

    Ahhh! I feel so lucky we got to be a part of both of these stories! Kelly and Vivienne are both such inspirations for me, I’m thankful they were brought into my life through you guys and these experiences!

  3. Karen

    so, I was sitting in the audience during your talk and was (of course) impressed by Vivienne. Maybe it’s the mom in me, but I thought "I want to hear how her parents raise this girl to be this way" …. and then raise my son similarly. I was thankful to chat with her mom, Alex, after your talk … AMAZING parents! I know Miss V is the big story, but I like the story behind the story. Parents who will not only allow, but encourage a 9-year-old to chase a dream that seems unattainable!

  4. Lydia

    Wow, I can so identify with Kelly’s story! About a year and a half ago I started having pain in my right wrist. So much so that daily activities had to be adjusted to give my right side a break as much as possible. When weeks later it was still there, I started to consider how it was going to affect my business and if photography, especially the long hours at weddings, was going to be possible anymore.

    It was one of those moments in life when you stop and rethink everything you’ve been doing. If I lost photography, would I be ok? Would God still be good? Looking around, it didn’t take long to see that no matter what, I was incredibly blessed. My gifts were loaned by God to me to serve others. And if it couldn’t be through photography anymore, I knew He would open another door!

    Thankfully physical therapy and strength training now keeps back the pain, but I’ll never forget the lessons I learned through those months of not knowing. And while my "Why" isn’t as beautifully spelled back as yours is, there is a burning desire to serve my clients, capture memories for generations, and use my resources to help wherever I can!

  5. shelley Dee Hohe

    What a touching blog post! Loved hearing the story about Kelly and how she continued to pursue her passion in telling stories with her camera, even after something so tragic. What a great reminder that if we are meant to do something and God wants us to‚Ķnothing is impossible! Loved finding out about the amazing work Vivienne is doing to stop child slavery. What an amazing young woman. Can’t believe I never heard about her being that she lives in my area. I will have to find her lemonade stand so I can purchase some :) Thanks for sharing and Lord bless!!

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