February 17, 2015

Walk Through A Wedding w/ J&M-Day 1


Last week, we hosted our first Walk Through a Wedding w/ Justin & Mary workshop of the year! We had photographers fly in from all over the country and even a couple folks from Canada to join us for our February workshop, and I have to tell you that they were one of our favorite groups EVER! From the very first night at the Welcome Dinner at our house to the last hug on Day 2 at around 1:00am…we just fell in love with these guys! Not only for who they were individually, but for how they worked together and encouraged each other as a team. No one was above anyone else! They were all open and vulnerable and they tried things that scared them…and they cheered for each other when someone else was trying something scary too. I just LOVE all of them & I wish they could come back next month so we could do it all over again! :)

This was our first Walk Through that we did under the new additions of the welcome dinner on the first night and a second styled shoot on Day 2 and I have to say that I really loved it! So much so that we wanted to break the recap up into three parts to give you guys a glimpse into each day. You’ve already seen the welcome dinner post, and tomorrow we’ll be going through Day 2. But today is all about that first full day of the workshop, or the one we call the “wedding day”….where we literally walk through, step by step, each part of a wedding day and every tricky situation that comes up in between! Here we go!


Day 1 starts off at our home, where we have some yummy breakfast waiting (those smoothies were incredible!) and we sit down together and talk through the “lecture” portion of the day. This is where we take an overarching look at the whole wedding day and talk through our goals with lighting, posing, and capturing real, authentic moments based on our “Why.” Because we believe that if you have a strong enough Why it can guide and inform every “How” that you ever need to know!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_002


This is also where we really dig into the lighting and show that the same way that we think about natural light, is the exact same way we think about off camera light. So if a window isn’t scary, then neither is your flash!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_004

Everyone else was paying really close attention….but apparently Cooper has heard this one too many times! :)Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_005

On Day 1, we also have a little something extra special for all of our attendees, updated of course for the new branding!! This little gift bag includes some blush macaroons, a WTAW custom notebook, and a vintage post card print of what our home looked like in 1905!! We LOVE hosting this workshop in our home, and having the chance to share it with so many people. And I really love that we are just one small part of its history & getting to share that with everyone too!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_006



We were able to have our good friend & amazing wedding planner Stacie Shea talk to everyone about what planners are looking for, how to approach them for networking, how to put together styled shoots & how to get published. This was something brand new this time around & it was such a gift to hear her perspective!!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_009

Once we get through all the lecture portion, now it’s time to break out the cameras & start shooting. We like to warm up with shooting the getting ready details, all the while looking for the 4 characteristics of a good detail shot! And this also happens while we grab lunch….like we always say, it’s just like a wedding day. You’ve got to eat on the run!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_010

But at least lunch is delicious! That strawberry & goat cheese salad from Atticus is incredible!! All the food that we serve over the few days is hand-chosen from some of our New Haven favorites!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_011


Still not impressed.Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_013

Now it’s time to start marching through the wedding day, just like it’s really happening. Starting with the iconic bridal portrait at our home.Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_014


From there, we all head to our venue (this time it was the gorgeous Chamard Vineyard!) for the ceremony, portraits & reception! Our gorgeous models Whitney & Mike definitely made this part easy….look how beautiful they are together!! And the love that these two share was apparent to everyone there that day! It was amazing to witness!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_016


Finding 120 degree light even with natural light, even on a super cloudy day!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_018



Our gorgeous bridal party for the day: Kerri, Jill & Maggie!!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_021





Just look at these girls taking care of their bride! Serving from the heart is what it’s all about! :)Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_026




Here we were talking through our 4 step approach for the most organic, authentic “posing” and exactly what we do & say to add movement to our poses and to “ping” them with real emotion!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_030




From there it was time to move inside to our reception, where we talked through making off-camera light feel as natural as possible & how to nail it every single time in camera! I LOVE how it makes these details pop & how we can know that whatever situation we walk in to….WE BRING THE LIGHT!! :)Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_034

Um seriously, THIS CAKE??! Our theme for this one was Burberry & Brass and I have NO idea how you even go about making sugar flowers with a Burberry pattern….but I am officially blown away by Lovely Cakes !!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_035


And how STUNNING were all of the florals, provided by the creative genius that is Carrie Wilcox ? And that ribbon?? Perfect!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_037



The whole concept & design was put together by the one & only Miss Stacie Shea, and she just continues to out do herself! I think this might be my favorite WTAW design yet!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_040





The whole crew!! Hope, Jocelyn, Addie, Kelley, Holly, Christy, Gabi, Laura, Marc, Rachel, Tonya, Angela, Justin…we LOVE you guys!!Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_045

After a quick dinner, we get right back to it with the ceremony & reception portion of the day. I really do love this part, because as pretty as all of the other stuff is….this is what this workshop comes down to. Being able to shoot in the not so easy, perfect or ideal parts of a wedding day. And knowing exactly what to do in dark ceremonies or receptions to still capture beautiful moments & light! Because your couple only gets one shot at this.Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_046

We have a processional, ceremony, recessional, indoor family photos, first dance, toasts….Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_047



…and we even have a sparkler exit!! How fun is that?!  Walk_Through_A_Wedding_Chamard_Vineyard_050

At the end of the sparkler exit, we send everyone home to get ready & rest up for Day 2. Which is also jam-packed with all the business side of things, as well as that gorgeous second styled shoot. Stay tuned for all of that coming soon!

But for now, let’s give a HUGE shout out to all of the incredible creatives who came together to make all of Day 1 happen. I want to be so clear here, Walk Through just wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for them & how AMAZING they are at what they do! We are so, SO grateful for each & every one of them!

Event Design & Coordination: Stacie Shea Events // Floral Design: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design //Venue: Chamard Vineyard //Hair & Makeup: Erin Infantino- Simply Gorgeous by Erin //Styling for Bride & Groom: Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore //Cake: Lovely Cakes  //Paper: Sincerely Jackie Paper //Linens: La Tavola Linen & Wildflower Linen // Bride & Groom: Whitney & Mike Nichols // Bridesmaids: Kerri Hamm, Jillian Basilone, Maggie Wilcox

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