April 20, 2015

Under the Starry Skies

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We sat in the Atlanta airport on an extra-long layover to Nashville, and I thought about opening my laptop to answer emails. You took it from me, and pushed popcorn in front of me instead. Popcorn, and one macadamia nut cookie. Be willing to stop moving for just a little bit, the world won’t fall apart if it has to wait.

And so we sat there for a little while longer, eating our wasabi peas and all the other strange concoctions of snacks you can find in the Delta Sky Club late on a Saturday night. And when I started to get antsy from the lack of productivity, you said wait right here. Then just like that you disappeared into a sea of cubicles and coffee cups and laptops attached to power cords.

When you came back you were smiling. And you said, How about you come look up at the stars with me a while? I rolled my eyes like you were crazy. And continued to pick through the chex mix for all the best parts. But you took my hand and pulled me behind you. And sure enough when we got there, somewhere in the back corner of the Delta Sky Club in Terminal E….you gave me the stars.

We laid out on a pair of chaise lounges and started to count them one by one. And then we began to dream bigger dreams. Dreams of this home of ours, and what we could one day make it into. Dreams of french kitchens and back decks with a fire pit and friends gathered round. And time to sit at home and enjoy it all. We took turn pinning these dreams onto boards called “dream home” and “for the backyard.” And when they seemed too far away and too big for dreaming, you held them right in front of my face and whispered Soon. And somehow I believed you.

After all, you found a way to bring me the stars in the middle of Terminal E.

Nothing is impossible with you.



  1. Caitlin

    I am so thankful for how you share your love with us. That last paragraph sent chills down my arm-in a very good, heart warming “I love these guys” way.

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