June 13, 2009

Ummm yea….

We LOVE our job!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jeanette

    Oh WOW that outfit is too divine for words!

  2. Danielle Fuller

    Blogging away already this AM huh? You guys amaze me :)…can’t wait to see the rest of these!

  3. Kelli Taylor

    This is an amazing shot!

  4. michelle Sidles

    This shot makes me SWOON!!!!!

  5. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    This is beyond gorgeous!

  6. Ray

    WOW! The bride looks gorgeous. I cannot wait to see more!! =D

    And you do have a great job. ;o)

  7. emily mason


  8. Erica Velasco


  9. Feuza

    Wow- georgeousssss

  10. Jackie L.

    amazing! I love your job too!

  11. Beth Morgan

    Ummmmmm yea…I’m in love with this image. ROCK!

  12. Amber

    Whoah. This shot did deserve it’s own post. I wanna be her, she looks magical.

  13. Joshua K


  14. maggie

    …take me away…

  15. Thea

    Ohhhh heavenly!

  16. Christa

    Love the light

  17. jeramy


  18. Tori

    This is soooo pretty.

  19. Yuka photo art

    this photo is AMAZING!

  20. Brianna Phelan


  21. shawnreeder

    Just stunning you two.

  22. Stephanie

    Um..yeah..I love coming to your sight and seeing all the fun stuff you get to do at your job. :D Great work! :D

  23. Jessica Pressley

    Beautiful! Thanks for the blog love btw. Right back at ya’ =)

  24. Holli True

    STUNNING!! I LOVE your work!!!!!!!!! :)

  25. jackie Blair


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