May 31, 2011

Walk Through Houston: The Bride & Sweet Dreams Table

Just wait til you see all the dreamy, starry night goodness we are cooking up for Houston!! Here’s a lil sneak peek of the design boards Julia put together for our Bride and Sweet Dreams table!

Just one look at these and I forget all about how we’re going to be in Houston….in June….in 100 degree weather….AGAIN!!

Texas bound,

  1. Jil

    gorgeous!! and i see that im not the only one obsessing over blueberries right now :o)

  2. Lydia

    Ahh, these colors and styling make me feel refreshed, so hopefully they’ll keep you a little cooler in the Texas muggy heat!

  3. maggieb

    oh yes!

  4. jennifer willard

    Can’t wait!!!!! An you please send me all the info I need to know for that day. Thanks,Jennifer Willard

  5. Ray

    Can I have some bluberry pie? Yummy. =P And I love that China pattern. It’s so old-fashioned. ;o)

  6. michelle

    I LOVE this design board. Like, seriously love love!

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