September 1, 2010

Walk Through a Wedding with J&M: Massachusetts

Bulldog, Arf! Bulldog, Arf! bow-wow-wow, Eli Yale!
Bulldog, Arf! Bulldog, Arf! bow-wow-wow, our team will never fail!
When the sons of Eli break through the line,
That is the sign we hail.
Bulldog, Arf! Bulldog, Arf! bow-wow-wow, Eli Yale!

As many of you may know, Mary and I are both Yale Alums. So I thought I was going to have to be really tactful with this one. Ya know, maybe NOT break out into our fight song before I even start writing the post. But I failed. Because really? We have a fight song that includes barking. And that is just pretty darn cool!! (In my book anyway!)

Um, yeah, moving on… It’s that time! Time for the big reveal!

Massachusetts we bring you our latest Walk Through a Wedding with J&M workshop: Something Old, Something New, Something Crimson, Something Blue! (And something that was way to long to put in the header!!)

We are super excited for this one! Because everyone loves a good rivalry right? And the rivalry between Yale and Harvard? It’s pretty epic! The Game (a tradition since 1875!!) is right around the same time as the workshop so we thought we would have a ‘lil fun with that!! Add in a dash of preppy seaside goodness and we have ourselves a recipe for workshop success! And we can’t wait to get started! We have tons of DIY fun coming your way (just wait until you see what we have planned for favors!) and we have already been antiquing for some props to use for the shoot! We can’t wait to see it all come together!! Email us to sign up (It’s happening on Oct 7th) because we would LOVE to see you there and just like The Game, it’s gonna be EPIC!! :)

Is anyone out there a Crimson fan/alum? If you are please feel free to drop some suggestions. We’re a little skewed toward the Blue side of things over here and we might need a little help seeing our shoot from a different angle! ; )

Boola! Boola!


  1. ajira

    hey Julia! Grrrl! You’re doing a great job!! What do you need those other two for anyway?? LOL!!! I kid! I kid!!

    Seriously though, this sounds like so much fun. I’m sure you guys are going to rock it. Reminds me of the even older rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge!!

    Oh, and when’s the workshop?

  2. TracyWB

    Oooh, I am so excited for this! I can barely stand it. :)

  3. @Ajira

    The workshop is October 7th! :)

  4. Irina

    How about Buffalo, NY???

  5. ajira

    Oct 7th. Hmm. Wonder if there’s any way I can make my way there… will have to put this on the agenda for consideration.

  6. maggie

    This is gonna be GOOD! Can hardly wait to see how this design board is developed and presented live and on camera!
    Right now … watching and waiting for the DIY fun.

  7. Molly Kate

    Love, love, LOVE the concept! I hope to see some GORgeous photos in front of gates and brick with sprawling lush lawns! Makes me want to plant a ton of ivy. :) I think that the groomsmen would look so cute in barbershop quartet-inspired outfits!

  8. Deborah Zoe

    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  9. Deborah Zoe

    Is there a way to get a bulldog??? I would DIE of cuteness overload if you did:)!:):):):)

  10. Julia

    @Deborah & Molly Kate- A bulldog would be awesome!! :) and a barbershop quartet?!? TOO cute! :)

  11. feuza

    oh would love to goooo, hum, where is sign up info…
    we shall see
    love it
    oh there is a chocolate collection the 12 tastes of Christmas from 2 chicks with chocolate ( yes that is what they are calleD) that would be perfect

  12. kat hanafin

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! see you thursday!!! xoxo oh, and PS Harvard is better ;)

  13. Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist

    See you tomorrow!! Just picked up some great vintage accessories as well!! :) <3

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