October 6, 2010

Wagner Vineyards Wedding: Julie & Sergey (Part I)

Happy Wednesday! Things are all a flutter around here as we get ready to head north for our next “Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M” Workshop! But in the mean time, we thought we’d tickle your fancy with some more wedding goodness! :) We’re holding back Caitlin & Mike (Part II) for right now because they’ve been pulled for publication, but as soon as that’s up we’ll be able to show you the rest of their oh-so-sweet Farmer’s Museum wedding. So in the mean time, we’ll just keep cranking em out and that brings us to Julie & Sergey’s gorgeous Wagner Vineyards wedding up in the Finger Lakes.

Julie & Sergey were married on a day where the clouds threatened, but not a drop of rain would dare fall as they stood together in front of the vines and promised forever. It was only once we were all safe inside that they sky opened and the rain poured down. But even that only lasted a few minutes, and then the clouds parted and an honest to goodness rainbow fell across the fields. Julie & Sergey, I hope you’ll always love just like this. Sure a little rain may fall now and then, but if you’ll just keep holding on to each other something so much more beautiful will always come of it. J&S thank you SO much for making us feel like family. I cannot tell you how honored we were to be your wedding photographers and thank you for being the kind of friends that you are.

So much love,

Let’s start with Julie’s exquisite dress, shall we? I think so.

A few bridesmaids details…

A Finger Lakes bottle of wine and a veil on a little table to set the mood.

Julie & Sergey got ready right next to each other which we LOVE because it makes it so easy to pop back and forth and grab pictures like this. **J&M Bride Tip: Get ready in the same hotel as each other to save a ton of time and make sure you get pictures of him getting ready too.

Sergey I ADORE this picture of you. I just may frame it and put it in *our* house too!

The Dapper Groom.

Meanwhile, the ladies were ready to get this party started.

Here we go!

Julie, oh Julie. You just took raar to a whole new level. How ’bout Bam, Yowza and SHAZAM!

This one looks like a painting to me. And it makes me want to drink cappuccino and talk about what it means. Obviously.


Ladies, there are no words. You are all my heroes!

Off to Wagner Vineyards for the ceremony!


How much do you love Sergey after this shot??


Sometimes the tears fall during the Ten Minute Rule….and that is why we love it!

Stay tuned for MUCH more in Part II!

  1. Melissa

    These are just amazingly beautiful. Love you guys!

  2. Ed Congdon

    Bam, Yowza and SHAZAM! about sums it up! Once again, you guys have hit the jack-pot… this set is simply marvelous!

  3. Beth

    Wow, these are beautiful! You two look so happy… which I know you always will be!

  4. Becky

    Those are gorgeous :-) I love how the lake and the sky matched the pretty blues in Julie’s bouquet! Can’t wait to see more.

  5. jennifer christopher

    wow these are great photos!!

  6. Jil

    LOVE #112! the anticipation on her face is captured perfectly!!

  7. Julie

    Sooooooooo happy!!!!

  8. Sergey

    Love you guys soooo much! Thank you! These are amazing!

  9. Dennis

    Goegeous light as always…it must follow you guys!

  10. Caitlin

    absolutely stunning!

  11. maggieb

    so captivating and beautiful!

  12. Girish

    Awesomness :)

    Love the to photographs after


    Master shots both of them.

  13. Girish

    Sorry missed a question (noob)

    Do you actually ask the people to stop for a second while they dress for a photograph or you click in motion with high shutter speed.

  14. Emily Faulknor

    These images are picturesque gorgeous! I love the one of her and her bridesmaids in the hotel room. The natural light on her skin is stunning. Great job!

  15. Christa

    Looooove that shot of the bride with the bridesmaids!

  16. Javier

    I enjoyed the photos, nice

  17. Laura Gordon

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with every shot from this wedding! You guys did such a fantastic job- so inspiring!!!

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