November 10, 2013

Wadsworth Mansion Wedding: Kayla & Brendon

Ok friends, brace yourself! This is going to be a BIG post!

Kayla & Brendon’s wedding was one of the prettiest days we have ever had the honor of photographing. And a really HUGE part of that is because in so many ways, the day was beautiful before it was pretty. First and foremost, Kayla & Brendon are just two of my favorite people in this world and they are both so beautiful inside and out. They are two people who love each other and everyone around them with their whole hearts. And when it came to us that was no exception! Two weeks before the wedding, Kayla sent me an email letting me know that she knew we were her photographers even before they were officially engaged, and we were the first people they booked as soon as they were. And that she just wanted me to know that they trusted us completely, and we had free reign on the day. Ahhhh, you want to talk about setting your photographer’s heart on fire and guaranteeing they’ll do their above & beyond best work possible….send them an email saying that!! :) Am I right, photographers everywhere?? :)

Add to that, that their day was absolutely full of GORGEOUS, pretty details. But what made them so beautiful for me, was that Kayla & her mom worked tirelessly together hand-making everyone of them. And all the love and thought that went in to the day, was woven into every detail. To go along with that, both sets of parents poured into everyone on hand that day (us included!) They made sure everyone felt welcome, was taken care of, and during the ceremony they incredible advice on how to have long, beautiful marriages like theirs.

Finally, the whole gorgeous day ended in a STUNNING fireworks display, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. And that could have just been a pretty way to end the night. But when you add to that, that Kayla’s grandfather who had passed away had been a fireworks pyrotechnician and they were done in his honor…it just made the whole thing that much more meaningful and therefore so, so beautiful!

So sit back, relax, get an EXTRA big cup of cocoa for this mega-post and enjoy!

Married: Kayla & Brendon

**K&B: We love love LOVE you guys! We are so thankful for your love & that you came into our lives! And just so you know, we are declaring that we will be friends for life (hope that’s cool with you!) Love like this always, you guys! xo M

Venue: The Wadsworth Mansion
Event Design: Kayla & her mom!!
Day of Coordination: Always & Forever Events
Beauty: Larissa Lake
Baker: A Little Imagination Cakes
Caterer: The Zoo Band
Photography: Justin & Mary

  1. Devin Robinson

    This wedding looks INCREDIBLE! You captured the details and the emotion perfectly! The Bride & Groom are beautiful and they chose the perfect photographers for their day! Great job!

  2. Lauren Wakefield

    So beautiful.

  3. Nikki Santerre

    This. THIS, MY FRIENDS, is why you guys are THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I am just in awe of this wedding. Everything was captured beautifully. This is by far my favorite wedding of yours yet.

  4. Regan Carter

    Oh. My. Word. This is just swoon worthy!! What a stunner, guys!! Loved pretty much every detail!!

  5. Lena

    Absolutely beautiful! From the cuff links on the dog to the to die for dessert table. Love this!

  6. Sherra O

    Simply stunning!! Well done on the photographs and all the neat personal touches of the bride and mom!

  7. sharon elizabeth

    and… i die.

  8. Spring

    Holly perfect beautifulniss!!!!! Yowzer!

  9. Erin


  10. jamie

    SO, so good! I love the energy and emotion you captured here between the couple. The dog with the cuff links is so adorable…. beautiful photography and story telling as usual J+M!

  11. Tiffany Farley


  12. Stephanie Stewart

    Sooo incredibly beautiful, everything single image, perfection. Looove!

  13. Carissa

    Wooooow. Just stunning. Absolutely stunning. Beautiful photos J&M!!!

  14. Amanda

    This wedding took my breath away!!!

  15. Abby Grace

    Yeah, these images need to be on the cover, inside, and back cover of a wedding magazine, J&M, these are STUNNING. One of my favorite weddings of yours yet!

  16. Megan

    Oh my.. that. is. stunning.

  17. sandra fazzino

    so beautiful, j&m. love every last single gorgeous detail. not to mention, always feel nostalgic for home when i see wadsworth mansion. xx

  18. Jason and Amy

    Nice work again you two! Love that film look!

  19. Kerri Lynne

    Stunning work Mary! You can tell how sweet this couple is.

  20. laurette

    Incredible pictures especially the fireworks one! The one with the fireworks could win a prize!!Gorgeous couple….

  21. Jackie Phillips

    Absolutely lovely!

  22. Rayna McGinnis

    Absolutely beautiful! I especially love the fireworks image! :-)

  23. Lori Calhoun

    The last one literally gave me chills…xoxo

  24. Beth

    Gorgeous wedding! Its so awesome that they included their dog!

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