November 13, 2012

Video Blog: Your Courage is Bigger than Your Excuses

Good morning friends!!

Today we are super SUPER lucky to be able to share with you a video interview that I recently got to do with the absolutely world-rockingly incredible Desirea Stott Rodgers, co-founder of Love 146. I first got to hear Desirea’s story (and the story of the non-profit that she started, Love 146, and how it all came to be) when we were both speaking at the Pursuit 31 Conference last month in Georgia.

To put it in the most succinct of terms: she completely blew me away.

A few years back, Desirea was just getting her own photography business off the ground when she was invited on a trip to Thailand that would change everything. She was invited by a friend who had asked her what she knew about human trafficking, and if she would be willing to see what was going on first hand. A couple weeks and a plane ride back later, Love 146- a non-profit aimed at nothing short of obliterating child sex trafficking entirely that now has a multi-million dollar budget- was born.

I think what is really so amazing about this story, is that Desirea was just like a lot of you out there might be right now: just trying to figure out how the heck to get her photography business off the ground in the first place. Asking herself how she was going to pay the bills with it, how she was going to get her name out there. But what she couldn’t possibly know, was that at that very moment she was being prepared for something so much bigger. She was being prepared to take up her camera as a sword in the fight for hope and justice in this world. Think about that now. in the midst of all that we worry about with Facebook likes and blog comments and rebranding and who’s who…

What is it that you might be being prepared for right now as we speak?

**In this video, just some of the things that Desirea & I talk about are:
– The difference between a career and a calling
– How it’s ok to have fear, as long as that doesn’t turn into your excuse not to do something about it
– Pushing through the moments when you really just want to run away.
– The best way to do what feels like the impossible
– The definition of courage
– And so much more!

I invite you to first watch this video to introduce yourself to Love 146 & their mission (**but be warned, while it is not graphic it is definitely on a subject matter that can be hard to watch):

**Desirea, I can never thank you enough for sitting on my couch with me and sharing your beautiful, beautiful heart. I am honored to call you a friend.

  1. ashley barnett

    This was beautiful. LOVE the distinction between career and vocation. Totally there right now, totally struggling with that right now, totally needed this today! Knowing there are people like Desirea in the world makes me feel such peace and comfort. Love her story and the stories she tells for others.

  2. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Thank you, Desirea, for everything you are doing and for just being YOU!

  3. Liz and Ryan

    Desirea you are AMAZING and INSPIRING! Thanks for following your heart, your passion, and being COURAGEOUS!

  4. Lani Ledingham

    Beautiful story, thank you for sharing! Love the definition of courage – living your heart to the fullest.

  5. Tiffany Farley

    love love love this woman and her heart. Go Desirea!

  6. Susan Evans

    Thank you, Desirea, for being brave and doing all that you do for these children. I remember being blown away by your "favorite photo" story at J&M’s WTAW workshop. Amazing.

  7. Tiffany Bolk

    Really beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  8. Meghan Stewart

    This comes at such a poignant time for me. I’m on the cusp of doing photography full time but I know deep down there is something greater and more for me to do. Thank you for sharing your story and your nuggets of wisdom you’ve learned along the way. May you be blessed!

  9. Bethany Ann

    Such an inspiration, Desirea. Thank you both for sharing!

  10. Kathleen Stott

    Thank you for choosing to walk in courage, honor, and love…inspiring others like myself to do the same!!!

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