June 17, 2010

Up In The Air: Travel Design Board

With all of the talk about airports this week I have spent a good bit of time thinking about traveling. Whenever I am in the airport wheeling my plain gray suitcase, hair in a ponytail, looking a bit frazzled, I envy the savvy traveler. You know the ones- the ones who appear to have it all together, who have stylish (matching!) luggage, and manage to look good when they cruise through the terminal. Yeah, the ones just like George Clooney in Up In The Air!! In honor of them, I have put together a design board of travel items I have been dreaming about this week. Items that would make me look calm, cool, collected and yes, even travel savvy in the airport.


1. A cute little cosmetic case from Kate Spade
2. This aaahmazing travel trunk courtesy of J.Crew
3. Matching luggage tag and passport cover from Aspinal of London Love the light blue!!
4. I bought this while we were out on Spread the Love and it’s perfect for traveling!! Solid Perfume from Pacifica. Because no one wants a perfume bottle to break in the their luggage!
5. A cute retro travel journal available at Anthropologie
6. Ready for this? BEST invention EVER!! A shoe trunk from Tumi! It carries 12 pairs of shoes safely to your destination! And I thought shoe bags were innovative! :)
7. Another set of cute vintagey suitcases from Streamline Luggage
8. In all honesty, I’m probably always going to travel in a pony tail! At least these cute Juicy sunglasses will make me look cool- whether I’m wearing them or using them as a headband!
9. Another cute little accessory from Juicy A polka dot slip for your laptop! LOVE!
10. And finally, a classic carry on from Aspinal of London

And while I was dreaming about all of these things, I did a ‘lil dreaming for my husband, Mike too! I picked him out this KILLER Mulholland bag! :)

Available at On The Fly

I bet you are all wondering who won the Up in the Air contest!! Well, without further ado, the winner is- Joan Solitario!!! Congratulations! Just shoot us an email with your address and we’ll hook you up with your travel goodies!

Staying grounded (for now!),
… and Julia too

  1. Cathy Crawley

    Well hello my pretties!

  2. Jil

    #7! *swoon*

  3. joan solitario

    are you seriously serious!?!? Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh this is so awesome!! :DDDDD THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To the infinity power!! Wow! This is my most memorable contest win EVER because this is the FIRST TIME EVER!!! Thank you Mary! Thank you Justin! Thank you Julia!!

  4. Spring

    LOVE the blue passport cover!!!! And that classic carry from Aspinal of London is now on my wish list!!!

  5. maggieb

    mmmmm…now where should I go?…

  6. Ray

    I love # 2 (you gotta love trunks) and # 7 (that mustard yellow and pink trimmed vintage luggage is beautiful! And who doesn’t want to travel in style…? Hehe)! ;o)

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