February 13, 2015

Walk Through A Wedding- The Welcome Dinner


Whew! The past three days have been an absolute blur…a blur of laughter and tears and breakthroughs and five hours of sleep a night. Of lightbulb moments and digging deeper and showing up for each other and not being afraid to say the big scary things we’ve been meaning to say. Our first Walk Through a Wedding workshop of 2015 is in the books, and we’re walking away from it with 13 amazing hearts that we are now lucky enough to call friends.

I’ll be posting the full two-part recap next week, but today I wanted to show you how we kicked things off this time. This is a brand new thing that we’ve added to Walk Through this year and it quickly became clear that it will have to happen from here on out. We invited everyone over to our home the night before the workshop for a welcome dinner, and we decided that one of the best ways to love & serve a bunch of wedding professionals would be to give them the candlelit, styled dinner that they always miss out on at the weddings. We did a four course dinner, complete with stunning centerpieces courtesy of the incredible Carrie Wilcox, a gorgeous styled table with thin gold taper candles thanks to the styling genius of Stacie Shea and rentals from Smith Party Rentals, and even had hand-lettered driftwood place cards thanks to the amazing Ink Revival.

We ate and talked for hours, and when the last of the hot caramel apple donuts with the honey & vanilla sauce (thank you Heirloom!) was finished, we stayed longer and played Heads Up, and got to know each other as a team. It was the perfect way to kick off these two intense days together…and to make sure that we all kept working together as a team, and laughing even harder together when we were 12 hours in to Day 1 and slightly delirious!

There is such power in community. And sitting down at the table together. A table where there is always room for everyone.

More next week! M:)















  1. Alicia

    GIRL – I haven’t been able to get away from those donuts. I instagrammed them a few weeks ago and they keep getting regrammed, and every time I just am like MAN I want more donuts! This looks amazing and lovely – cheers!!

  2. Justin

    Thank you so much… It was truly an incredible few days of growth and inspiration. I’ve been pouring over my notes for hours now… So many great things to implement! Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and gifts!

  3. Tonya

    Hey Mary remember the WPPI talk about the kitchen table? I so thpugh of that when I was reading this! It was so awesome to be shown hospilaoty and felt a little odd (but good) being served rather than serving! ❤️

  4. Spring

    WOW!!! that looks amazing!!! Lucky attendees!!! :)

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