August 6, 2015

Video Blog: Why What We Do Matters

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If you have been around this blog any amount of time, you know that the “Why” behind why we do something- why we photograph weddings, why we light the way we do, or pose the way we do- it drives everything for us. We believe that what we do matters and we have been called to use those gifts from God to serve others. And out of that Why….it informs every single “How” in our business. This is the rock that our business rises and falls on.

But I think it’s one thing to read what we write about Why…and it’s an entirely different thing to actually get to hear it from our own mouths. So that’s why I am SO excited to get to share this first video blog with you today. Now, I say “first,” but the truth is that we used to do these all the time on the blog years ago. But this is the first one since we started to actually sort of figure out what we were doing with video! :)

What’s REALLY cool about this one is that it is actually the first 10 minutes of our Art of Authentic Posing course, so you can not only hear about our Why first hand…you can also get a taste of what the FOUR HOURS (over 240 minutes) of this course is like. And if you like what you see, you can head on over HERE to sign up for the course and get your videos delivered right away! That’s what we love so much about this course is that if you can’t make it to a workshop in person or need to learn at home while the kids are napping or for a couple hours after work, the videos are yours to KEEP & you can go through them at your own pace!  **Plus, if you use the code “JM50” that’s going to get the first 25 people to sign up, $50 off your course! Don’t miss it!




PS: Don’t forget to lock in your spot to the Art of Authentic Posing by going HERE!! 

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  1. Sarah Houston

    I seriously LOVE the art of authentic posing videos & your “why” is the best!!

  2. Hayley

    I loved this video! How lucky you are to have that talented and thoughtful man of yours!

  3. Kerri Moss

    This post has completely tugged at my heart. My grandma was my best friend and the person I could always turn to. She was even the person I tried to call – after returning home from her funeral…
    She was the most important person in my life, yet I have no photos of her (she was sick for many years and refused to allow us to remember her like that).

    Now, with every wedding I photograph, I do it for her. I focus on the family, the friends…because I know how valuable those photos will some day be. I owe my success to her and thank her every day for helping me create lifelong heirlooms.

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