June 24, 2015

Walk Through a Wedding- the Video!!


Ahhh this is SO fun!! Without us knowing it, two of our amazing attendees at the June Walk Through a Wedding were putting together this little behind the scenes video the whole time. Laura & Rachel you guys are sneaky!! And SO amazing!! We LOVED seeing the three days through your eyes!

We’re working on getting our recap post up for later this week, but in the mean time take a look at this video to SEE what a Walk Through looks like & also read the amazing things Laura & Rachel had to say! AND if you missed it, we just announced a brand new Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop in Hampton Roads, VA on Nov 18-19th to round out our year! We opened it up yesterday and seats are already going SO FAST…it will definitely sell out! Be sure to grab your seat before they’re gone by going HERE!

“Not often can you say someone has truly changed your life. We’re not talking about a random smile from a stranger that brightens your day, or the gentleman that held the door open, even though those are wonderful things. We’re talking about someone who you hardly know yet admire, inviting you into their home, sharing their heart, and with all their being is there to help you succeed at whatever it costs. That’s Justin & Mary. They are what we call lifesavers. In the midst of business craziness, when we’re not even sure if we’re walking straight or stuck in reverse, they helped breath freshness back in our life. They helped solve problems we didn’t even know were there. We shared hugs as much as tears. What a whirlwind of a few days! J&M, we can’t thank you enough for your uplifting advice, reassurance, and enduring confidence. We learned our “why” we do what we do (light bulb moment!), and have leaped into new business endeavors without fear. Here’s to taking our lives back and freezing those moments we truly believe deserve to be silver framed for generations to come. Love you guys! Here’s a glimpse into our week…”

  1. Laura Hernandez

    Oh my goodness you guys.. What an honor! Rachel and I are nearly in tears. We can’t thank you guys enough for all you’ve done. We’ll see you at UNITED! :)

  2. Rachel Hernandez

    I love this so much!! No words can express how grateful we are for you two!

  3. Katie

    Ahh!! Bring me back!! Your Workshops are the BEST J&M! This is such a cool way to relive it :)

  4. Erika Mills

    OH I love this!!!! What a fun way to see it!!

  5. Rici

    Gorgeous you guys! & Laura, well done!

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